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Information for zsync


  • A file transfer program that's able to connect to rsync servers
  • An rsync like transfer software over http (2)
  • Client-side Implementation of the Rsync Algorithm over HTTP
  • Client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm
  • File distribution system using the rsync algorithm
  • File transfer program (2)
  • Incremental file transfert from a web server.
  • Optimising file distribution program, a 1-to-many rsync
  • Optimized client-side rsync algorithm like rsync -z, that no requires a remote server application
  • Partial/differential file download client over HTTP
  • Partial/differential file download client over HTTP which uses the rsync algorithm
  • Partial/differential file transfer client over HTTP
  • RSYNC over HTTP
  • Zsync
  • file transfer program
  • gzip-aware file mirroring over http
  • zsync is a file transfer program