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Metapackages (204)

a52dec, acpi, aide, aiksaurus, antlr2, aosc-artwork, apcupsd, arm, attica, automake, automoc4, avalon-framework, awesfx, axpd, azcvpng, azminipt, b43-fwcutter, bashrun, baytrail-firmware, bbe, bcg729, bin86, bless, bluez-tools, brcm43xx-bluetooth, bsh, bzr, cabextract, cairo-dock-core, cd-discid, cdcover, cdecl, cdparanoia, cdrdao, celt, cgdb, chrpath, clit, cln, coin, colordiff, commons-beanutils, commons-chain, commons-configuration, commons-email, commons-fileupload, commons-httpclient, commons-jexl, commons-jxpath, commons-logging, commons-math3, commons-net, commons-proxy, cromfs, cyrus-sasl, darkhttpd, dbus-test-runner, dcaenc, deluge, dev86, djvulibre, dotconf, dvd+rw-tools, dvgrab, easyedit, eigen2, enchant, enterprisecontrolconfigurationlogging, evtest, fcgi, flac, flite, fortune-mod, frame, fusefs:curlftpfs, galculator, gamin, geoclue, giblib, gio-sharp, glew, glhack, gnome-vfs, gpm, gtkglext, gtkhtml, hello, icon-naming-utils, ido, json-c, lcms, lensfun, libaio, libappindicator, libasyncns, libavc1394, libbonobo, libcanberra, libdbusmenu-qt, libdv, libdvdnav, libdvdread, libepoxy, libev, libffi, libgrss, libgssglue, libieee1284, libindicator, libiscsi, liblqr, libmatchbox, libmikmod, libmng, libmodplug, libnfs, libnfs-static, libodfgen, libogg, libpcap, libplatform, libpng, librcc, libsoundio, libstatgrab, libtheora, libtommath, libunique3, libusb, libusb0, libusbmuxd, libuser, libutempter, libvisual, libvterm, libwnck2, libwpd, limba, love07, lrzsz, lua51, lxmenu-data, memphis, menumaker, mesa, mjpegtools, mpdecimal, nas, ncompress, ncurses, nethack, newlib+cross-bm-rv32i, obconf, ollydbg, onscripter-jh, opencollada, openswan, ortp, pbzip2, perl:file-tail, perl:pod-coverage, pfff, pinpoint, pixz, polkit-gnome, portaudio, procps, proxychains-ng, pysolfc-cardsets, python:characteristic, python:cheetah, python:gnome-python-extras, python:hachoir-core, python:soappy, rasqal, rcm, readline, rfkill, rtmpdump, s2tc, sbsigntool, schroedinger, scim-m17n, sdl-net, sdl-sound, sl, soundtouch, startup-notification, streamripper, sysfsutils, teeworlds, thebe, tidy, tilem, udns, vid.stab, virtaal, which, whitedb, wv, xcompmgr, xdrv:qxl, xsel, zip

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