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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.

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Total Newest Outdated Problematic Potentially vulnerable Other lists
Spack 2851 2588 1330 51.4% 1100 42.5% 37 1.4% 141 5.45% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Total 2851 2588 1330 51.4% 1100 42.5% 37 1.4% 141 5.45% HCO LN U


3dtk, 3proxy, abduco, abi-compliance-checker, abi-dumper, abinit, abyss, accfft, acct, accumulo, ace-framework, ack, acl, acpica, acpid, activeharmony, activemq, addrwatch, adept-utils, adf, adlbx, admixtools, adolc, advancecomp, adwaita-icon-theme, aegean, aeskeyfind, aespipe, agrep-legacy, aida, alan, albert-nonassociative-algebra, alembic, alglib, allpaths-lg, alluxio, alps, alsa-lib, amg, amg2013, amp-unclassified, ampliconnoise, amrvis, andi, angsd, ant, antlr, ants, aoflagger, aom, apache, apache-arrow, apache-commons-lang, apache-drill, apache-ignite, apache-orc, apache-spark, apache-storm, apache-thrift, apachetop, ape-atomic-pseudopotentials-engine, aperture-photometry, apfel, apple-libuuid, applewmproto, appres, apr, apr-util, aragorn, archer, argon2, argp-standalone, args, argtable, aria2, arm, armadillo, arpack-ng, arrayfire, asagi, asciidoc, asciidoc-py3, asdcplib, aspa, aspcud, aspell, aspell6-de, aspell6-en, aspell6-es, aspera-cli, assimp, astra-unclassified, astral-species-tree, astyle, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atf, athena, atk, atlas-linear-algebra, atom-dft, atompaw, atop, attr, audacious, audacity, audit-userspace, augustus-gene-prediction, authd, authselect, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autodock-vina, autofact, autogen, automaded, automake, avizo, axel, axl-async-transfer-library, babeltrace, backupninja, bam-readcount, bamaddrg, bamdst, bamtools, bamutil, bannergrab, barrnap, barvinok, bash-completion, bashtop, bat-cat, batctl, bats, bbcp, bbmap, bc, bcache, bcftools, bcl2fastq2, bdftopcf, bdii, beagle-genotypes-phasing, beakerlib, bear, beast-tracer, beast1, beast2, bedtools2, beforelight, benchmark, bertini, bgpdump, bib2xhtml, bigreqsproto, bind, bioawk, biobambam2, biobloom, biopieces, bird, bismark, bison, bitlbee, bitmap, bitsery, blasr, blast2go, blat, blaze, blis, bliss-graphs, blitz++, blktrace, bloaty, blogbench, bmake, bml, boehm-gc, boinc, bonniepp, bookleaf-cpp, boostmplcartesianproduct, bowtie, bowtie2, boxlib, bpp-core, bpp-phyl, bpp-phyl-omics, bpp-seq, bpp-seq-omics, bpp-suite, bracken, braker, branson, breakdancer, bref3, breseq, bridger, brigand, brltty, brotli, brpc, brynet, bsseeker2, bubblewrap, bucky, buddy, busybox, butter, bwa, bwtool, byacc, byte-unixbench, byteman, bzip2, c-ares, c-blosc, c-lime, cachefilesd, caffe, cairo, cairomm, callpath, camx, canal, candle-benchmarks, cantera, canu, cap3, capnproto, capstone, care, cask, casper, cassandra, cbc, cbench, cbflib, cblas, cbtf, cbtf-argonavis, cbtf-argonavis-gui, cbtf-krell, cbtf-lanl, cc65, ccfits, ccs-qcd, cctools, cd-hit, cdbfasta, cdd, cddlib, cdecimal, cereal, ceres-solver, cfitsio, cgal, cgdb, cgdcbxd, cgl, cgm, cgns, changa, channelflow, chapel, chatterbug, check, chgcentre, chlorop, chombo, chrony, chrpath, cinch, circos, cistem, cityhash, clamav, clamr, clapack, cleaveland4, cleverleaf, clfft, cln, cloc, cloog, cloverleaf, clp, clustal-omega, clustalw, cmaq, cmark, cminpack, cmocka, cmockery, cmor, cnmem, cnpy, cntk, cntk1bitsgd, cnvnator, code-server, codec2, codes, coevp, cohmm, coin-or-coinutils, coin-or-lemon, coin3d, coinhsl, collectd, colm, colordiff, comd, commons-lang3, commons-logging, compiz, compositeproto, concurrencykit, conda4aarch64, connect-proxy, conserver, console-bridge, constype, consul, converge, coral-unclassified, corenlp, coreutils, corset, cosbench, cosmoflow-benchmark, cosmomc, cosp2, cotter, coturn, couchdb, cowsay, cpio, cpmd, cpp-httplib, cppad, cppcheck, cppgsl, cpprestsdk, cppunit, cppzmq, cpu-features, cpuinfo, cqrlib, cquery, cracklib, cradl, cram-mpi, cray-libsci, cromwell, cromwell-womtool, cronie, crypto++, cryptsetup, csa-c, cscope, csdp, ctffind, ctpl, ctre, cub, cube, cube-blade, cubelib, cubew, cubist, cufflinks, cunit, cups, curl, cvector, cvs, cxxtest, cyrus-sasl, czmq, dakota, daligner, dalton, damageproto, damaris, damselfly, dash-unclassified, datamash, dataspaces, dateutils, davix, db, dbow2, dbus, dbus-glib, dbxtool, dcap, dcm2niix, dcmtk, ddd, dealii-parameter-gui, debbuild, debugedit, deconseq-standalone, dejagnu, delly2, delta-unclassified, denovogear, dftbplus, dftd3-lib, dftd4, dhcp, dhpmm-f, dhtest, dia, dialign, dialign-tx, diamond-aligner, dicom3tools, diffmark, diffsplice, diffutils, dimemas, ding-libs, dire, direnv, discovar, discovardenovo, disktype-kamwoods, dislin, distcc, diy, dlib, dlpack, dmd, dmidecode, dmlc-core, dmtcp, dmxproto, dnsmap, dnsmasq, dnstop, dnstracer, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, dock, dos2unix, dosfstools, dotconf, dotnet-core-sdk, double-conversion, doxygen, dpdk, dracut, dramsim3, dri2proto, dri3proto, dropwatch, druid, ds, dsdp, dsqss, dsrc, dssp, dtc, dtcmp, dtf, duperemove, dysco, e2fsprogs, ea-utils, eagle-unclassified, earlyoom, ebms, ecdsautils, ecflow, ecos, ed, editline-troglobit, editres, eem, efivar, eigenexa, elasticsearch, elemental, elfutils, elk-unclassified, elmerfem, elpa, elsd, elsdc, elsi, emacs, ember-element-library, emboss, emoslib, enca, enchant, …

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