Maintainer fallback-mnt-vcpkg@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.










Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:

Metapackages (746)

3fd, abseil, ace, aixlog, alac, alac-decoder, alembic, allegro5, ampl-mp, amqpcpp, anax, angle, antlr4, apache-arrow, apache-orc, apr, apr-util, arb-fp, argh, args, argtable, armadillo, arvidn-libtorrent, asio, asmjit, assimp, asyncplusplus, atk, atkmm, atlmfc, aubio, aurora, autobahn, avro-c, aws-c-common, aws-c-event-stream, aws-checksums, aws-lambda-cpp, aws-sdk-cpp, azmq, azure-c-shared-utility, azure-iot-sdk-c, azure-storage-cpp, azure-uamqp-c, azure-uhttp-c, azure-umqtt-c, bde, benchmark, berkeleydb, bigint, bitserializer, bitserializer-cpprestjson, bitserializer-rapidjson, blaze, blosc, bond, boost, boost-accumulators, boost-beast, boost-build, boost-container-hash, boost-context, boost-contract, boost-conversion, boost-di, boost-flyweight, boost-foreach, boost-function-types, boost-functional, boost-hof, boost-modular-build-helper, boost-move, boost-mp11, boost-parameter-python, boost-property-tree, boost-proto, boost-safe-numerics, boost-vcpkg-helpers, boost-yap, botan, box2d, breakpad, brotli, brynet, bullet, butteraugli, bzip2, c-ares, caf, caffe2, cairo, cairomm, capstone, cartographer, catch, catch-classic, catch2, cccapstone, ccd, ccfits, cctz, celero, cereal, ceres-solver, cfitsio, cgal, cgicc, chaiscript, chakracore, charls, check, chipmunk, chmlib, cimg, civetweb, clapack, clara, clblas, clfft, cli11, clockutils, clp, cmark, cnl, coin-or-coinutils, coin-or-lemon, collada-dom, concurrentqueue, console-bridge, constexpr, coolprop, corrade, cpp-redis, cpp-taskflow, cppcms, cppgraphqlgen, cpprestsdk, cppunit, cppwinrt, cppzmq, cpr, crc32c, crossguid, crow, cryptopp, ctemplate, ctre, cub, cuda, cunit, curl, cutelyst2, cxxopts, darts-clone, dcmtk, decimal-for-cpp, detours, devil, dimcli, directxmesh, directxtex, directxtk, directxtk12, dirent, discord-rpc, dlfcn-win32, dlib, docopt, doctest, double-conversion, draco, duktape, dx, dxut, eastl, easyloggingpp, ebml, ecsutil, effolkronium-random, egl-registry, eigen3, embree, embree3, enet, entityx, entt, epsilon, esaxx, evpp, exiv2, expat, exprtk, extra-cmake-modules, fadbad, fann, fastcdr, fastfeat, fastlz, fastrtps, fcl, fdk-aac, fdlibm, ffmpeg, fftw, fizz, flac, flann, flatbuffers, flint, fltk, fluidsynth, fmem, fmi4cpp, fmilib, fmt, folly, fontconfig, forest, forge, freeglut, freeimage, freerdp, freetype, freetype-gl, freexl, fribidi, fruit, ftgl, fuzzylite, g2o, gainput, gamma, gcem, gd, gdal, gdcm2, gdk-pixbuf, geogram, geographiclib, geos, getopt, getopt-win32, gettext, gettimeofday, gflags, gherkin-c, giflib, gl2ps, gl3w, glad, glbinding, glew, glfw, gli, glib, glibmm, glm, globjects, glog, glslang, gmime, gmmlib, google-cloud-cpp, graphicsmagick, graphite2, graphqlparser, grpc, gsl, gsl-lite, gtest, gtk3, gtkmm3, gts, guetzli, gumbo, halide, harfbuzz, hdf5, highfive, howard-hinnant-date, hpx, http-parser, hunspell, hwloc, hyperscan, hypre, icu, ideviceinstaller, idevicerestore, if97, igloo, ilmbase, imgui, inih, inja, insighttoolkit, intel-mkl, intelrdfpmathlib, io2d, ismrmrd, jack2, jansson, jasper, jbig2dec, jbigkit, jemalloc, json-dto, json-spirit, json11, jsoncpp, jsonnet, jxrlib, kangaru, kealib, keystone, kf5archive, kf5holidays, kf5plotting, kinectsdk1, kinectsdk2, laszip, lcm, lcms2, leptonica, leveldb, libaiff, libarchive, libass, libbson, libcds, libconfig, libcopp, libdatrie, libdisasm, libdshowcapture, libepoxy, libevent, libexif, libffi, libfreenect2, libgeotiff, libgit2, libgo, libgta, libharu, libiconv, libideviceactivation, libidn2, libimobiledevice, libirecovery, libjpeg-turbo, libkml, liblinear, liblo, libmad, libmaxminddb, libmicrohttpd, libmikmod, libmodbus, libmodplug, libmorton, libmspack, libmysql, libnice, libodb, libodb-boost, libodb-mysql, libodb-pgsql, libodb-sqlite, libogg, libopenmpt, libopusenc, libp7-baical, libplist, libpng, libpq, libpqxx, librabbitmq, libraw, librsync, librtmp, libsamplerate, libsdl2pp, libsecp256k1, libsigc++, libsndfile, libsodium, libspatialite, libssh, libssh2, libstemmer, libtheora, libtins, libudis86, libui, libunibreak, libusb, libusb-win32, libusbmuxd, libuuid, libuv, libvorbis, libvpx, libwebm, libwebp, libwebsockets, libxml++, libxml2, libxmp, libxslt, libyaml, libzip, linalg, linenoise-ng, live555, llvm, lmdb, lodepng, log4cplus, lpeg, lua53, lua:filesystem, luabridge, luajit, luasocket, lz4, lzfse, lzo, magnum-extras, magnum-integration, magnum-middleware, magnum-plugins, mariadb, matio, matroska, mbedtls, mdnsresponder, meschach, metis, mhook, milerius-sfml-imgui, minisat-master-keying, miniupnpc, minizip, mio, mman, mongo-c-driver, mongo-cxx-driver, monkeys-audio, morton-nd, mosquitto, mozjpeg, mpark-variant, mpfr, mpg123, mpir, ms-gsl, msgpack, msinttypes, msix, msmpi, mujs, muparser, mupdf, nana, nano-signal-slot, nanodbc, nanomsg, nanorange, nanovg, netcdf-c, netcdf-cxx, nghttp2, nlohmann-json, nlopt, nmslib, nng, nuklear, nvtt, octomap, ode, ogdf, ogre, openal-soft, openblas, opencl, opencv, openexr, opengl, opengl-registry, openimageio, openjpeg, openmama, openmesh, openmvg, openni2, openscenegraph, openssl, openssl-unix, openssl-uwp, …

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