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a52dec, alacarte, alltray, anjuta-extras, apmod:fcgid, apr, apr-util, audiofile, autoconf213, babl, bamf, bdftopcf, boehm-gc, bouncycastle, cdrdao, cmus, curl, dbus-glib, dbus-sharp, dbus-sharp-glib, desktop-file-utils, docbook-xsl, ekiga, erlang, evolution-ews, exempi, exosip, fetchmail, filemanager-actions, fixesproto, folks, fonts:dejavu, freetype, fsharp, gconf, gconf-editor, gconf-sharp, gconfmm, gdesklets, gdl, gdome2, genius, ghex, giflib, glib-perl, glom, gnome-common, gnome-desktop, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-menus, gnome-python, gnome-python-desktop, gnome-weather, gnote, gnumeric, gob2, gobby, gobject-introspection, goffice, gphoto2, gsound, gspell, gssdp, gtk-engines, gtk-recordmydesktop, gtk-sharp-2, gtkmm2, gtksourceview2, gtkspell2, guile, gupnp, hicolor-icon-theme, hspell, icon-naming-utils, imake, imlib, intltool, iso-codes, lasem, libart-lgpl, libatasmart, libavc1394, libcanberra, libcddb, libcdio-paranoia, libchamplain, libcroco, libdatrie, libdc1394, libdca, libdv, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread, libepc, libevent, libexif, libffado, libfontenc, libgda, libgdata, libgksu, libglade, libglademm, libgme, libgnome-keyring, libgnomecanvas, libgnomekbd, libgovirt, libgpod, libgsf, libgtop, libgweather, libgxps, libidl2, libimobiledevice, liblouis, libmediaart, libmms, libmpeg2, libmusicbrainz5, liboauth, libofx, libplist, libpng, libproxy, libpsl, libpst, libpwquality, librtmp0, libsasl, libshout, libsidplay, libsigc++, libsmbios, libspectre, libstdc++5, libthai, libtheora, libunique1, libusbmuxd, libvdpau, libvisual, libvisual-plugins, libwnck2, libxcursor, libxklavier, libxml++, libxp, libxslt, loudmouth, lynx, mcpp, media-player-info, mono-tools, musepack, mx, neon, nghttp2, notify-sharp, notify-sharp-3, nrpe, opal, openjpeg15, opensp, pango, pangox-compat, partimage, performous, pgadmin3, plowshare, polkit, ptlib, pyatspi, pygobject, python:cairo, python:gdata, python:gtkspellcheck, qqwing, randrproto, rarian, rtmpdump, s-nail, sbsigntools, serf, sg3-utils, spice, spice-glib, spice-gtk, sslsplit, startup-notification, subtitleeditor, synfig, t1lib, tiff, tomboy, tomcat-native, totem-plparser, uhttpmock, vde2, vpnc, vte, vte-gtk2, wildmidi, wv, xawtv, xcompmgr, xdg-user-dirs-gtk, xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin, xorg-xdm, xorg-xedit, yelp-tools, ytnef, zeitgeist

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