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Date (UTC) Event
go:github-go-debos-fakemachine 0.0git20181105.9316584 is outdated by 0.0git20191205.4
uclibc-ng 1.0.31 is outdated by 1.0.32
bustle 0.7.4 is outdated by 0.7.5
intel-processor-trace 2.0 is outdated by 2.0.1
wayland-protocols 1.17 is outdated by 1.18
gdb-doc 8.2.1 is outdated by 8.3
d-shlibs 0.84 is outdated by 0.85
uclibc is no longer maintained by zumbi@debian.org and/or was removed from Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf)
uclibc-ng 1.0.31 is now up to date
uclibc-ng was added to Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf) and/or assigned to zumbi@debian.org