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Information for xapian-omega


  • A CGI search frontend and indexers built on Xapian (3)
  • An application built on Xapian, consisting of indexers and a CGI search frontend
  • An extandable website search engine built upon Xapian
  • CGI search application built on Xapian
  • Document indexer based on Xapian
  • Indexer and CGI search front-end built on Xapian library
  • Indexers and CGI search frontend for Xapian (2)
  • Indexers and CGI search frontend for Xapian (documentation)
  • Packaged search engine for websites, built on top of Xapian
  • Search engine application for websites using Xapian
  • Search engine built on Xapian
  • web application using the Xapian library
  • web search application


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