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Information for wput


  • A command line tool to upload files to FTP site
  • A command line tool to upload files to FTP site, the opposite to wget (2)
  • A command-line ftp upload utility
  • A command-line uploader, like wget.
  • A tiny wget-like ftp-client for uploading files
  • A utility for putting files using the FTP protocol from the command line
  • A utility for uploading files or whole directories to remote ftp-servers (2)
  • Batch Client for FTP Uploads
  • Tiny program like wget, to upload files/whole directories via FTP
  • Tiny, wget-like FTP client for uploading files
  • Upload files or directories to FTP server with resume support
  • Uploading files to FTP servers
  • Uploads files or directories to a ftpserver with support of resuming
  • wput is like wget but is for uploading files to ftp-servers