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Report problem for python:python3-openid

While repology tries its best in matching packages across different repositories, this is quite a complex task:

Repology uses a set of manually edited rules to resolve these cases. You may submit a change to the ruleset directly or use this form to suggest an improvement to the ruleset. Please only use this for for problems which may be fixed by the ruleset (which are basically problems listed above).

New report

Check if the latest version detected for this project is incorrect (e.g. a non-existing version, version with incorrect format, version with date or a git commit hash) and should be ignored. Please provide a prooflink for unapparent cases (e.g. a list of VCS tags or official site mentioning actual latest version).

Check if this entry refers to multiple unrelated projects and thus needs to be split into multiple entries. Naming suggestions for new projects are welcome.

Will not split:

  • Legacy or ESR branches of the same project.

Check if there are other Repology entries for the same project under different names which should be merged into one. Please list them in the comment field, as well as suggested target name.

Will not merge:

  • Modules (e.g. python) without consistent prefix (e.g. python- or python3-) (common problem for Slackbuilds and Debian source packages).