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alot, apachedex, archivemail, archmage, atheist, autokey, autosuspend, awscli, babiloo, backblaze-b2, backupchecker, beancount, beets, belier, bleachbit, bloscpack, bluewho, brebis, buildbot, bundlewrap, canto, catfish, cherrytree, clustershell, convertall, cppman, cream-melange, crudini, ctop, cycle, db2twitter, debomatic, decibel-audio-player, diamond, didjvu, disper, djvusmooth, dkimpy-milter, doconce, dodgy, dot2tex, dreampie, driconf, drobo-utils, email2trac, emesene, emma-mysql, episoder, eric, etm, etm-qt, fava, fdroidserver, firmware-microbit-micropython, flatlatex, fookebox, freealchemist, freevial, frescobaldi, fusion-icon, gaupol, gespeaker, gextractwinicons, ghp-import, git-bzr-ng, gitinspector, gitless, glipper, gmail-notify, gmobilemedia, go2, google-sitemapgen, gpxviewer, gtg, gtimelog, gui-ufw, gwakeonlan, harvestman, hotssh, hovercraft, httpbin, httpcode, ibid, irker, isort, itstool, jeepyb, jpylyzer, kabikaboo, kanboard-cli, kapidox, kazam, keysync, kupfer, lazygal, legit, lightyears, lottanzb, lunch, mayavi2, mbed-test-wrapper, menulibre, mercurial, mimms, moap, mpdris, mu-editor, mugshot, muttdown, mypaint, nagstamon, nfoview, ocrfeeder, ocrodjvu, oggconvert, openstv, openteacher, osc, p9m4, painintheapt, pandoc-plantuml-filter, pdfarranger, pdfposter, pdfshuffler, pelican, pep257, petit, phatch, phenny, photo-uploader, picard, pipenv, pkpgcounter, plainbox-provider-checkbox, plainbox-provider-resource-generic, planet-venus, policyd-rate-limit, pondus, preprocess, prospector, ptex2tex, puddletag, pyaimt, pybackpack, pybik, pycarddav, pychecker, pydoctor, pyflakes, pyicqt, pyinfra, pykaraoke, pylint2, pymilter-milters, pynagram, pyp, pypar2, pypass, pype, pypolicyd-spf, pyrit, pyspread, pytagsfs, python:afl, python:cython, python:django-taggit, python:feedvalidator, python:hg-git, python:khal, python:memprof, python:miio, python:pybtex, python:pydocstyle, python:pylint, python:pyomo, python:tox, python:utidylib, python:vdirsyncer, pythoncad, pytimechart, pytrainer, pyzor, quodlibet, rabbitvcs, rdiff-backup, retext, retweet, rhythmbox-ampache, rst2pdf, rubber, s3cmd, s3ql, sabnzbdplus, screenlets, scribes, sen, series60-remote, simple-image-reducer, sinntp, slapos.core, slimit, slingshot, smem, snakefood, sonata, spambayes, spe, spf-engine, subdownloader, supervisor, svnmailer, synopsis, terminator, termsaver, testrepository, tictactoe-ng, tldr-py, toot, trac, trac-accountmanager, trac-announcer, trac-batchmodify, trac-bitten, trac-codecomments, trac-customfieldadmin, trac-diavisview, trac-git, trac-httpauth, trac-jsgantt, trac-mastertickets, trac-privateticketsplugin, trac-privatewiki, trac-roadmap, trac-subcomponents, trac-subtickets, trac-wikiprint, trac-wysiwyg, trac-xmlrpc, ttb, turnin-ng, turses, tvnamer, twine, twitterwatch, txt2tags, upnp-inspector, valinor, veusz, viridian, voltron, vrfydmn, vulture, wader, wapiti, webcheck, weresync, whyteboard, winpdb, writetype, xdot, xpra, yotta, zine, zktop

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