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Date (UTC) Event
Package corsixth version 0.61 is outdated by 0.62
Package vodovod version 1.10 is outdated by 1.10.1
Package minetest-mod-craftguide version 1.0 is outdated by 1.1
Package pentobi version 14.1 is outdated by 15.0
Package ioquake3 version 1.36 is up to date
Package allegro4 version 4.4.2 is up to date
Package allegro4 version 4.4.2 is outdated by 4.9.22
Package atomix version 3.22.0 is outdated by 3.29.3
Package minetest-mod-3d-armor version 0.4.11 is outdated by 0.4.12
Package pcsxr version 1.9.94 is outdated by
Package quakespasm version 0.93.0 is outdated by 0.93.1
Package minetest version 0.4.16 is outdated by 0.4.17
Package hexalate version 1.1.2 is outdated by 1.1.3
Package peg-e version 1.2.4 is outdated by 1.2.5
Package darkradiant version 2.5.0 is outdated by 2.6.0
Package stella version 5.1.1 is outdated by 5.1.2
Package blockattack version 2.1.2 is outdated by 2.2.0
Package 0ad version alpha 22 is outdated
Package 0ad-data version alpha 22 is outdated
Package zsnes version 1.51 is up to date
Package colobot version 0.1.11 is outdated by
Package oss-compat version 6 is outdated by 7
Package game-data-packager version 58 is outdated by 59
Package sfml version 2.4.2 is outdated by 2.5.0
Package astromenace-data is no longer maintained by pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org and/or was removed from Ubuntu 18.04
Package mrboom version 4.4 is outdated
Package bzflag version 2.4.12 is outdated
Package nethack version 3.6.0 is outdated
Package extremetuxracer version 0.7.4 is outdated
Package adonthell version 0.3.7 is up to date
Package adonthell version 0.3.6 is outdated