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Information for bastet


  • An evil falling brick game
  • An evil falling bricks game (2)
  • Antagonistic Tetris-style falling brick game for text terminals
  • Bastard Tetris (2)
  • Bastard Tetris is an antagonistic Tetris clone
  • Bastard tetris clone
  • Bastard tetris clone.
  • Evil falling block game
  • Ncurses Tetris clone which is harder than every other Tetris
  • Tetris clone giving you the worst bricks possible (2)
  • Tetris clone with 'bastard' block-choosing AI (2)
  • Tetris(r) clone with 'bastard' block-choosing AI
  • a simple, evil, ncurses-based Tetris(R) clone
  • bastard tetris


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