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There are 535 total package(s) for 442 distinct project(s) known.

alpine, an, aoeui, apk-tools, apl, appres, ario, aspell-en, at, audacity, autocutsel, base-devel, bcc-bpf, bdf2psf, bearssl, biew, bitkeeper, bitmap, blktrace, bloaty, borgbackup, bpftrace, brotli, bsd-games, byacc, cabal-install, camlp4, camlp5, carton, catdoc, checksec, chez-scheme, chibi-scheme, chntpw, clac-soveran, cloc, codesearch, collectl, colordiff, coq, courier-unicode, cparser, crash, cross-aarch64-linux-gnu, cscope, cwm, darcs, dcfldd, dclock, ddate, debootstrap, di, discount, dnssec-anchors, dos2unix, dstat, dte, duplicity, dwdiff, earlyoom, easytag, edbrowse, editres, emacs, erlang, eukleides, ex-vi, expect, ext4magic, extrace, fail-crash, fatrace, fbpdf, fdk-aac, fdkaac, fdm, fig2dev, fingerprint-gui, fio, font-fixedmisc, fontforge, fpc, fvwm, fzf, gambit-c, gbdfed, gcal, gcolor2, gdmap, get-flash-videos-git, ghc, git-series, glpk, gmp-ecm, gnome-ssh-askpass, gnubg, gnuchess, gnuplot, gnustep-alsamixer, go:minify, golly, gprolog, grml-rescueboot, grpc, gtk2fontsel, halibut, haskell:stack, hdapsd, hunspell-de-de, hunspell-en-gb-ize, hunspell-en-us, hunspell-fr, hwloc, hyx, i2c-tools, iana-etc, ico, icoutils, id3lib, id3v2, include-what-you-use, ioprof, ipe, isync, jimtcl, jnettop, jq, jsonnet, kona, kpartx, ksh, kubecfg, ldapvi, ldns, lft, libabigail, libfirm, libftdi, libimagequant, libnftnl, libpar2, libscrypt, libspiro, libtommath, libxls, linux, listres, llvm, lnav, lr, lurch, lwipv6, lz4json, lzop, maildrop, mairix, makedumpfile, mandoc, mathcomp, mblaze, mcelog, mdadm, mei-amt-check, miller, miruo, mk-configure, mldonkey, mlterm, mozplugger, mpop, mtree-port, multitail, ndhc, ndisc6, neatvi, necho, netcat-openbsd, nethack, netpbm, nftables, ngetty, nickle, nmh, nncp, npth, nq, nsd, num-utils, nzbget, ocaml, ocaml:num, ocamlbuild, oclock, odt2txt, opam, open-iscsi, open-isns, openbsd-rs, openocd, opensmtpd, oue, outils, paexec, pandoc, paps, par, parallel, passwdqc, pax, pax-utils, pdfgrep, peco, perl:apache-logformat-compiler, perl:app-cpanminus, perl:appconfig, perl:canary-stability, perl:capture-tiny, perl:common-sense, perl:cpan-common-index, perl:cpan-distnameinfo, perl:crypt-blowfish-pp, perl:data-validate-ip, perl:devel-stacktrace-ashtml, perl:exporter-tiny, perl:extutils-installpaths, perl:extutils-makemaker-cpanfile, perl:file-sharedir-install, perl:file-slurp-tiny, perl:font-ttf, perl:hash-merge, perl:hash-multivalue, perl:http-entity-parser, perl:http-headers-fast, perl:http-multipartparser, perl:http-response-encoding, perl:http-server-simple, perl:http-tinyish, perl:io-socket-inet6, perl:io-socket-ssl, perl:json-maybexs, perl:json-xs, perl:list-moreutils, perl:local-lib, perl:log-log4perl, perl:lwp-protocol-https, perl:lwp-protocol-socks, perl:menlo, perl:menlo-legacy, perl:module-build, perl:module-find, perl:mozilla-ca, perl:net-openssh, perl:net-sftp-foreign, perl:net-ssh2, perl:net-ssleay, perl:parallel-forkmanager, perl:parse-pmfile, perl:path-tiny, perl:pcsc, perl:pdf-api2, perl:plack, perl:plack-middleware-deflater, perl:plack-middleware-reverseproxy, perl:posix-strftime-compiler, perl:search-xapian, perl:socket6, perl:stream-buffered, perl:string-escape, perl:sub-uplevel, perl:term-readkey, perl:test-tcp, perl:test-useallmodules, perl:text-glob, perl:tie-handle-offset, perl:tie-ixhash, perl:tree-dag-node, perl:try-tiny, perl:types-serialiser, perl:unicode-string, perl:www-form-urlencoded, perl:www-mechanize, perl:yaml, pgn-extract, pidgin-privacy-please, pinentry, pipenv, plan9port, pngquant, polyglot, polyml, ponysay, posh, pqiv, procmail, progress, proofgeneral, public-inbox, purple-plugin-pack, pv, pysolfc, pystopwatch, python:fasteners, python:html2text, python:llfuse, python:monotonic, python:msgpack, python:msp430-tools, python:namedlist, python:trollius, qemacs, quota, radvd, ragel, ratpoison, rdd-random, rdumpfs, re2c, redo-jdebp, reptyr, rex, rhash, ripgrep, rkhunter, rlwrap, ruby, runawk, rust:xsv, sam-editor, sam2p, sample-filter, sbcl, sc, sc-im, schedtool, schedule, schilytools, scite, sex, shmux, skaffold, sleuthkit, slrn, slurm-monitor, sndio, snooze, socklog, spectre-meltdown-checker, spigot-calculator, ssoma, stone-soup, stress-ng, swi-prolog, sysdig, sysstat, tab, tcsh, teeworlds, texlive-bin, texlive2014-bin, texlive2016-bin, texlive2017-bin, texlive2018-bin, texlive2019-bin, tgt, tidy, tif22pnm, tiptop, tlsdate, tnftp, tp-smapi-dkms, trace-cmd, transmission-remote-cli, transset, trayer-srg, trn, ts, twm, uftrace, unbound, v4l2grab, vbindiff, vdesk, viewres, vilistextum, vim-gnupg, virt-what, vttest, wavemon, when, wireguard, wmctrl, wmnd, words-web2, wpa-supplicant, wpull, x11vnc, xbiff, xbindkeys, xcalc, xchm, xclipboard, xclock, xconsole, xcursor-themes, xdaliclock, xditview, xdm, xdu, xe, xed-ed, xedit, xeyes, xfig, xkbprint, xlbiff, xload, xlogo, xman, xmessage, xmh, xmore, xoris, xpdf, xpra, xqilla, xrootconsole, xscope, xscreensaver, xsetpointer, xspringies, xteddy, xtools, xtrlock-pam, xtruss, xvidtune, xvkbd, yash, yj, z3, zopfli, zpaq, zutils

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