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  • A practical, instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary formats.
  • American Fuzzy Lop, a fuzzing tool for finding bugs by random input
  • American fuzzy lop - a brute-force fuzzer
  • American fuzzy lop is a security-oriented fuzzer (2)
  • American fuzzy lop: Security-oriented fuzzer
  • Fuzzer relying on genetic algorithms instead of brute force
  • Fuzzer relying on genetic algorithms instead of brute force (documentation)
  • Instrumentation-driven fuzzer
  • Powerful fuzzer via genetic algorithms and instrumentation
  • Practical, instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary formats
  • Security-oriented fuzzer
  • Security-oriented fuzzer using compile-time instrumentation and genetic algorithms
  • The American fuzzy lop - a security-oriented fuzz testing program
  • american fuzzy lop - a security-oriented fuzzer
  • american fuzzy lop - compile-time instrumentation fuzzer
  • instrumented fuzzer
  • intelligent fuzzing software
  • security-oriented fuzzer with compile-time instrumentation


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