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You are connected to Repology using legacy IPv4 protocol. Due to IPv4 address exhaustion it may become too expensive or impossible for Repology to support IPv4 in the nearest future. Time to switch to IPv6!


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Project Selected Spr Newest Outdated Ignored
gr-fcdproplus 3.8~git.20200811 5 3.7.12 3.7.2 3.7.2-rc1 0 20200811-575fcafb 3.8~20190817 3.8.0 3.8~git.20200811 3.8~git.20190817 3.7.24.cf5db38
gr-fosphor 3.9.0~git.20210108 5 3.8 0.0_p20210108 9999 r133.7b6b996 20200130-defdd4ac 3.9~0.974ab2f 3.8~2.2d4fe78
gr-ieee802-11 0.0.0.git1597225746.0f659b4 3 r352.0c0fca8 20191217-99f1a456
gr-iqbal 0.39.0git20210108 7 0.38.23 0.38.2-0.fbee239 0.38.12 0.38 0.37.24 9999 20210108_fbee239 0.39.0 0.39.0git20210108 0.38.2_p20210108