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There are 1638 total package(s) for 751 distinct project(s) known.

abcde, acpica, aircrack-ng, allegro4, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, apache, apmod:wsgi, apr-util, argyllcms, aria2, asio, atop, atril, aubio, audacious-plugins, avahi, awesome, balsa, base-chroot, base-system, base-voidstrap, bash, bash-completion, bc, beets, bind, bindfs, binutils, bitchx, bitcoin, bitlbee, blueman, bluez, bmake, brasero, brltty, broadcom-wl-dkms, btfs, btrfs-progs, bullet, bumblebee, busybox, bzip2, ca-certificates, cabextract, caja, caja-extensions, calf, capstone, ccache, cclive, cgdb, cgmanager, chrony, cifs-utils, cinnamon, cinnamon-desktop, cjs, clipgrab, clutter, clutter-gst2, clutter-gtk, cmake, cmus, cogl, colord-gtk, compton, compton-conf, conky, connman, coreutils, cpio, cracklib, cronie, cross-aarch64-linux-musl, cross-arm-linux-gnueabi, cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf, cross-arm-linux-musleabi, cross-arm-linux-musleabihf, cross-armv7l-linux-gnueabihf, cross-armv7l-linux-musleabihf, cross-i686-linux-musl, cross-i686-pc-linux-gnu, cross-mips-linux-musl, cross-mipsel-linux-musl, cross-mipsel-linux-muslhf, cross-vpkg-dummy, cross-x86-64-linux-musl, cryptsetup, cups, cups-filters, curl, cyrus-sasl, dar, dateutils, dbus, dbus-elogind, ddrescue, deadbeef, deheader, dhcpcd, distcc, dkms, dmd, dmd2.081, dmenu, dnscrypt-proxy, dnsmasq, docbook-xsl, dolphin-emu, dosbox, dovecot, doxygen, dpkg, dracut, dropbear, dropbox, dssi, dwm, e2fsprogs, eclipse, ecryptfs-utils, efibootmgr, efl, elfutils, elinks, engrampa, envypn-font, eom, epdfview, ethtool, ettercap, eudev, exempi, exiftool, exo, expat, eyed3, f2fs-tools, facter, fakechroot, farstream, feh, fetchmail, file, firefox, flashrom, fltk, fluidsynth, font-sony-misc, font-util, fonts:bitstream-speedo, fonts:cantarell, fonts:liberation2, fonts:unifont, fossil, fping, freerdp, freetype, fs-uae, fstrm, fusefs:curlftpfs, fusefs:encfs, fusefs:s3fs, fusefs:sshfs, gajim, garcon, gawk, gcc, gcc-multilib, gconf, gcr, gdb, gdk-pixbuf, geany, geeqie, gengetopt, geoclue, gettext, gfbgraph, ghostscript, git, gkrellm, glade, glibc, glm, glusterfs, gmime2, gmtk, gnome-autoar, gnupg1, gnutls, gohufont, gpart, gparted, gpgme, gphoto2, grantlee, graphicsmagick, graphite2, grub, gsasl, gssdp, gst-python, gstreamer1, gstreamer1plugins:bad, gstreamer1plugins:base, gstreamer1plugins:good, gstreamer1plugins:libav, gstreamer1plugins:omx, gstreamer1plugins:ugly, gstreamer1plugins:vaapi, gtk2, gtkpod, gtksourceview3, gucharmap, guile, gupnp, gupnp-av, gupnp-dlna, gupnp-igd, gxemul, hardinfo, heirloom-mailx, herbstluftwm, hexchat, hfsprogs, hicolor-icon-theme, hidapi, hiera, homebank, hostapd, hplip, hsetroot, hwids, i3, ibus, ice, icecast, icewm, igt-gpu-tools, imagemagick, inetutils, inkscape, intel-ucode, intel-vaapi-driver, inxi, ipmitool, iproute2, iptables, iputils, irqbalance, irssi, iso-codes, itstool, iw, jack-audio-connection-kit, jasper, jbig2dec, john, kbd, keepalived, kexec-tools, kmix, kmod, krb5, ladspa-sdk, lbreakouthd, ldc, leiningen, less, leveldb, lftp, libaio, libarchive, libatomic-ops, libbluray, libburn, libcap, libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libcroco, libcss, libdmapsharing, libdom, libdvdread, libedit, libesmtp, libev, libevdev, libevent, libewf, libfetch, libffi, libfm-qt, libgcrypt, libgda, libgdiplus, libgee, libgit2, libgit2-0.27, libgit2-glib, libgnome-keyring, libgpg-error, libgphoto2, libgsf, libguess, libhubbub, libice, libidn, libimobiledevice, libjpeg-turbo, liblo, liblouis, liblrdf, liblxqt, libmatekbd, libmatemixer, libmateweather, libmbim, libmediaart, libmicrohttpd, libmowgli, libnfs, libnice, libnotify, libopenglrecorder, libpaper, libpciaccess, libpng, libqmi, libqtxdg, libraw, libressl, libretro-mupen64plus, libsasl, libseccomp, libsecret, libsndfile, libsodium, libspectre, libssh, libssh2, libstrophe, libsysstat, libtomcrypt, libtool, libtorrent, libu2f-host, libucl, libunique1, libunique3, libunwind, libva, libva-glx, libva-utils, libvdpau, libvncserver, libvpx, libwacom, libwapcaplet, libwnck2, libwnck3, libxdg-basedir, libxdmcp, libxi, libxklavier, libxt, libzapojit, lightdm, lilo, lilv, linux, linux-firmware, litecoin, llvm, lmdb, lrzsz, lsof, lua51, lua52, lua53, lua:lgi, luakit, lv2, lvm2, lxc, lximage-qt, lxpanel, lxqt-about, lxqt-admin, lxqt-config, lxqt-globalkeys, lxqt-notificationd, lxqt-openssh-askpass, lxqt-panel, lxqt-policykit, lxqt-powermanagement, lxqt-qtplugin, lxqt-runner, lxqt-session, lxqt-sudo, lxrandr, lxtask, lzip, makeself, man-db, manpages, marco, mariadb, mash-clutter, mate-applets, mate-backgrounds, mate-common, mate-control-center, mate-desktop, mate-icon-theme, mate-media, mate-menus, mate-netbook, mate-notification-daemon, mate-panel, mate-polkit, mate-power-manager, mate-screensaver, mate-sensors-applet, mate-session-manager, mate-settings-daemon, mate-system-monitor, mate-terminal, mate-themes, mate-user-guide, mate-utils, maxima, mbedtls, mc, mdbtools, mednafen, memcached, memtest86+, mercurial, mesa, mgba, micropython, midori, minetest, minitube, mobile-broadband-provider-info, modemmanager, mongoose, moosefs, mousetweaks, mozo, mpfr, mpg123, mplayer, mpv, ms-sys, msmtp, mtd-utils, muffin, mumble, musl, musl-legacy-compat, mysql, nano, nasm, nbd, ncdu, ncmpcpp, ncurses, nemo, neon, net-snmp, net-tools, netpgp, netsurf, newlisp, nfs-utils, nghttp2, nginx, ngircd, nix, nmap, noice, nsgenbind, nspr, nss, ntp, nvidia-current, nvidia-legacy-340, nvidia-legacy-390, obconf-qt, offlineimap, openal-soft, opencv, openldap, openmsx, …

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