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There are 8974 total package(s) for 6159 distinct project(s) known.

2pong, 54321, a-a-p, a2ps, a2ps-j, a52dec, aacgain, aalib, abclock, abcm2ps, abcmidi, abgx360, abiword, abook, abtransfers, abyss, accountsservice, ack, ackmate, acpica, activewire, adabooch, add, adns, adodb, advancecomp, advancemame, advancemenu, advancescan, advi, aee, aegis, aescrypt, aesutil, aewan, aewm, afflib, aften, afterstep, agave, aget, agg, agprocess, agrep, aide, aimage, airctl, ajp-wsgi, alac-decoder, ale-anti-lamenessing-engine, algol68g, alienblaster, alkimia, allegro, allegro4, alliance, alot, altermime, am-utils, amarok, amavisd-new, ample, anacron, analog, android, android-ndk, angelscript, angst, antenna, antinat, antiword, antlr2, antlr3, anubis, aop, ap-utils, apache-ivy, apache-solr4, apache-solr8, apan, apmod:antispam, apmod:authn-otp, apmod:cband, apmod:chroot, apmod:dnssd, apmod:fcgid, apmod:jk, apmod:maxminddb, apmod:mono, apmod:perl, apmod:python, apmod:qos, apmod:wsgi, apphack, appkido, apple-gcc40, apr-memcache, aqualess, arb-dna, archimedes, archivemail, archivemount, archmbox, argh, argp-standalone, argtable, argus, argus-monitor, arla, arm-aout-binutils, arm-aout-gcc, arm-elf-binutils, arm-elf-gcc, arm-elf-gcc3, arm-elf-gdb, arm-none-eabi-binutils, arm-none-eabi-gcc, arm-none-eabi-gdb, arm-none-linux-gnueabi-binutils, arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc, arm-none-linux-gnueabi-runtime, arora, arowpp, arpd, arpspyx, arq-restore, artresources, asciidoctor, asfrecorder, asn1c, aspcud, aspectj, aspell-af, aspell-ar, aspell-az, aspell-be, aspell-bg, aspell-bn, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-da, aspell-de, aspell-de-alt, aspell-el, aspell-en, aspell-eo, aspell-es, aspell-et, aspell-fa, aspell-fi, aspell-fr, aspell-he, aspell-hi, aspell-hr, aspell-hu, aspell-id, aspell-is, aspell-it, aspell-lt, aspell-lv, aspell-mg, aspell-mk, aspell-mr, aspell-ms, aspell-nb, aspell-nl, aspell-pl, aspell-pt-br, aspell-pt-pt, aspell-ro, aspell-ru, aspell-rw, aspell-sk, aspell-sr, aspell-sv, aspell-sw, aspell-ta, aspell-tl, aspell-tr, aspell-uk, aspell-uz, aspell-vi, assignmenttrackerx, assimp2, assp, astyle, atanks, atari800, aterm, atf, atk, atomicparsley, aubio, audiofile, augeas, authforce, autobench, autobook, autobuild, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, autogen, autojump, automake, automoc4, autopep8-select, autopsy, autossh, autotrace, avahi, avarice, avidemux, avr-gdb, avr-libc, awemud, awesome, awscli, awscli-select, awstats, axel, b5i2iso, backuppc, backward, bact, bacula, bakery, balance, balsa, barcode, barrage, base-64, base64, bashdb, bashforth, bashish, batik, bayon, bbe, bc, bcfg2, bchunk, bcrypt, bcv, bcwipe, bdes, bdump, bean, beanstalkd, beecrypt, bf2c, bghudappkit, biabam, bibclean, bibledit, bibtex2html, bibtool, biggersql, bigloo, bigsql, binclocken, bindfs, bing, binutils, bison, bitchx, bitlbee, bittornado, bkchem, blackbox, bladeenc, blassic, blazeblogger, blccc, blib, blinkensim, blinkenthemes, blinkentools, blitz, blitzwave, blobwars, blt, bluefish, bluemoon, bmake, bmf, bnbt, bnetd, bodr, boehm-gc, bogofilter, bomberclone, bonnie++, boo, bool, boolector, boost, boost-build, bootstrap-cmds, borgbackup, boswars, botan, bpython-select, brightness, bro, brown-cluster, browserlauncher2, brs, bs, bsdiff, btpd, buddha, buddy, buffer, bugzilla, buildout-select, bulk-extractor, burn-app, bwanadik, bwidget, bwm-ng, bwtoolkit, byaccj, c-hey, c3270, cableswig, cabocha, cacti, cadabra2, caffe, cal3d, caml-heredoc, camlimages, canna, cannonsmash, cardpeek, cargo, cassandra, castor, cbmbasic, ccal, ccaudio2, cccc, ccd2iso, ccl-util, cclient, ccrypt, ccxstream, cd-discid, cdb, cdpr, cdrdao, cdrtools, cdsclient, cedar, cedet, celt, centerim, cextract, cfengine, cfitsio, cflow, cfourcc, cftp, cfv, cgilib, cgit, cglib, cgminer, chaosreader, chasen, chasen-base, chasen-ipadic, chasen-ipadic-sjis, chasen-ipadic-utf8, chasen-naist-jdic, chasen-naist-jdic-sjis, chasen-naist-jdic-utf8, check, checkdns, checkpassword-pam, checkstyle, cheetah, chef, chemical-mime-data, chemkit, chemtool, cheops, chgrep, chicken, chkrootkit, chmdump, chmlib, chmox, choqok, chromedriver, chromium-tabs, chsuf, cicada, cidr, circuslinux, ckermit, ckon, cksfv, clamav, clamsmtp, clasp, class-dump, classias, clearsilver, clive, cln, cloc, clog-c-logging-library, clojure, clojure-contrib, closure-linter, cloudwiki, clpbar, clucene, clusterit, clusterssh, cm3, cmatrix, cmdftp, cmdpack, cmockery, cmph, cmuclmtk, cmunge, cntlm, cobertura, cockatrice, cocoa-sharp, cocot, codeblocks, codesearch, cog, coin3d, collada-dom, colorsvn, comix, commons-beanutils, commons-cli, commons-codec, commons-daemon, commons-dbcp, commons-digester, commons-el, commons-fileupload, commons-httpclient, commons-io, commons-lang, commons-launcher, commons-modeler, commons-pool, commons-validator, compface, conglomerate, consodoc, contacts, convmv, cook, coreosmakefiles, cosmicdebris, cosmoplayer, cotvnc, courier-authlib, courier-imap, courier-unicode, cpabe, cpan2port, cpi00, cpio, cppcheck, cproto, cpuminer, cputhrottle, cracklib, createrepo, crfpp, crfsuite, crimson-fields, criticalmass, crlibm, cryptcat, crystfel, cscope, csound, cssed, csu, csup, csv2xml, csvdb, csvkit-select, ctool, ctorrent, ctris, cuetools, cuneiform, …

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