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a2ps, a52dec, abiword, abuild, accountsservice, acct, ack, acl, acpica, adwaita-icon-theme, alpine-base, alpine-baselayout, alpine-conf, alpine-desktop, alpine-keys, alpine-mirrors, alpine-sdk, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, altermime, apcupsd, apg, apk-tools, aports-build, aports-ghpr, appstream-glib, apr, apr-util, archivemount, aria2, arpon, asciidoc, asciidoctor, asio, aspell, aspell-en, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atk, atkmm, atop, attr, audacity, augeas, aumix, autoconf, automake, avahi, avfs, awesome, awstats, axel, b43-fwcutter, babl, bash, bbsuid, bc, bdftopcf, beets, binutils, bison, bluez, bluez-firmware, boehm-gc, bonding, boost, bridge, bridge-utils, bsm-simple-themes, btrfs-progs, build-base, busybox, busybox-initscripts, bwm-ng, bzip2, ca-certificates, cairo, cairomm, ccache, cciss-vol-status, cdparanoia, cdrkit, cegui, celt, cfengine, cgdb, cgit, checkbashisms, chrony, chrpath, ckbcomp, clang, claws-mail, cloog, clucene, clutter, cmake, cntlm, cogl, collectd, compiler-rt, conky, conntrack-tools, coreutils, cppunit, cpufreqd, cpufrequtils, cpulimit0, cramfs, crosstool-ng, cryptsetup, cryptsetup1, cups, cups-filters, curl, cvs, cyrus-sasl, d-feet, dansguardian, daq, dash, davfs2, db5, dbus, dbus-glib, dcadec, dconf, debootstrap, desktop-file-utils, dev86, devicemaster-linux, devicemaster-linux-vanilla, dhcpcd, dhcpcd-dbus, dhcpcd-ui, dia, dialog, diffoscope, dircproxy, distcc, djbdns, dnsmasq, dnssec-root, dnssec-tools, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, docker-compose, docker-volume-local-persist, docs, dosfstools, dovecot, doxygen, dpkg, drbd-utils, dropbear, dtc, dvgrab, e2fsprogs, easy-rsa, ebtables, edk2, elfutils, elinks, email2trac, enca, enchant, encodings, epris, espeak, ethtool, eudev, evolution, exiv2, exo, f2fs-tools, faac, faad2, fail2ban, fakeroot, farstream, fatback, fcgiwrap, feh, fetchmail, ffmpeg, file, firefox, flac, flashcache-utils, flatbuffers, flex, flite, fluxbox, font-alias, font-bh-ttf, font-cursor-misc, font-daewoo-misc, font-dec-misc, font-jis-misc, font-misc-ethiopic, font-misc-meltho, font-misc-misc, font-schumacher-misc, font-sony-misc, font-sun-misc, font-util, fontconfig, fonts:adobe-100dpi, fonts:adobe-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-100dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-type1, fonts:arabic-misc, fonts:bh-100dpi, fonts:bh-75dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, fonts:bh-type1, fonts:bitstream-100dpi, fonts:bitstream-75dpi, fonts:bitstream-speedo, fonts:bitstream-type1, fonts:cronyx-cyrillic, fonts:dejavu, fonts:gnu-freefont, fonts:ibm-type1, fonts:isas-misc, fonts:liberation2, fonts:linuxlibertine, fonts:micro-misc, fonts:misc-cyrillic, fonts:mutt-misc, fonts:screen-cyrillic, fonts:winitzki-cyrillic, fonts:xfree86-type1, fping, freeradius-client, freerdp, freeswitch, freeswitch-sounds-en-us-callie-32000, freeswitch-sounds-en-us-callie-8000, freeswitch-sounds-es-mx-maria-44100, freeswitch-sounds-fr-ca-june-8000, freeswitch-sounds-fr-fr-sibylle-8000, freeswitch-sounds-music-32000, freeswitch-sounds-music-8000, freeswitch-sounds-ru-ru-elena-32000, freeswitch-sounds-ru-ru-elena-8000, fribidi, ftgl, fuse, fusefs:encfs, fusefs:exfat, fwknop, galculator, gamin, gapk, garcon, gawk, gcc, gconf, gcr, gdb, gdbm, gdk-pixbuf, gdl, geany, geany-plugins, gegl, geocode-glib, gexiv2, giblib, giflib, gigolo, gimp, git, glade, glew, glib, glib-networking, glibmm, glm, glu, gmp, gnats, gnokii, gnomad2, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic, gnu-efi, gnuchess, gnumeric, gnumpc, gnupg, gnupg1, gnutls, go, gobject-introspection, goffice, gparted, gperf, gpgme, gphoto2, gpicview, gpm, gptfdisk, gradm, graphite2, graphviz, grep, greybird-themes, groff, gross, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gsl, gsm, gsoap, gstreamer0, gstreamer0plugins:base, gstreamer0plugins:ffmpeg, gstreamer0plugins:good, gstreamer0plugins:ugly, gstreamer1, gstreamer1plugins:bad, gstreamer1plugins:base, gstreamer1plugins:good, gstreamer1plugins:libav, gstreamer1plugins:rtsp-server, gstreamer1plugins:ugly, gtk-doc, gtk-murrine-engine, gtk-vnc, gtk-xfce-engine, gtk2, gtk3, gtkman, gtkmm2, gtksourceview2, gtksourceview3, gtkspell2, guile, gummiboot, gunicorn, guvcview, gvfs, gvpe, gzip, haproxy, harfbuzz, haserl, hdparm, help2man, hexchat, hicolor-icon-theme, hidrd, highlight, hiredis, hostapd, httrack, hunspell, hvtools, hwdata, hwids, hydrogen, hypermail, i3, iceauth, icon-naming-utils, icu, iftop, igmpproxy, ilbc, imagemagick, imake, imap, imlib2, incron, iniparser, inkscape, installkernel, intel-vaapi-driver, intltool, iperf, iperf3, ipmitool, iproute2, ipsec-tools, ipt-netflow-vanilla, iptables, iputils, ipvsadm, ircii, ircservices, irssi, iscsi-scst, iso-codes, itstool, iucode-tool, iw, jack-audio-connection-kit, jansson, jasper, java-cacerts, jbig2dec, jfsutils, jpeg, json-c, json-glib, jsoncpp, kbd, kbuild, keepalived, keybase-client, keybinder, keyutils, kmod, knock, kodi, krb5, krb5-conf, ksymoops, lame, lang, lcms, lcms2, ldb, lddtree, ldns, ldoc, libao, libarchive, libart-lgpl, libass, libassuan, libatasmart, libavc1394, libburn, libc-dev, libcap, libcap-ng, libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libcec, libconfig, libconfuse, libcroco, libcrystalhd, libdaemon, libdc1394, libdnet, libdrm, libdv, libepoxy, libetpan, libev, libevdev, libevent, libevhtp, libexif, libffi, libfontenc, libgcrypt, libgee, libgit2, libgit2-0.27, libglade, libgpg-error, libgphoto2, libgsf, libgssglue, libgtop, libgweather, libical, libice, libiconv, libidn, libiec61883, libiptcdata, libisoburn, libisofs, libjpeg-turbo, libksba, liblockfile, libmad, libmemcached, libmicrohttpd, libmikmod, libmms, libmng, libmodplug, libmp3splt, libmpdclient, libmpeg2, libmspack, libmtp, libnet, libnetfilter-conntrack, libnetfilter-cthelper, libnetfilter-cttimeout, libnetfilter-queue, …

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