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a2ps, abcm2ps, abi-compliance-checker, abi-dumper, abuse, angband, aperiot, apoo, appres, astromenace, bdftopcf, bitlbee, bluefish, boot0, brightside, bugsx, calizo, catfish, ccd2cue, cgmadness, chipmunk, chromium-bsu, clines, cloudcross, cmdpack, comparepdf, cowsay, cppunit, crack-attack, cuneiform, cups, d2x-rebirth, devscripts, dia2code, diffpdf, din, dmsdos, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, doxygen, dpkt, duma, dxpc, e-uae, edgar, editres, elinks, enet, f2c, fet, figlet, fonts-bitmap-xtermg, fonts-ttf-entypo, fonts-ttf-mnmlicons, fonts-ttf-newscycle, fonts-ttf-pt, fonts-ttf-ptastra, fonts-ttf-ptsans, fonts-ttf-xo, fonts:asana-math, fonts:droid, fonts:hack, fonts:inter, fonts:stix, fonts:unifont, freedink, gccmakedep, geany, geany-plugins, gflags, ghostscript, gifsicle, gish, glfw, glfw2, glm, glpng, golly, goonies, gperftools, grandr, halibut, hexen2, hyperrogue, iceauth, instead-launcher, intel-gpu-tools, istodo, jag, jargon-html, jot, jwasm, kaptain, kdevelop-pg-qt, kobodeluxe, kover, kuklomenos, lbzip2, lcdf-typetools, ldapvi, libcityhash, libctpl, libepubgen, libetonyek, libfreehand, liblbxutil, libmesode, libmimalloc, libnumbertext, liborcus, libpagemaker, libreoffice-extension-cyrillictools, libstaroffice, libtomcrypt, libtommath, libwpd, libwps, libxprintutil, lightyears, liquidwar, listres, lndir, lostsky, lrzip, mailboxes-control, makedepend, mathomatic, mdds, minivmac, mkfontscale, morse, mscompress, multover, mumps-lang, mupdf, netinst-overlays, nish-functions, ocrfeeder, odfpy, opengostfont, paps, pbzip2, pdb-clone, pekwm, pentobi, phlipple, pinfo, playitslowly, poezio, powder-toy, powermanga, profanity, pspp, pudb, pybitmessage, pyclewn, pymunk, pysolfc, pysolfc-cardsets, python:arpeggio, python:breathe, python:defusedxml, python:icalendar, python:mkdocs, python:parso, python:prctl, python:pycrsltd, python:pyfilesec, python:pygame, python:pysvg, python:slixmpp, python:tgt, python:tornado, qfsm, qtqr, qxkb, refal-plus, rendercheck, rezerwar, rgb, rlwrap, rstart, sasm, scato, scummvm, scummvm-tools, sdl-ball, sdl-sge, selfie, setxkbmap, sgc, skippy-xd, smproxy, snappy, sniffit, snoopylogger, soil, spek, spread-sheet-widget, spyder, sqliteodbc, stalonetray, stardict, starfighter, stone-soup, tatham-puzzles, tcc, tecnoballz, tetrix, thebutterflyeffect, thonny, timeline, tinyemu, tmux, tong, transset, treplo, twm, unar, unnethack, unrar, upx, vi-traditional, vim-plugin-mediawiki-syntax, vim-plugin-wmgraphviz, volleyball, vtable-dumper, x11perf, xauth, xbacklight, xboing, xcmsdb, xdm, xdriinfo, xedit, xev, xeyes, xf86dga, xfindproxy, xfractint, xfs, xfwp, xgamma, xinput, xkbcomp, xkbevd, xkbprint, xkbutils, xkill, xlockmore, xlogo, xlsfonts, xmbdfed, xmodmap, xmore, xneur, xorg-cf-files, xorg-docs, xrefresh, xrun, xscope, xse, xsel, xsetmode, xsetpointer, xsetroot, xstdcmap, xterm, xtrkcad, xtruss, xvinfo, xwd, xwininfo, xwud, yad, zsh, zsh-syntax-highlighting

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