Maintainer fallback-mnt-yacp@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:

Metapackages (2101)

aamath, aatm, abnfgen, abyss, aces-container, activemq-cpp, actor-framework, adept-utils, admesh, adolc, adplug, advancecomp, advancescan, aespipe, afflib, agedu, aha, airinv, airrac, airspy, airtsp, alac, alac-decoder, aldo, alglib, align, allegro5, altermime, alure, amqp-cpp, anfo, apertium, apl, apophenia, apt-cacher-ng, aquario, aravis, archdiff, archey, argdata, argtable, aribb24, aribb25, armadillo, armips, armsd, arprec, arrayfire, artifastring, asdcplib, asfrecorder, asmjit-1.0, asn1c, assimp, assimp2json, asyncresolv, ate-pairing, atlas-c++, audiowaveform, augeas, authforce, avce00, avlcal, avro-c, avro-c++, aws-c-common, aws-checksums, aws-dynamo, aws-sdk-cpp, aws-sigv4, axe, axel, azure-c-shared-utility, babeltrace, bact, bamf, bamtools, base91, bcal, bcg729, bcm2835, bctoolbox, bcunit, be-scan, beansdb, beanstalkd, beanstalkpp, bedtools, beecrypt, beef-brainfuck, belcard, belr, benchmark, bento4-1.5.0, bfast, bgpstream, biblesync, bickley, binaryen, bip, bitchx, bitcoin-seeder, bitset, blackbird, blackhole, blake2, bliss, blitz, blm, blockhash, blogbench, blossoc, bomb-her-man, boolstuff, boost.m4, bowsprit, box2d, bozohttpd, bruteforce-salted-openssl, bruteforce-wallet, bsdsfv, bspline-fortran, bstring, bstrlib, bti, buddy, bufferpool, bullet, butteraugli, buzzy, bzrtp, c++-gtk-utils, c-blosc, c-dvar, c-rbtree, c-rrb, cabocha, cal3d, calcurse, capnproto, carbon-c-relay, carve, castget, catimg, cattle, cauchy, cb2util, cbflib, cbmbasic, ccaudio2, ccd2iso, ccglue, ccif, ccl, cclive, ccnet, ccrtp, ccsrch, ccss, cdhit, cdo, ceelog, celero, ceres-solver, cfl, cgal, cgcode, cgi-util, cgilib, cgns, chaiscript, chan, chaos-head, charls, chash, checkmate, chemps2, chikubeam, chinadns, chipmunk, cidrmerge, ciso, cityhash, cjson, ckpass, cksfv, clac-soveran, classias, clblas, clblast, clfft, clhep, clib, clogger, cltune, clustal-omega, cm256cc, cmake-modules-webos-1.0.0, cmatrix, cmigemo, cminpack, cmocka, cmockery, cmpfit, cmph, cmrt, cmuclmtk, cmyktool-0.1.6, cocos2d-x, coda, codec2, cole, colibri-core, colibri-mt, collada-dom, colortail, colpack, compact-language-detector, confctl, confget, console-bridge, cool-retro-term, corona, couchdb++, countly-cpp, countrycodes, covered, cpl, cpluff, cpmio, cpmredir, cpmtools, cppdb, cpprestsdk, cpptest, cpputest, cppzmq, cptutils, cpu-features, cpuminer, cqrlib, cquel, crcimg, crf++, crfsuite, critbit, crlibm, croissant, cronutils, crunch, cryptominisat, cryptopp, csmith, csol, cspec, cssc, csv2json, csvprintf, ctapimkt, ctemplate, cubature, cubeb, cucumber-cpp, cuneiform, curlcpp, curlpp, curve25519-donna, cutter-unittest, cvechecker, cwc, cyassl, cygepoll, cyphesis, cyrillic, czmq, czmqpp, d0-blind-id, d52, daala, daemonize, dancer-xml, darkhttpd, darkice, darkstar, darts, datamash, dbus-c++, dbus-cxx, dbus-test-runner, dc3dd, dclib, deark, dee, desmume, dgc, diagrtb, diamond, dieharder, diffball, dimbl, discord-rpc, dmg2img, dmidecode, dnstracer, docopt.cpp, doctrina, dot-templater, dotconfpp, doubango, double-conversion, doublecpp, downtimed, dpx, draco, drawtk, drg2sbg, dri2proto, dromeaudio, dropbear, dsdcc, dtcmp, duck-lang, dungeonmaker, duo-unix, durst, dwdiff, dxflib, dynamips, e00compr, easylzma, easysoap++, eblob, ebnf2yacc, ecasound, ecm, ed25519, edflib, editorconfig-core-c, einspline, eiskaltdcpp, ekhtml, elektra, elk, elph, embedded-innodb, ememoa, empty, enet, engine-pkcs11, enum, envchain, envv, eot-utils, epeg, eqc, erfa, eris, esniper, espresso, etl, etsf-io, euler, evbsc, evmc, evmjit, exceptions4c, exhal, exifprobe, exodus, exosip, expatmm, ezstream, ezxml, f3, faac, fann, fapg, farmhash, fast, fastbit, fastcgipp, fastdnaml, fastjet, fastlz, fastme, fastrpc, fasttext, fastx-toolkit, faxpp, fcl, fcml, fcp, fetchlog, fex, fflas-ffpack, fgsl, fibsrch, ficy, fidlib, field3d, filepp, findlocale, fixmath, fjcore, flam3, flann, flare, flatbuffers, flatzebra, fluent-logger-c, flxmlrpc, flyby, foliautils, folly, foremost, forestdb, forge, fplll, frag-find, freealut, freecolor, freedroidrpg, freesolid, freesynd, freetiger, freexl, freqt, frog, frogdata, fruit, fs-mark, fson, fstrm, ftplib, fv, fyba, g15composer, g15daemon, g15stats, g3log, g729, gamer, gammu, garmintools, gcontainer, gdalcpp, gde, gdnsd, gdsl, gearbox, gearmand, geda-gaf, gengen, gengetopt, genlog, geographiclib, gerbv, getht, gf256, gf2x, gflags, gibson, giflossy, ginac, givaro, glbinding, glfw, glib-openssl, glib-sql-wrapper, global, glog, gloox, glpng, gltext, gltools, glu3, glyr, gmock, gnome-terraform, gnucobol, gnulib, gnusim8085, goaccess, golem95, gosu, gource, gperftools, gpp4, gqlplus, grabix, grandom, granite, grap, graphene, gravity, grepcidr, grib-api, grive, gromacs, groonga, …

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