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apache, apmod:md, apmod:vhost-ldap, aspell-cs, autotrust, bind, bird, blinker, botan, brotli, ccnet, courier-authlib, courier-unicode, cyrus-imapd2, cyrus-sasl, datovka, db-defaults, db4, db5, db6, desktop-file-utils, dh-php, dh-php5, dns-root-data, dnsruby, dnssec-tools, dnssec-trigger, dnsval, dnsviz, feedgenerator, fortunes:cs, gd, gearmand, getdns, gnome-keyring, go, go:github-abh-geoip-dev, gweled, gyrus, hash-slinger, ice-builder-gradle, json-c, kea, knot, knot-resolver, ldns, libidn, libidn2, libisds, libjpeg-turbo, libreswan, libsearpc, libvirt-php, libzip, lmdb, lua53, lua:basexx, lua:compat53, lua:cqueues, lua:fifo, lua:http, lua:lpeg-patterns, lua:mmdb, lua:openssl, lua:ossl, lua:sec, luajit, mariadb, myspell-sk, mysql-transitional, nghttp2, nsd, nsd3, opendnssec, parallel, pelican, perl:net-dns, perl:net-dns-sec, perl:net-dns-zonefile-fast, perl:net-ip-xs, perl:net-ldns, perl:zonemaster, php, php5.6-json, php:amqp, php:apcu, php:apcu-bc, php:ast, php:cassandra, php:defaults, php:ds, php:gearman, php:geoip, php:gmagick, php:gnupg, php:imagick, php:json, php:libsodium, php:lua, php:mailparse, php:mcrypt, php:memcache, php:memcached, php:mongodb, php:mysqlnd-ms, php:oauth, php:pear, php:pecl-http, php:propro, php:radius, php:raphf, php:redis, php:rrd, php:smbclient, php:stomp, php:uploadprogress, php:uuid, php:yac, php:yaml, poppler, python:django-classy-tags, python:django-sekizai, python:pywebkitgtk, r:rpostgresql, rails, rails-3.2, rails-4.0, rake, rapache, redmine, ruby:actionmailer, ruby:actionpack, ruby:activemodel, ruby:activerecord, ruby:activerecord-deprecated-finders, ruby:activeresource, ruby:activesupport, ruby:arel, ruby:atomic, ruby:charlock-holmes, ruby:gettext-i18n-rails, ruby:grack, ruby:grit, ruby:grit-ext, ruby:hike, ruby:journey, ruby:net-ldap, ruby:omniauth, ruby:omniauth-ldap, ruby:rack-cache, ruby:rack-openid, ruby:rack-ssl, ruby:rails, ruby:rails-observers, ruby:railties, ruby:rchardet, ruby:sasl, ruby:sprockets, ruby:sprockets-rails, ruby:text-format, ruby:thread-safe, ruby:tmail, ruby:yaml-db, seafile, seafile-client, softhsm, softhsm1, sphinxcontrib-rubydomain, tideways, tidy, tiff, ttf2ufm, uprofiler, xdebug, zeroc-ice, zonemaster-cli

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