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aggdraw, avce00, cftime, creepy, dans-gdal-scripts, debian-gis, doris, drawmap, e00compr, earth3d, epr-api, fiona, freexl, fyba, garmindev, gdal, gdal-grass, geographiclib, geolinks, geos, glymur, gmt, gmt-coast-low, gmt-dcw, gmt-gshhg, gmt-gshhs, gosmore, gpsdrive, gpsprune, gpx2shp, grass, h5utils, hdf5, imposm, imposm-parser, jmapviewer, josm, josm-plugins, jts, laszip, libcitygml, libepsilon, libgaiagraphics, libgeotiff, libgrits, libhdf4, libkml, liblas, libosmium, libosmpbf, librasterlite, librasterlite2, librttopo, libspatialite, libterralib, mapbox-geometry, mapbox-variant, mapbox-vector-tile, mapbox-wagyu, mapcache, mapcode, mapnik, mapnik-vector-tile, mapproxy, mapserver, merkaartor, mgrs, mipp, mkgmap, mkgmap-splitter, mkgmapgui, modestmaps-js, modestmaps-py, nco, ncview, netcdf, netcdf-cxx, netcdf-fortran, netcdf4-python, nik4, node:leaflet-formbuilder, node:leaflet-hash, node:quickselect, node:rbush, ogdi-dfsg, openlayers, openstreetmap-carto, openstreetmap-map-icons, osgearth, osm-gps-map, osm2pgrouting, osm2pgsql, osmcoastline, osmctools, osmium-tool, osmosis, osrm, ossim, otb, owslib, pdal, perl:geo-proj4, perl:geo-shapelib, perl:osm-gary68, pg-comparator, pgrouting, pgsql-ogr-fdw, php:geos, pktools, postgis, postgis-java, pprepair, prepair, proj, proj-rdnap, proj4js, protozero, pycoast, pycsw, pydecorate, pyepr, pygac, pykdtree, pylibtiff, pyninjotiff, pyorbital, pyosmium, pyresample, pysal, pyshp, pyspectral, python:affine, python:cartopy, python:click-plugins, python:cligj, python:deprecated, python:descartes, python:geojson, python:geopandas, python:geotiepoints, python:hdf4, python:liblas, python:mapnik, python:mpop, python:osmapi, python:pdal, python:pyproj, python:pyspatialite, python:rtree, python:shapely, python:snuggs, python:stetl, pytroll-schedule, pywps, qgis, qlandkartegt, qmapshack, rasterio, readosm, rel2gpx, routino, rtklib, ruby:hdfeos5, ruby:narray-miss, ruby:netcdf, saga, satpy, savi, sfcgal, shapelib, snaphu, sosi2osm, spatialindex, spatialite-gui, spatialite-tools, thuban, tilecache, tilelite, tilestache, tinyows, totalopenstation, trollimage, trollsift, unarr, virtualpg

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