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There are 3345 total package(s) for 905 distinct project(s) known.

389-ds-base, 3proxy, aaphoto, abduco, acme-sh, acr38u, ahoviewer, aide, aixlog, alembic, alpine, amanda, ampache-browser, amule, angband, anydesk, apachetop, apg, apmod:xml2enc, appinventor, arcconf, argon2, argp-standalone, aribb24, arno-iptables-firewall, arx-fatalis-data, arx-fatalis-demo, asciidoc, aseprite, asio, aspell-es, atheme-services, atom, authforce, automatic, aws-sdk-cpp, baldurs-gate-ee, bamtools, bbswitch, bedtools, bees, biber, biblatex, biblatex-apa, biosdisk, bitcoin-cli, bitcoin-qt, bitcoin-tx, bitcoind, bitlbee-facebook, bitrise, bleachbit, blueberry, bluez-tools, botan, bower, brlaser, btrfsmaintenance, buka, buku, bulk-extractor, bumblebee, burn-cd, buttersink, bvi, cadaver, calise, cantera, capyt, casync, ccnet, cdist, cdw, cgdb, cgp, chaosreader, charliecloud, chicken, chkcrontab, chrome-gnome-shell, ck-sources, clamtk, classified-ads, clion, cmark, codecrypt, compsize, conan, concurrencykit, conserver, copyq, corebird, cpp-driver, cpuburn, cpyrit-cuda, cpyrit-opencl, cryfs, cryptmount, cs2d, cura, curaengine, cursors:neutral, cyberjack, davical, dblatex, ddate, ddclient, deltup, deluge, denemo, device-atlas-api-c, dhcdrop, diction, dio, distro-info, distro-info-data, dmtx-utils, dnrd, dnsdist, dnssec-validator, dnstop, dnsviz, doas, dput-ng, dracut-crypt-ssh, drahnr-oregano, dstat, duply, dvdisaster, dwarf-fortress, e-gtk-theme, easygit, econnman, edb-debugger, edi, eduke32, efl, eid-mw, eix, elasticsearch, electron, elinks, elixir, emech, enlightenment, enlightenment-extra, envchain, envman, ephoto, eselect-electron, eselect-opencascade, esptool, etckeeper, ethq, eventd, evilwm, evisum, execline, fdm-materials, ferm, ffdiaporama, ffplugin:passff, fhem, field3d, filebeat, firefox, flacon, flashrom, flirc, fonts:b612, fonts:fontawesome, fonts:humor-sans, fonts:inconsolata-lgc, fonts:iosevka, fragview, freeradius, frox, ftl, ftl-gog, fuse-emulator, fusefs:s3fs, fusefs:utils, fuseiso, fvwm-crystal, fwbuilder, fwknop, g810-led, gamemode, gammu, ganglia-web, gcj-jdk, gdk-pixbuf-loader-webp, geant-vmc, geany-plugins, geekbench, gentoo-rsync-mirror, genymotion, ghostwriter, gimp-resynthesizer, gimps, gitter, glass-tty-vt220, glcdprocdriver, global, gnome-authenticator, gnome-commander, gnome-do, go:ethereum, go:fuzzy, goaccess, gpaste, grafana, graphlcd-base, greenbone-security-assistant, grisbi, gscan2pdf, gtest, gtkdiskfree, gtklick, guitarix, gummi, gvm-tools, gvrpcd, hashdb, hd-idle, hexchat, hexinject, hidapi, highway, html2text, htseq, httpie, hyperscan, i2p, i8kutils, ibus-libpinyin, icedtea, icon, idle3-tools, idm-console-framework, igmpproxy, img2pdf, imgurbash2, imlib2, imlib2-loaders, imv, innoextract, inspircd, installer, interbench, ipfs, ipkg-utils, ipmicfg, ipmiview, irtrans-irclient, irtrans-irserver, iscan, iscan-data, iscan-plugin-gt-x770, iscan-plugin-gt-x820, ivykis, j4-dmenu-desktop, jack-cd-ripper, jansson, jrommanager, julia, kaitai-struct, kakoune, kallisto, kannel-sqlbox, katawa-shoujo, kdocker, kdstatemachineeditor, keepass, keystone, kibana, kicad, kicad-doc, kicad-footprints, kicad-i18n, kicad-packages3d, kicad-symbols, kicad-templates, klick, knot, kochmorse, kqoauth, kryoflux-dtc, kubernetes, kuickshow, kuroo, kvirc, kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver, laretz, lc-advancednotifications, lc-aggregator, lc-anhero, lc-auscrie, lc-azoth, lc-bittorrent, lc-blasq, lc-blogique, lc-certmgr, lc-core, lc-cpuload, lc-cstp, lc-dbusmanager, lc-deadlyrics, lc-devmon, lc-dolozhee, lc-eleeminator, lc-fenet, lc-gacts, lc-glance, lc-gmailnotifier, lc-historyholder, lc-hotsensors, lc-hotstreams, lc-htthare, lc-imgaste, lc-intermutko, lc-kbswitch, lc-kinotify, lc-knowhow, lc-krigstask, lc-lackman, lc-lastfmscrobble, lc-laughty, lc-launchy, lc-lemon, lc-lhtr, lc-liznoo, lc-lmp, lc-mellonetray, lc-monocle, lc-musiczombie, lc-nacheku, lc-netstoremanager, lc-networkmonitor, lc-newlife, lc-ooronee, lc-otlozhu, lc-pintab, lc-pogooglue, lc-popishu, lc-poshuku, lc-qrosp, lc-rosenthal, lc-sb2, lc-scroblibre, lc-secman, lc-seekthru, lc-summary, lc-sysnotify, lc-tabsessmanager, lc-tabslist, lc-touchstreams, lc-tpi, lc-vgrabber, lc-vrooby, lc-xproxy, lc-xtazy, lcd4linux, lcdproc, lcov, lcpackgen, le, leechcraft-meta, lha, libarcus, libbitcoinconsensus, libblkmaker, libcharon, libcommuni, libdbh, libdivecomputer, libdlo, libffado, libgaminggear, libgroove, libinput-gestures, libisds, libite, liblaretz, libmowgli, libplacebo, libprelude, libpreludedb, librepcb, libsavitar, libsearpc, libsecp256k1, libsoundio, libspectrum, libsrsirc, libuev, libugpio, libuninum, libusb0, libuvc, libvncserver, libwebsockets, liferea, lilypond, linssid, linuxdoc-tools, litmus, logmein-hamachi, logstash, lomoco, love, love07, love08, love10, love11, lua:openssl, lua:ossl, lutelwall, lxd, magick-rotation, magicpoint, maltego, man-pages-de, man-pages-pl, maradns, master-pdf-editor, mattermost-desktop, mcproxy, mdns-repeater, menumaker, midisport-firmware, milter-regex, minecraft-server, minetest, minetest-game, mjpg-streamer, mk-livestatus, mkstage4, mktorrent, mkxf86config, moneydance, monitoring-plugins, monitorix, mono-basic, moolticute, mosquitto, motion, mpv, mpv-bash-completion, ms-gsl, msort, mugshot, mx5000tools, mxml, mydumper, myspell-de, myspell-en, myspell-es, myspell-kk, myspell-ru, mysqltuner, nativebiginteger, ncp, neofetch, neon, netboot, nethack, netkit-telnet, networkmanager-fortisslvpn, networkmanager-sstp, networkmanager-strongswan, nfoview, ngircd, ngrep, nitrocli, nload, nmeap, notion, ntpclient, nudoku, numix-gtk-theme, nuttcp, nvi, nvidiabl, ocp-oracle-copy-tool, odamex, ogg2mp3, oidentd, onerng, ooofbtools, opencascade, opencascade-oce, opendkim, openntpd, openrct2, openstack-swift, opensubdiv, opentoonz, openvas, openvas-libraries, …

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