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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.










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There are 7 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-slackbuilds@repology


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Metapackages (620)

4th, adom, afflib, aften, ags, ahven, alienarena, antlr2, anyremote, apmod:ruid2, apmod:wsgi, apmod:wsgi-metrics, apparmor, apsw, aqemu, ardesia, arduino, argon2, arm, arno-iptables-firewall, artha, artifacts, assaultcube, asunder, asymptote, audacious-aac, audacious-cue, audacious-ffmpeg, audiopreview, avogadro, avr-binutils, avrdude, backports.lzma, bacula, bacula-client, barrage, barry, batinfo, bctoolbox, bdf2psf, belle-sip, bencode, bicon, bino, binplist, boto, bottle, brainparty, bsddb3, bsdsfv, btrbk, bulk-extractor, bzrtp, cairo-compmgr, calibre, castnow, ccrtp, ccze, cdk, cfitsio, cgmadness, chipsec, chroma, chromium-bsu, ciopfs, cksfv, clearlooks-phenix, cmst, cndrvcups-capt, cndrvcups-common, comgt, compiz-boxmenu, condconfigparser, console-bridge, construct, convertall, coriander, cowbell, cowsay, cqrlog, crimson-fields, crispy-doom, crossguid, cssselect, cssutils, cubicsdr, cubosphere, cudnn, cuneiform, cuyo, cyrus-imapd2, daemonize, dart, dcadec, deadbeef, dehydrated, desmume, devil, dfdatetime, dfvfs, dfwinreg, dia, dillo, distorm, divfix++, dnspython, doclifter, dolphin-emu, doomretro, dosemu, dotty, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, dpkt, drbd-utils, ds4drv, dustrac, easystroke, efitools, elyxer, emacs-w3m, enca, eureka, eventlog, exfat-utils, extra-cmake-modules, eyed3, f1spirit, faac, faad2, faust, fbpanel, ffgo, fgo, filechunkio, fityk, flann, flvstreamer, fonts:adobe-source-code-pro, fonts:adobe-source-sans-pro, fonts:adobe-source-serif-pro, fonts:gentium-plus, foremost, fpconst, fping, freechartgeany, freeradius, freeswitch, freetds, fribid, ftgl, ftplib, fusefs:exfat, g3dviewer, ganglia, ganglia-web, gargoyle, gazebo, gbrainy, gdata, gerbv, gevent, gforth, gitolite, glances, glestae, gnomad2, googlecl, gqradio, grace, gramps, grantlee, graphite-carbon, graphite-web, greenlet, grisbi, gsmlib, gst-python0, gtk-gnutella, gtkam, gtkglextmm, gtkimageview, gummi, hachoir-core, hachoir-metadata, hachoir-parser, hopper, html5-parser, html5lib, http-parser, hunspell-de, i3, i3status, iat, icinga-web, icinga2, icingaweb2, identicurse, ignition-math2, ignition-transport, innoextract, iptv-analyzer, irrlicht, jag, jansson, jitsi, jsoncpp, k9copy-reloaded, kanyremote, keepass, keychain, kim4, klibc, kodi, kradio, kst, labplot2, lastfm, latexdiff, lbreakout2, lcal, libaacs, libantlr3c, libb64, libbde, libbdplus, libbluray, libcec, libcitadel, libdart, libdc1394, libdca, libdivecomputer, libdvbcsa, libesedb, libevt, libevtx, libewf, libfilteraudio, libfsntfs, libfvde, libfwnt, libfwsi, libg3d, libgit2, libgnomecups, libjson-rpc-cpp, liblightgrep, liblnk, libmodplug, libmsiecf, libmusicbrainz3, libnatpmp, libnfs, libnova, libolecf, libotf, libpff, libqalculate, libqcow, libregf, libscca, libsigscan, libsmdev, libsmraw, libsrtp, libucil, libunicapgtk, libunique1, libvhdi, libvmdk, libvshadow, libvslvm, libzrtpcpp, lincity-ng, link-grammar, linphone, linuxdcpp, liquid-dsp, lirc, lmdb, lmms, lmpc, lockdev, loemu, love11, lurch, lxappearance, lxd, lxml, manubulon-snmp-plugins, mattermost-desktop, mbedtls, mbootpack, meandmyshadow, mechanize, mednafen, megaglest, memchan, mgba, midisport-firmware, mingetty, mini18n, minidlna, minitube, miniupnpc, miro, mk-livestatus, modsecurity-apache, monitoring-plugins, monkey-studio, motion, mowitz, msx264, munt, mupen64plus, muse-sequencer, mysqltcl, nagios, nagios-plugins, nagiosgraph, nagvis, nestopia, netdrive-connector, nextaw, nginx, ngrep, nlopt, notification-daemon, novocraft, npth, nrpe, nsca, nsca-ng, nwjs, oidentd, ois, ola, omake, onerng, opencaster, opendchub, opendht, opensonic, openvswitch-utils, ossec-agent, ossec-local, ossec-server, parmetis, pasang-emas, passwdqc, paxctl, pcal, pcb, pcl, pcre2, pcsxr, pd-extended, pdfsam, pefile, peg-e, pengupop, perl:anyevent, perl:cgi-minimal, perl:class-returnvalue, perl:config-file, perl:css-squish, perl:cstools, perl:data-compare, perl:devel-checklib, perl:encode-eucjpascii, perl:encode-hanextra, perl:encode-iso2022, perl:encode-jisx0213, perl:font-afm, perl:io-captureoutput, perl:locale-maketext-lexicon, perl:log-dispatch, perl:mime-charset, perl:module-versions-report, perl:net-snmp, perl:proc-pid-file, perl:regexp-ipv6, perl:statistics-descriptive, perl:test-longstring, perl:tex-hyphen, perl:text-charwidth, perl:text-hyphen, perl:text-password-pronounceable, perl:text-wrapi18n, perl:trayicon, perl:tree-simple, perl:unicode-linebreak, perl:unicode-map, perl:unicode-map8, pforth, pho, php:memcache, php:ssh2, phpdocumentor, physfs, pidgin-toobars, pixie, plaso, platform, po4a, podofo, poppler, postfix, postgresql, ppsspp, protobuf2, psutil, pushover, py3sensors, pyamg, pycdio, pydf, pygsl, pyinotify, pylotro, pymdstat, pymysql, pyotp, pyparsing, pysqlite, python:boto3, python:dateutil, python:distutils-extra, python:django, python:django-tagging, python:dukpy, python:evdev, python:keyczar, python:libnacl, python:magic, python:markupsafe, python:musicbrainz2, python:netifaces, python:pillow, python:py-cpuinfo, python:pygpgme, python:pypoppler, python:pywebkitgtk, python:pyyaml, python:sh, python:werkzeug, python:whisper, python:wordpress-xmlrpc, pytsk, qalculate-gtk, qcad, qcl, qcontrolcenter, qdirstat, qtoctave, qtox, qtractor, qwt5, qwtplot3d, qzdl, radicale, rar, rar2fs, rclone, re2, rebmp, rezerwar, ring-daemon, ring-lrc, rope, routino, rrdtool, rsa, ruby:atk, ruby:cairo,, ruby:fluentd, ruby:gdk-pixbuf2, ruby:glib2, ruby:gtk2, ruby:http-parser.rb, ruby:msgpack, ruby:pango, ruby:pkg-config, ruby:sass, ruby:sigdump, ruby:string-scrub, ruby:thread-safe, ruby:tzinfo, ruby:tzinfo-data, ruby:yajl-ruby, rubyripper, rudiments, s3cmd, sauerbraten, sayonara-player, sbsigntools, scapy, scidavis, …

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