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aalib, alkimia, aria2, asciidoc, aspell, aspell-de, aspell-pl, aspell-sv, astyle, atomicparsley, autobuild, balance, baloo, baloo-widgets, bsflite, cadaver, caja-actions, catgets, ccache, chkconfig, cmark, compface, cppcheck, crypt, ctris, cvsps, db4, db5, foobillard, gcc-tools-epoch1-autoconf, gcc-tools-epoch1-automake, gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf, gcc-tools-epoch2-automake, gcovr, gegl, geoip, geoip-database, gmime2, gnubg, gnugo, gpgmepp, gq, grantlee-qt4, grilo, grilo-plugins, gv, hexedit, hp2xx, httperf, icoutils, ido, ido3, indicator-applet, indicator-application, indicator-application-gtk2, initscripts, jgraph, jovie, kaccessible, kactivities, kate, kcoloredit, kde-i18n, kde-workspace, kdepimlibs, kdewebdev, keepassx2, kfilemetadata, kfilereplace, kiconedit, klinkstatus, konsole, kross-interpreters, ksnapshot, kwalletmanager, lcms, libappindicator, libdiscid, libebml, libelf, libfpx, libindicator, libkcddb, libkdcraw, libkexiv2, libkipi, libkmahjongg, libkscreen, libktorrent, libmatroska, libmcrypt, libmng, libqaccessibilityclient, libqzeitgeist, libsmi, libustr, libwmf, libxfont, llvm, man, marblewidget, mcrypt, mhash, ming, mingw:openjpeg, mingw:qjson, mingw:qt4-webkit, mingw:schroedinger1.0, mksh, mkvtoolnix, mscgen, naim, neon, ninvaders, odbc-mysql, okteta, opencdk, openjpeg15, pairs, pakchois, palcal, phonon-backend-gstreamer, picard, pkg-config, poco, poco-doc, prison, procps, pugixml, python2, python3-pykde4, python3-pyqt4, python3-sip, python3-zmq, python:discid, python:gdata, python:logilab-astng, python:logilab-common, python:pykde4, python:pylint, qjson, qt4-webkit, quazip, qwt5, ruby:binding-of-caller, ruby:debug-inspector, ruby:erubis, ruby:hike, ruby:hitimes, ruby:hoe, ruby:listen, ruby:molinillo, ruby:polyglot, ruby:puppet-lint, ruby:redcarpet, ruby:timers, ruby:treetop, run2, schroedinger, spambayes, squid, sysvinit, t1lib, tack, tcm, ted, texi2html, tinyxml2, transfig, typespeed, uw-imap, w3m, wordnet, words-moby, xclip, xemacs, xemacs-mule-sumo, xemacs-sumo, xloadimage, xmhtml, xmlstarlet, yasm

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