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There are 1286 total package(s) for 484 distinct project(s) known.

adtpro, aircrack-ng, alienarena, alienarena-data, apache, ascii, bahamut, bastet, bbcolors, bcftools, boost, boost-numpy, buildbot-0.8, buildbot-2, buildbot-slave-0.8, buildbot-worker, bzip2, cabextract, cairo, cartman, ccache, cdf, cegui, chromium-bsu, clex, cliclick, cocoadialog, colordiff, colorer, convertlit, cronnix, cronolog, crossover, cryptlib, cssc, cufflinks, curl, dar, dcraw, detex, devil, dictconv, docbook-xsl, docsis, dosmacux, drizzle, dtrx, e-dbus, e2fsprogs, ecore, edelta, edje, eet, efreet, eina, emacs:php-mode, emacs:pure-mode, embryo, enlightenment, etl, evas, exec-wrapper, expat, ezstream, f2c, fakeroot, falkon, faust, faust2pd, faustlive, ffview, file, flasm, flex, fontconfig, freetds, freetype, fsvs, g2, gd, gdash, gettext, giflib, gifshuffle, glib, globulation2, glpng, goldendict, gphoto2, graphicsmagick, graphite2, graphviz, graphviz-oldgui, gsasl, gts, gv, gvedit, gwakeonlan, harfbuzz, harfbuzz-icu, hermesapp, hexdiff, hstr, htslib, icu, icu-le-hb, imagemagick, imagesnap, ircii-classic, isightcapture, iso-codes, jake, jpeg, keybinder, krb5, ksh, libbpg, libbson, libcomerr, libebml, libextractor, libf2c, libgig, libgphoto2, libhsplasma, libiconv, libkml, libmagic, libmatroska, libmcrypt, libmongo-client, libmypaint, libpiano, libpng, libsmf, libtuxcap, libvillainousstyle, libvirt, libvncserver, libwebp, libxkbcommon, libxl, lighttpd, lisaem, lmms, lp-solve, lz4, lzma, magic, mapm3, mdk, metakit, mhash, ming, ministat, minivmac, minizip, minizip2, mkvtoolnix, molden, moltenvk, mongo-c-driver, mongo-cxx-driver, mongo-tools, mongodb, mongoexplorer, mongohub, mongoobjcdriver, mp4joiner, multimarkdown, mypaint, mypaint-brushes, mysql, mystonline-bootstrap, mystonline-cider, mystonline-wine, ncid, ncompress, neko, net-snmp, netpbm, nettle, newt, ninja, ninka, notify-sharp, odt2txt, openal-soft, openbrowser, opencc, openni, openvas-client, openvas-libnasl, openvas-libraries, openvas-plugins, openvas-server, optipng, oracle-instantclient, osc2midi, osxutils, pango, pangox-compat, paracode, pbzip2, pbzx, pclauncher, pd-faust, pd-pure, pdfresurrect, pdftk, perl:class-csv, perl:filesys-notify-kqueue, perl:games-frozenbubble, perl:graphviz, perl:graphviz2, perl:html-extract, perl:html-lint, perl:html-tagfilter, perl:html-tokeparser-simple, perl:module-depends, perl:net-dns-resolver-programmable, perl:pango, perl:perlmagick, php, php-select, php:amf, php:amqp, php:apache2handler, php:apc, php:apcu, php:bbcode, php:big-int, php:cairo, php:cairo-wrapper, php:calendar, php:cgi, php:colorer, php:crack, php:curl, php:dba, php:dbase, php:eaccelerator, php:enchant, php:esmtp, php:event, php:excel, php:exif, php:fpm, php:freeimage, php:ftp, php:gd, php:gdchart, php:geoip, php:gettext, php:gmagick, php:gmp, php:hidef, php:html-parse, php:htscanner, php:http, php:http2, php:iconv, php:imagick, php:imap, php:imlib2, php:inclued, php:intl, php:ipc, php:jsmin, php:judy, php:ldap, php:libev, php:libevent, php:lzf, php:magickwand, php:mailparse, php:markdown, php:mbstring, php:mcrypt, php:memcache, php:memcached, php:ming, php:mongo, php:mongodb, php:mssql, php:mysql, php:oauth, php:odbc, php:opcache, php:openssl, php:oracle, php:pcntl, php:pdflib, php:peb, php:phalcon2, php:phalcon3, php:phalcon4, php:pop3, php:posix, php:postgresql, php:propro, php:pspell, php:psr, php:raphf, php:rar, php:redis, php:rrd, php:scrypt, php:snmp, php:soap, php:sockets, php:sodium, php:solr, php:sphinx, php:spl-types, php:sqlite, php:sqlsrv, php:ssh2, php:stomp, php:suhosin, php:svm, php:svn, php:swoole, php:syck, php:taint, php:tidy, php:timezonedb, php:twig, php:uploadprogress, php:vld, php:wddx, php:web, php:xcache, php:xdebug, php:xhprof, php:xmlrpc, php:xrange, php:xsl, php:xslcache, php:yaf, php:yaml, php:yaz, php:zip, phpmyadmin, pianobar, pixman, pixz, pkg-config, plasmaclient, plasmashop, ppmtomd, prc, psyncx, pure, pure-audio, pure-bonjour, pure-csv, pure-doc, pure-docs, pure-fastcgi, pure-faust, pure-ffi, pure-g2, pure-gen, pure-gl, pure-glpk, pure-gsl, pure-gtk, pure-liblo, pure-lilv, pure-lv2, pure-midi, pure-mpfr, pure-octave, pure-odbc, pure-rational, pure-readline, pure-reduce, pure-sockets, pure-sql3, pure-stldict, pure-stllib, pure-tk, pure-xml, python:buildbot, python:buildbot-console-view, python:buildbot-grid-view, python:buildbot-pkg, python:buildbot-waterfall-view, python:buildbot-www, python:clnum, python:flask, python:libvirt-python, python:netifaces, python:rpncalc, q, quantlib, quickascii, quicksilver, rabbitmq-c, re2c, readown, reaver, recode, reflex-lexer-flex-fork, resil, rubberband, samtools, scons, screenresolution, sctk, sdcv, shellinabox, shenidam, sleepnow, sleepwatcher, slib, sounddecompress, spawn-fcgi, stk, svn-all-fast-export, svndumptool, synfig, taglib, tardiff, tcllib, tea, terminator, tidy, tiff, tigervnc, timeout, ttf2eot, tup, unicode, uriparser, utimer, uzbl, vcs, villainousstyle, villainousstyle-framework, vineserver, vineserver3, virtualplanetbuilder, vorbisgain, wdiff, webdot, websvn, wesnoth, wget, whois, wine, winetricks, xapian-bindings-java, xapian-bindings-perl5.26, xapian-bindings-perl5.28, xapian-bindings-php55, xapian-bindings-php56, xapian-bindings-php70, xapian-bindings-php71, xapian-bindings-php72, xapian-bindings-php73, xapian-bindings-python27, xapian-bindings-python34, xapian-bindings-python35, xapian-bindings-python36, xapian-bindings-python37, xapian-bindings-ruby21, xapian-bindings-ruby22, xapian-bindings-ruby23, xapian-bindings-ruby24, xapian-bindings-ruby25, xapian-bindings-ruby26, xapian-core, xdotool, xine-lib, xine-ui, xournal, xsel, xylib, xz, youtube-dl, youtube-upload, zlib

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