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0ad, 6tunnel, a2ps, aaphoto, abbs, acbs, acccheck, accerciser, accuraterip-checksum, acl, acpi-call, acpid, admin-base, adms, adwaita-icon-theme, adwaita-qt, aee, aegisub, aesfix, aeskeyfind, afflib, afl, afpfs-ng, agrep, ahcpd, aircrack-ng, aisleriot, akonadi, akonadi-calendar, akonadi-calendar-tools, akonadi-contacts, akonadi-import-wizard, akonadi-mime, akonadi-notes, akonadi-search, akonadiconsole, akregator, alacarte, alacritty, allegro4, alpine, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, amor, amtk, amule, analitza, android-base, android-platform-tools, android-udev, anthy-ut, aosc-aaa, aosc-appstream-data, aosc-xdg-menu, apache, apache-ant, apmod:dnssd, appdata-tools, appmenu-qt, appres, appstream-glib, apr, apr-util, apt-fast, aptitude, aravis, arb-fp, arc-firefox-theme, arc-icon-theme, arc-kde, arc-theme, argon2, argyllcms, aria2, ark, arp-scan, arpack-ng, arping, artikulate, arts, asciidoc, aseman-qt-tools, ash, aspcud, aspell, aspell-dicts, assaultcube, astrometry, astronomy-base, astyle, asymptote, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atk, atkmm, atom, atomicparsley, atomix, atool, atop, attica, attr, aubio, audacious, audacious-plugins, audacity, audiocd-kio, audiofile, audiveris, augeas, autobuild3, autoconf, autoconf213, autofs, autogen, automake, avahi, avahi-tqt, averia-fonts, avfs, avidemux, avogadro, avogadrolibs, awesome-network-manager, axel, azdrawing, babeld, babeltrace, babl, badvpn, baloo, baloo-widgets, balsa, balz, bam, bamf, banshee, baobab, bash, bash-completion, bash-startup, batik, bazel, bbswitch, bc, bcache-tools, bcel, bcloud, bctoolbox, bcunit, beancount, beaver, beignet, belle-sip, benchmark-base, benzene, bijiben, bind, binutils, binutils+cross-amd64, binwalk, bird, bison, bleachbit, blinken, bliss-graphs, blogilo, blueberry, bluedevil, blueman, bluez-qt, blur-effect, bmon, boehm-gc, bogofilter, boinc, bolt, bomber, boost, borgbackup, botan, bovo, brasero, brave, brcm-patchram-plus, breakpad, breeze, breeze-grub, breeze-gtk, breeze-icons, breeze-ob, breeze-plymouth, brial, bridge-utils, brise, brisk-menu, brltty, broadcom-wl, brotli, bsdiff, bsf, btrfs-progs, buckygen, budgie-default-settings, budgie-desktop, bullet, bumblebee, bup, bwm-ng, byobu, byzanz, bzip2, bzrtp, c-ares, ca-certs, cabal-install, caddy, cairo, cairo-dock-plugins, cairomm, caja, caja-extensions, calendarsupport, calibre, camlp5, canorus, cantata, cantor, capnproto, capstone, cargo, caribou, carla, castget, catdoc, catfish, cbc, cbm, ccid, cclive, ccls, ccrtp, cddlib, cdparanoia, cdrkit, celt, ceph, certbot, cervisia, cfitsio, cfv, cgl, cgmanager, check, cheese, chemical-mime-data, chemtool, cherrytree, chmlib, chntpw, choqok, chrome-gnome-shell, chromium, chrony, cimg, cinelerracv, cinepaint, cinnamon, cinnamon-control-center, cinnamon-default-settings, cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-distro-base, cinnamon-menus, cinnamon-screensaver, cinnamon-session, cinnamon-settings-daemon, cinnamon-translations, cjs, clamav, clamtk, clamz, classic-plymouth, classic95-icons-theme, claws-mail, clawsker, clblast, cld2, clementine-player, clipit, cliquer, cloc, cloog, closure-compiler, closure-linter, clp, clpbar, clucene, clutter, clutter-gst, clutter-gst2, clutter-gtk, cmake-fedora, cmark, cmatrix, cmst, cmus, codeblocks, codec-base, codecrypt, codelite, cogl, coin-or-coinutils, coinmp, colord, colord-gtk, comme-fonts, commons-cli, commons-codec, commons-collections4, commons-daemon, commons-digester, commons-discovery, commons-el, commons-exec, commons-fileupload, commons-jci, commons-jelly, commons-lang3, commons-launcher, commons-modeler, commons-primitives, commons-scxml, commons-vfs, compiz, compiz-base, compton, connman, connman-gtk, connman-json-client, container-base, convmv, coq, core-base, corefreq, coreutils, corsixth, couchdb, cowpatty, cowsay, coxeter, cpio, cpp-hocon, cppcheck, cpprestsdk, cppunit, cpuburn, cpufrequtils, cpyrit-opencl, cracklib, crazydiskinfo, creativity-base, croscore-fonts, crosextra-fonts, crossguid, crypto++, cryptominisat, cryptsetup, crystalhd-modules, csdp, ctags, ctemplate, cudnn, cunit, cups, cups-filters, cups-pdf, cups-pk-helper, curl, cutive-fonts, cutorch, cvedsp2, cwidget, cwiid, cwrap, cyanberry-config, cymruwhois, cyrus-sasl, czmq, dae, danmaku2ass, danmaq, dante, darkradiant, darktable, darling, darling-dmg, db6, dblatex, dbus, dbus-1-tqt, dbus-c++, dbus-cpp, dbus-glib, dbus-test-runner, dbus-tqt, dcadec, dconf, dconf-editor, ddd, ddnet, debootstrap, debug-base, dee, deepin-api, deepin-artwork-themes, deepin-base, deepin-calculator, deepin-calendar, deepin-control-center, deepin-daemon, deepin-dbus-factory, deepin-desktop-base, deepin-desktop-schemas, deepin-dock, deepin-file-manager, deepin-gettext-tools, deepin-go-dbus-factory, deepin-go-dbus-generator, deepin-go-gir-generator, deepin-go-lib, deepin-grub2-themes, deepin-gtk-theme, deepin-help, deepin-icon-theme, deepin-image-viewer, deepin-launcher, deepin-manual, deepin-menu, deepin-metacity, deepin-movie-reborn, deepin-music, deepin-mutter, deepin-network-utils, deepin-notifications, deepin-picker, deepin-polkit-agent, deepin-qml-widgets, deepin-qt-dbus-factory, deepin-qt5integration, deepin-screen-recorder, deepin-screenshot, deepin-session-ui, deepin-shortcut-viewer, deepin-sound-theme, deepin-system-monitor, deepin-terminal, deepin-voice-recorder, deepin-wallpapers, deepin-wm, deepin-wm-switcher, delve, desktop-file-utils, desmume, devel-base, devhelp, devil, devmem2, dex-autostart, dgsh, dhcp, dhcpcd, dia, dialog, diction, dieharder, diffuse, diffutils, digikam, ding-libs, discover, dislocker, distcc, distorm, djview, dkms, dlang-base, dleyna-core, dleyna-renderer, dleyna-server, dm-shared-dbus-config, dmd, dmenu, dmg2img, dnscrypt, dnsdiag, dnsmasq, dnssec-anchors, doas, docbook-dsssl, …

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