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Repository support details

A table of supported data fields for each repository. Note that homepage information is crucial for distinguishing unrelated projects with similar names, so it will become mandatory in the near future, and repositories not providing are subject for removal.

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Repository Summary Maintainer Categories Homepage License Downloads Names CPE
Adélie Linux current sb
AIX Open Source Packages s
AIX Toolbox s
Alpine Linux 3.8 sb
Alpine Linux 3.9 sb
Alpine Linux 3.10 sb
Alpine Linux 3.11 sb
Alpine Linux 3.12 sb
Alpine Linux Edge sb
ALT Linux p9 s
ALT Sisyphus s
Amazon Linux 1 s
Amazon Linux 2 s
antiX-16 sB
antiX-17 sB
antiX-19 sB
Apertis v2020 sB
Apertis v2021 Development sB
AppGet s
Arch sb
Arch Testing sb
AUR sb
Astra Orel Stable sB
Astra Orel Current sB
Ataraxia Linux s
BackBox 6 sB
BackBox 7 sB
BlackArch sb
Buckaroo n
BunsenLabs Hydrogen sB
BunsenLabs Hydrogen/Jessie Backports sB
BunsenLabs Helium sB
BunsenLabs Helium/Stretch Backports sB
Calculate s
Carbs Linux n
CentOS 6 s
CentOS 7 s
CentOS 8 s
Chakra sb
Chakra Staging sb
Chakra Testing sb
Chaotic-AUR sb
Chocolatey n
ConanCenter s
MetaCPAN n
CRAN n n
CRUX 3.4 n
CRUX 3.5 n
CRUX 3.6 n
Cygwin sb
Deb Multimedia Unstable sB
Debian Oldstable sB
Debian Stable sB
Debian Stable Backports sB
Debian Testing sB
Debian Unstable sB
Debian Experimental sB
Deepin sB
Devuan 1.0 (Jessie) sB
Devuan 2.0 (ASCII) sB
Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf) sB
Devuan 4.0 (Chimaera) sB
Devuan Unstable sB
distri n n
DPorts sb
ELRepo el7 s
ELRepo el7 Testing s
Entware sb
EPEL 6 s
EPEL 7 s
EPEL 8 s
Exherbo s
F-Droid n
Fedora 26 s
Fedora 27 s
Fedora 28 s
Fedora 29 s
Fedora 30 s
Fedora 31 s
Fedora 32 s
Fedora 33 s
Fedora Rawhide s
FreeBSD Ports sb n
Funtoo 1.4 s
Gentoo s
Gentoo overlay GURU s
Gentoo overlay Pentoo s
Gentoo Science overlay s
GNU Elpa n
GNU Guix sb
GoboLinux n
Hackage n
HaikuPorts master s
Homebrew s
Homebrew Casks s
Homebrew tap Brewsci/bio s
HP-UX 11.31 n
Hyperbola sb
IBM i s
just-install n
Kali Linux Rolling sB
KaOS sb
KaOS Build sb
KaOS kde-next sb
KDE neon Dev Stable sB
KDE neon Dev Unstable sB
KDE neon User sB
KDE neon User LTS sB
KISS Linux Community n
KISS Linux Games n
KISS Linux Main n
Kwort 4.3.2 n
Kwort 4.3.3 n
Kwort 4.3.4 n
Libregamewiki n
LiGurOS 20.7 s
LiGurOS 21.1 s
Linux Mint 17 sB
Linux Mint 17.1 sB
Linux Mint 17.2 sB
Linux Mint 17.3 sB
Linux Mint 18 sB
Linux Mint 18.1 sB
Linux Mint 18.2 sB
Linux Mint 18.3 sB
Linux Mint 19 sB
Linux Mint 19.1 sB
Linux Mint 19.2 sB
Linux Mint 19.3 sB
Linux Mint 20.0 sB
Linux Mint 20.1 sB
Linuxbrew s
LuaRocks n
MacPorts sb
Maemo Fremantle sB
Mageia 6 s
Mageia 7 s
Mageia Cauldron s
Manjaro Stable sb
Manjaro Testing sb
Manjaro Unstable sb
MidnightBSD mports sb
MSYS2 mingw sb
MSYS2 msys2 sb
MX Linux MX-15 sB
MX Linux MX-15 Testing sB
MX Linux MX-16 sB
MX Linux MX-17 sB
MX Linux MX-17 Testing sB
MX Linux MX-19 sB
MX Linux MX-19 Testing sB
