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There are 1125 total package(s) for 417 distinct project(s) known.

a52dec, aacplusenc, abcde, abcm2ps, abcmidi, adplay, adplug, aften, alsamixer-app, alsamixergui, alsaplayer, alure, amsynth, apetag, aqualung, aseqview, asunder, aucdtect, audacious, audacious-plugins, audacious-themes, audiocompress, audiofile, audiotag, audiotools, aumix, awesfx, aylet, beets, bio2jack, bladeenc, bplay, bpmdetect, brutefir, cd-discid, cdcd, cdparanoia, cdplay, cdstatus, cdtool, chordii, chromaprint, clementine-player, cmix-mixer, cmus, cmusfm, codec2, codecgraph, combine-wave, coquillo, cplay, cvoicecontrol, dagrab, darkice, darksnow, daudio, dcadec, dcaenc, dcd, dir2ogg, drumstick, dumb, dvda-author, easytag, eawpats, edna, eflite, erec, eselect-cdparanoia, eselect-mpg123, eselect-timidity, exaile, eyed3, ezstream, faac, faad2, fapg, fdk-aac, festival, festival-fi, festival-hts, festival-it, festival-ru, flac, flac-image, flac123, flack, flake, flite, fluidsynth, flvstreamer, fmdrv, fmod, fmtools, freealut, freebirth, freepats, freeverb3, frescobaldi, galan, game-music-emu, gbsplay, gigedit, gimmix, gkrellmpc, glmix, glurp, glyr, gmpc, gmpc-alarm, gmpc-albumview, gmpc-avahi, gmpc-awn, gmpc-discogs, gmpc-extraplaylist, gmpc-jamendo, gmpc-last-fm, gmpc-libnotify, gmpc-lyrics, gmpc-lyricwiki, gmpc-magnatune, gmpc-mdcover, gmpc-mmkeys, gmpc-mserver, gmpc-playlistsort, gmpc-shout, gmpc-tagedit, gmtp, gmusicbrowser, gnomad, gnump3d, gogglesmm, gom-mixer, gpodder, gqradio, gramofile, grip, gsm, gst123, gstreamripper, gtick, gtkguitune, hearnet, herrie, horgand, icecream-stream-download, ices, id3, id3ed, id3lib, id3ted, id3tool, id3v2, ifp-line, imp3sh, jaaa, jack-cd-ripper, justeport, karlyriceditor, kaudiocreator, kid3, kmetronome, lame, lastfmlib, libaacplus, libao, libatomic-ops, libbs2b, libcanberra, libcdaudio, libcddb, libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libclalsadrv, libclastfm, libclthreads, libclxclient, libcue, libcuefile, libdca, libdiscid, libdvd-audio, libfishsound, libgig, libid3tag, libifp, libilbc, liblingoteach, liblo, liblrdf, liblscp, libmad, libmikmod, libmodplug, libmp3splt, libmp4v2, libmpd, libmpdclient, libmtp, libmusicbrainz5, libmygpo-qt, libnjb, libofa, libogg, liboggz, libopusenc, libprojectm, libreplaygain, libsamplerate, libshout, libsidplayfp, libsmf, libsndfile, libtaginfo, libtimidity, libvisual, libvisual-plugins, libvisual-projectm, libvorbis, libxspf, lingot, linuxsampler, litestream, lltag, mac, madplay, mangler, mbrola, mcdp, mhwaveedit, mikmod, milkytracker, mmix, moc, modplugtools, moosic, mp3-check, mp32ogg, mp3asm, mp3blaster, mp3c, mp3cat, mp3check, mp3gain, mp3info, mp3report, mp3splt, mp3splt-gtk, mp3unicode, mp3wrap, mpc, mpck, mpd, mpdas, mpdscribble, mpfc, mpg123, mpg321, mplay, mps-youtube, mserv, mt-daapd, multimux, mup, muse-streaming, musepack, musescore, mutagen, nas, ncmpc, ncmpcpp, normalize, ogg2mp3, oggtst, ogmtools, openal-soft, opencore-amr, opus, opus-tools, opusfile, orpheus, paprefs, pasystray, pavucontrol, pavumeter, peercast, perl:mp3-tag, perl:musicbrainz-discid, perl:webservice-musicbrainz, phat, pianobar, picard, picoxine, pitchtune, playmidi, poc, podcatcher, portaudio, positron, potamus, powiedz, ptabtools, pulseaudio, pwavecat, pympd, python:jellyfish, python:mygpoclient, python:podcastparser, python:pyamazon, python:pycanberra, python:pyifp, python:pymtp, python:python-daap, python:python-musicbrainz, qmidiarp, qmidiroute, qmmp, qmmp-plugin-pack, qsampler, qsynth, qtgain, qtscrobbler, quimup, quodlibet, raptor, rasqal, rawrec, rcenter, redland, redland-bindings, redoflacs, resid, retrovol, rexima, rip, ripperx, rplay, saydate, sbc, schismtracker, sdif, setmixer, sexypsf, sfc, shntool, shorten, shout, sidplay, sidplayfp, smartagger, smixer, snd, sndfile-tools, sndpeek, solfege, sonata, sooperlooper, soundkonverter, soundtouch, sox, soxr, specimen, speech-dispatcher, speech-tools, speex, speexdsp, sphinx2, sphinxtrain, splay, split2flac, streamripper, streamtranscoder, streamtuner0, substract-wave, synaesthesia, taginfo, tagtool, takcd, tapiir, tempest-for-eliza, timidity++, tk707, toolame, tremor, tse3, ttaenc, tudor-volumed, tunapie, twolame, umix, vb2rip, ventrilo-server, vimpc, vitunes, vkeybd, vlevel, vlorb, vo-aacenc, vo-amrwbenc, volti, volumeicon, volwheel, vorbis-tools, vorbisgain, vsound, wavbreaker, wavegain, wavpack, wavplay, wavsplit, wmmp, wmsound-data, xineadump, xnoise, xwax, yoshimi, zita-alsa-pcmi

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