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Information for ocl-icd


  • 32-bit debug symbols for ocl-icd
  • 32-bit libraries for ocl-icd
  • Alternative to vendor specific OpenCL ICD loaders
  • Debug symbols for ocl-icd
  • Development files for 32-bit ocl-icd
  • Development files for ocl-icd
  • Generic OpenCL ICD loader/demultiplexer
  • Generic OpenCL ICD loader/demultiplexer - development files
  • OpenCL ICD (Installable Client Driver) Bindings
  • OpenCL ICD Bindings (5)
  • OpenCL ICD Bindings (32-bit)
  • OpenCL ICD Loader for opencl-headers-12-2017-07-18
  • OpenCL ICD Loader for opencl-headers-22-2017-07-18
  • OpenCL ICD loader
  • OpenCL ICL Loader (2)
  • OpenCL Installable Client Driver
  • OpenCL Library (Installable Client Library) Bindings
  • Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
  • Vendor Neutral OpenCL Implementation