NeuroDebian data sB
NeuroDebian Debian 8 sB
NeuroDebian Debian 9 sB
NeuroDebian Debian 10 sB
NeuroDebian Debian Unstable sB
NeuroDebian Ubuntu 14.04 sB
NeuroDebian Ubuntu 16.04 sB
NeuroDebian Ubuntu 18.04 sB
NeuroDebian Ubuntu 19.04 sB
nixpkgs stable n
nixpkgs unstable n
Npackd Stable n
Npackd Stable64 n
Npackd Unstable n
OpenBSD Ports sb
openEuler 20.03 s
OpenIndiana packages sb
OpenMandriva 4.0 s
OpenMandriva 4.1 s
OpenMandriva Rolling s
OpenMandriva Cooker s
OpenPKG s
openSUSE Leap 42.3 s
openSUSE Leap 15.0 s
openSUSE Leap 15.1 s
openSUSE Leap 15.2 s
openSUSE Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Education Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Emulators Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Games Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Graphics Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Hardware:SDR Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Multimedia:Apps Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Multimedia:Libs Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Network Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Science Tumbleweed s
openSUSE Security Tumbleweed s
OpenWrt 17.01 x86_64 sb
OpenWrt 18.06 x86_64 sb
OpenWrt 19.07 x86_64 sb
OS4Depot n
PackMan openSUSE Leap 42.3 s
PackMan openSUSE Leap 15.0 s
PackMan openSUSE Leap 15.1 s
PackMan openSUSE Leap 15.2 s
PackMan openSUSE Tumbleweed s
PackMan SLE 12 s
PackMan SLE 15 s
Parabola sb
Parabola Testing sb
Pardus 17 sB
Pardus 19 sB
Parrot sB
PCLinuxOS s
Pisi Linux s
Pisi Linux Contrib s
pkgsrc current sb
PLD Linux s
PureOS Amber sB
PureOS landing sB
PyPI n
Raspbian Oldstable sB
Raspbian Stable sB
Raspbian Testing sB
Ravenports n
ReactOS rapps n
RebornOS sb
Rosa 2014.1 s
Rosa 2016.1 s
Rosa 2019.1 s
Rosa Server 6.9 s
Rosa Server 7.3 s
Rosa Server 7.5 s
RPM Fusion EL 6 s
RPM Fusion EL 7 s
RPM Fusion EL 8 s
RPM Fusion Fedora 28 s
RPM Fusion Fedora 29 s
RPM Fusion Fedora 30 s
RPM Fusion Fedora 31 s
RPM Fusion Fedora Rawhide s
RPM Sphere s
RubyGems n
Sabayon s
Sabayon for-gentoo s
Salix 14.2 s
Scientific Linux 7.x s
Scoop b
Siduction sB
Siduction Experimental sB
SlackBuilds s
Slackware 14.2 n
Slackware current n
Slackware64 14.2 n
Slackware64 current n
Slackwarearm 14.2 n
Slackwarearm current n
SliTaz Cooking sb
SliTaz Next sb
Solus sb
Sparky Stable sB
Sparky Testing sB
Stackage LTS Haskell n
Stackage Nightly n
T2 SDE ns
Tails stable sB
Tails devel sB
Termux n
Trisquel 6.0 sB
Trisquel 6.0 backports sB
Trisquel 7.0 sB
Trisquel 7.0 backports sB
Trisquel 8.0 sB
Trisquel 8.0 backports sB
Trisquel 9.0 sB
Trisquel 9.0 backports sB
Ubuntu 12.04 sB
Ubuntu 12.04 Backports sB
Ubuntu 14.04 sB
Ubuntu 14.04 Backports sB
Ubuntu 16.04 sB
Ubuntu 16.04 Backports sB
Ubuntu 18.04 sB
Ubuntu 18.04 Backports sB
Ubuntu 20.04 sB
Ubuntu 20.04 Proposed sB
Ubuntu 20.10 sB
Ubuntu 20.10 Proposed sB
UnitedRPMs Fedora 30 s
UnitedRPMs Fedora 31 s
UnitedRPMs Fedora 32 s
UnitedRPMs Fedora 33 s
Vcpkg n
Void Linux x86_64 sb
Wikidata n
winget s