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Metapackages (8756)

2048-qt, 389-admin-console, 389-ds-console, 4digits, 4store, 9base, 9menu, 9mount, a2jmidid, a2mp3, aa3d, aac-tactics, aafigure, aalib, aaphoto, abcde, abcm2ps, abgate, abi-compliance-checker, abicheck, abiword, abntex, abootimg, abr2gbr, abstract-rendering, abx, accerciser, account-polld, accountsservice, acct, ace, ace-of-penguins, acedb, aces3, acfax, acidrip, acl, acm, acoustid-fingerprinter, acpi-support, acpica, acpid, acpitail, acpitool, acsccid, activemq,, ada-reference-manual, adacgi, adanaxisgpl, address-book-app, address-book-service, adduser, adequate, adios, admesh, adminer, adns, adobe-flash, adplay, advancecomp, advi, adwaita-icon-theme, aegisub, aeolus, aes2501-wy, aespipe, aewm++-goodies, afflib, afnix, afpfs-ng, afuse, agave, agedu, aggregate, agtl, ahcpd, aiccu, aide, aiksaurus, aiocoap, aisleriot, ajaxterm, alac-decoder, alacarte, alarm-clock, alarm-clock-applet, aldo, alembic, alfred, algol68g, aliki, alliance, alljoyn-services-1604, alljoyn-thin-client-1509, alljoyn-thin-client-1604, alpine, alsa-lib, alsa-oss, alsa-plugins, alsa-plugins-extra, alsa-tools, alsa-utils, alsamodularsynth, alsaplayer, alt-ergo, altos, altree, alure, am-utils, amanda, amavisd-new, ambdec, amd64-microcode, amide, amideco, amoeba, amoebax, amora-server, ampache, ampliconnoise, amsn, amsynth, amtterm, amule, amule-adunanza, amule-emc, an, anacron, analog, and, android, android-androresolvd, android-audiosystem, android-headers, android-src-vendor, android-tools, anfo, angband, angular.js, animal-sniffer, animals, anjuta, anjuta-extras, anomaly, ansible, ant, ant-phone, antennavis, anthy, antigrav, antiword, antlr2, antlr3, anypaper, anytun, aodh, aoetools, aolserver4, aolserver4-nspostgres, apache, apache-log4j1.2, apache-openid, apbs, apertium, apertium-lex-tools, apex, apf, apg, apmd, apmod:auth-cas, apmod:auth-gssapi, apmod:auth-mellon, apmod:auth-mysql, apmod:auth-openidc, apmod:auth-pgsql, apmod:auth-plain, apmod:auth-pubtkt, apmod:authn-yubikey, apmod:defensible, apmod:encoding, apmod:fcgid, apmod:gnutls, apmod:md, apmod:nss, apmod:perl, apmod:proxy-html, apmod:proxy-msrpc, apmod:python, apmod:qos, apmod:wsgi, apparix, apparmor, apparmor-profiles-extra, apper, appmenu-qt, appmenu-qt5, apport, approx, appstream, apron, aprsd, aprsdigi, apscheduler, apt, apt-cacher-ng, apt-dpkg-ref, apt-file, apt-listchanges, apt-move, apt-offline, apt-show-source, apt-show-versions, apt-transport-tor, apt-watch, apt-xapian-index, aptdaemon, apticron, aptitude, aptsh, apvlv, aqemu, aqsis, aqualung, arachne-pnr, aranym, arc-gui-clients, archmbox, argtable, argus, argyllcms, ario, arista, ark, arm64-cross-toolchain-base, armel-cross-toolchain-base, armhf-cross-toolchain-base, arora, arp-scan, arpack++, arpon, arptables, artha, as31, asc, ascdc, ascii2binary, asciidoc, asciinema, asio, ask, asmail, asmix, asmixer, asmon, asp, aspectc++, aspectj, aspell-en, aspell-ku, aspic, assaultcube, assaultcube-data, assetic, asterisk, astroid, astroid2-for-python3, astropy, astroquery, astyle, asylum, asyncpg, at, at-spi, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atari800, atdgen, atheme-services, athena-jot, atk, atkmm, atlas-c++, atomix, atp, atril, ats-lang-anairiats, attr, aubio, audacious-plugins, audacity, audiofile, audioread, audit, aufs-tools, augeas, auralquiz, auth2db, authres, auto-apt-proxy, auto-multiple-choice, auto-upgrade-testing, autoclass, autoconf, autoconvert, autodir, autodns-dhcp, autodock-vina, autodocksuite, autofs, autogen, automake, automoc, automysqlbackup, autopano-sift, autopilot, autopilot-gtk, autopilot-legacy, autopilot-qt, autopkgtest, autotools, avahi, avbin, avfs, aview, avogadro, avr-evtd, avrp, avw.lv2, awardeco, away, aweather, awesome, awl, awn-extras, awscli, awstats, ax25-tools, ax25mail-utils, axe, axel, axis, aylet, b5i2iso, babeld, babelfish, babeltrace, babl, backstep, backup2swift, backupninja, backuppc, bacula, bakery, balance, ball, balloontip, ballz, baloo, balsa, bamf, bandit, bandwidthd, bangarang, banshee, banshee-community-extensions, baobab, barada-pam, barbican, barcode, barnowl, barrage, basemap, bash, bash-completion, basket, bastet, bastille, batik, bbe, bbmail, bbpager, bbrun, bbtime, bc, bcc-bpf, bcel, bcfg2, bcmwl, bcov, bcpp, bcrypt, bctoolbox, beaker, beanbag, beanstalkd, beav, ben, berkeley-express, berusky, betaradio, bf, bfbtester, bfgminer, bfm, bglibs, bgoffice, bgoffice-computer-terms, biabam, bibclean, bibcursed, bibledit, bibledit-bibletime, bibledit-gtk, bibledit-xiphos, biblememorizer, bibletime, bibtex2html, bibtexconv, bibutils, bidentd, biff, bigdata, billardgl, billiard, bin-prot, binaryornot, binclock, bind, bind99, biniou, bino, binutils, binutils-2.26, binutils-arm64-cross, binutils-armel-cross, binutils-armhf-cross, binutils-h8300-hms, binutils-powerpc-cross, binutils-ppc64el-cross, binutils-z80, bio-rainbow, bio2jack, biometryd, biosdevname, biosig4c++, bip, bird, birthday, bisho, bison, bist, bitcoin, bitlbee, bitmeter, bitseq, bittornado, bittorrent, black-box, blackbox, blacs-mpi, blam, blasr, blcr, bld, blender, blends, blessings, blinker, bliss, blist, blitz++, blkreplay, blktap, blktap-dkms, blktool, blobandconquer, blobby, blobwars, blockdiag, blocks-of-the-undead, blop, blt, blueman, bluemon, bluez, bluez-tools, bmake, bmf, bml, bmon, boats, bobcat, bochs, boehm-gc, bogl, bogofilter, boinc, boinc-app-seti, bolt, …

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