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apmod:amazon-proxy, astah-community, dot2tex, gti, ja-mailman, lens, metauml, mysqlviz, perl:text-hikidoc, perl:vuser-google-provisioningapi, php:channel-openpear, python:actdiag, python:blockdiag, python:funcparserlib, python:nwdiag, python:ordereddict, python:seqdiag, python:webcolors, quickcheck++, r:abind, r:backports, r:base64enc, r:bdsmatrix, r:bh, r:bibtex, r:bit, r:bit64, r:bitops, r:brew, r:broom, r:caret, r:catools, r:ccgarch, r:changeanomalydetection, r:classint, r:cli, r:cmprsk, r:colorspace, r:crosstalk, r:curl, r:cvst, r:data.table, r:dbi, r:dcluster, r:ddalpha, r:defaults, r:deldir, r:deoptimr, r:diagram, r:diagrammer, r:dichromat, r:digest, r:dimred, r:doparallel, r:downloader, r:drr, r:dt, r:dygraphs, r:e1071, r:epi, r:etm, r:evaluate, r:expm, r:fansi, r:foreach, r:forecast, r:formatr, r:formula, r:fracdiff, r:gdata, r:generics, r:geometry, r:ggplot2, r:glue, r:gmm, r:gmodels, r:gmp, r:gower, r:gridbase, r:gridextra, r:gtable, r:gtools, r:highr, r:hms, r:htmltools, r:htmlwidgets, r:httpuv, r:httr, r:igraph, r:influencer, r:ipred, r:irlba, r:iterators, r:itertools, r:jsonlite, r:kernlab, r:kfas, r:knitr, r:labeling, r:later, r:lava, r:learnbayes, r:lme4, r:lubridate, r:magic, r:magrittr, r:maptools, r:markdown, r:matrixmodels, r:mcmc, r:mcmcpack, r:memisc, r:memoise, r:mime, r:minqa, r:modelmetrics, r:mswm, r:munsell, r:nloptr, r:nmf, r:numderiv, r:openssl, r:pbkrtest, r:performanceanalytics, r:pillar, r:pixmap, r:pkgconfig, r:pkgmaker, r:plm, r:pls, r:plyr, r:png, r:prodlim, r:promises, r:proto, r:purrr, r:quantmod, r:quantreg, r:r6, r:rcolorbrewer, r:rcpp, r:rcpparmadillo, r:rcppeigen, r:rcpproll, r:rcurl, r:readr, r:recipes, r:registry, r:repr, r:reshape, r:reshape2, r:rfinanceyj, r:rgdal, r:rgexf, r:rgooglemaps, r:rhmm, r:rjson, r:rjsonio, r:rlang, r:rmarkdown, r:rmpfr, r:rmysql, r:rngtools, r:roauth, r:robustbase, r:rook, r:rpostgresql, r:rprojroot, r:rstudioapi, r:rtiff, r:rvest, r:sandwich, r:scales, r:scraper, r:selectr, r:sf, r:sfsmisc, r:shape, r:shiny, r:snow, r:som, r:sourcetools, r:sparsem, r:spdata, r:spdep, r:squarem, r:stringi, r:stringr, r:strucchange, r:tibble, r:tidyr, r:tidyselect, r:tinytex, r:ttr, r:twitter, r:udunits2, r:units, r:urca, r:uroot, r:utf8, r:vars, r:viridis, r:viridislite, r:visnetwork, r:withr, r:xfun, r:xml, r:xml2, r:xtable, r:xts, r:yaml, r:zoo, ruby:delayer-deferred, ruby:diva, ruby:escape, ruby:instance-storage, ruby:io-like, ruby:jpmobile-ipaddresses, ruby:jpmobile-terminfo, ruby:jpmobile4, ruby:net-irc, ruby:objectdetect, ruby:pluggaloid, ruby:ptreloaded, ruby:rabbirack, ruby:rabbit, ruby:rabbiter, ruby:roauth, ruby:rttool, ruby:rubyinlineaccel, ruby:totoridipjp, ruby:typed-array, silentbob, simian

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