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There are 246 total package(s) for 218 distinct project(s) known.

apple-gcc42, appres, bdftopcf, bitmap, cctools, cdparanoia, clang, clang-select, crossover, editres, ffmpeg, font-alias, font-bh-ttf, font-cursor-misc, font-daewoo-misc, font-dec-misc, font-jis-misc, font-misc-ethiopic, font-misc-meltho, font-misc-misc, font-schumacher-misc, font-sony-misc, font-sun-misc, font-util, fonts:adobe-100dpi, fonts:adobe-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-100dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-type1, fonts:arabic-misc, fonts:bh-100dpi, fonts:bh-75dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, fonts:bh-type1, fonts:bitstream-100dpi, fonts:bitstream-75dpi, fonts:bitstream-speedo, fonts:bitstream-type1, fonts:cronyx-cyrillic, fonts:ibm-type1, fonts:isas-misc, fonts:micro-misc, fonts:misc-cyrillic, fonts:mutt-misc, fonts:screen-cyrillic, fonts:winitzki-cyrillic, fonts:xfree86-type1, fonttosfnt, freeglut, fslsfonts, fstobdf, gdb-apple, glxgears, glxinfo, hyphen, iceauth, ico, ld64, ld64-127, ld64-236, ld64-97, ld64-latest, ld64-xcode, libbluray, libc++, libdmx, libfontenc, libfs, libglu, libice, libmacho, libmacho-headers, libquicktime, libressl, libunwind-headers, libx11, libxau, libxaw, libxcb, libxcomposite, libxcursor, libxdamage, libxdmcp, libxevie, libxext, libxfixes, libxfont, libxfont2, libxfontcache, libxi, libxinerama, libxkbfile, libxkbui, libxmu, libxp, libxrandr, libxrender, libxres, libxscrnsaver, libxshmfence, libxt, libxtrap, libxtst, libxv, libxvmc, libxxf86dga, libxxf86misc, libxxf86vm, listres, lldb, llvm, llvm-gcc42, llvm-libunwind, llvm-select, lndir, luit, mesa, mkfontscale, mplayer, oclock, opus, opus-tools, quartz-wm, rendercheck, rgb, sessreg, setxkbmap, showfont, smproxy, tcp-wrappers-apple, transset, twm, viewres, wol, x11perf, xauth, xaw3d, xbacklight, xbitmaps, xcalc, xcb-proto, xcb-util, xcb-util-cursor, xcb-util-image, xcb-util-keysyms, xcb-util-renderutil, xcb-util-wm, xclipboard, xclock, xcmsdb, xcompmgr, xconsole, xcursorgen, xditview, xdm, xdpyinfo, xedit, xev, xeyes, xfd, xfindproxy, xfontsel, xfs, xfsinfo, xft2, xgamma, xgc, xhost, xhyve, xinit, xinput, xkbcomp, xkbevd, xkbprint, xkbutils, xkeyboard-config, xkill, xload, xlogo, xlsatoms, xlsclients, xlsfonts, xmag, xman, xmessage, xmh, xmodmap, xmore, xorg-libapplewm, xorg-libpthread-stubs, xorg-libxpresent, xorg-proto, xorg-scripts, xorg-server, xorg-sgml-doctools, xorg-util-macros, xorgproto, xpm, xpr, xprop, xrandr, xrdb, xrefresh, xscope, xset, xsetmode, xsetpointer, xsetroot, xsm, xstdcmap, xterm, xtrans, xtrap, xvinfo, xwd, xwininfo, xwud

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