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Date (UTC) Event
Package cbm version 0.1 is outdated by 0.2
Package afio version is outdated by 2.5.2
Package pwget version 2016.1019git75 is ignored
Package bmf version 0.9.4 is outdated by 0.84
Package edb version 1.31 is up to date
Package cloc version 1.76 is outdated by 1.78
Package blhc version 0.07 is outdated by 0.08
Package xlsx2csv version 0.7 is outdated by 20150318
Package cloc version 1.76 is up to date
Package dos2unix version 7.4.0 is up to date
Package cscope version 15.8b is outdated by 15.9
Package stterm is no longer maintained by jari.aalto@cante.net and/or was removed from Deepin
Package st-term version 0.6 is outdated by 0.8.1
Package st-term was added to Deepin and/or assigned to jari.aalto@cante.net