Maintainer fallback-mnt-scoop@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:


There are 29 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-scoop@repology

Metapackages (1023)

3rvx, 7zip, ack, acmesharp, adb, advancedrenamer, ag, ahoy, aida64extreme, alacritty, allure-report, altools, ammonite, anaconda3, android-sdk, android-studio, anki, annie, ant, antimicro, anydesk, apache, apache-directory-studio, apache-ivy, apex, apngasm, appengine-go, archi, archwsl, arduino, aria2, armclient, armor, artifact, assume-role, astrogrep, astyle, atom, atomicparsley, audacity, autohotkey, autohotkey-installer, autoit, automake, awake, awareness, aws, axel, axis, azure-cli, azure-functions-core-tools, azure-ps, azuredatastudio, azuredatastudio-insiders, baka-mplayer, bandizip, baretail, bat, bazel, beatdrop, beyondcompare, bfg, bind, bitmessage, bitwarden, bitwarden-cli, bleachbit, blender, blink1-tool, blink1control2, blisk, bochs, boostnote, boot-clj, boxes, brackets, brave, brotli, buffalo, bulk-crap-uninstaller, busybox, bzip2, cacert, cacher, caddy, cake, calibre, camunda-modeler, carnac, casperjs, ccat, ccleaner, cdburnerxp, cdrtools, championify, cheat-engine, chef-dk, chrlauncher, chroma, chromedriver, chromium, chromium-dev-nosync, chromium-nosync, cht, clementine-player, clingo, clink-cmd, cloak, cloc, cloudfoundry-cli, cmake, cmder, cmder-full, cmdow, cobalt, cockroachdb, codetrack, colortool, commandbox, composer, concfg, conemu, conemu-color-themes, console2, consolez, consul, copyq, coq, coretemp, coreutils, cowsay, cppcheck, cpu-v, cpu-z, crystaldiskinfo, crystaldiskmark, cscope, csvtosql, cuetools, cura, curl, cygwin, darktable, dart, darteditor, dartium, dartium-content-shell, dartium-content-shell-dev, dartium-dev, datamash, dbeaver, dbvis, dd, ddev, ddu, deadlock, debugviewpp, defraggler, deluge, deno, dep, dependencies, depends, devd, devdocs, devrantron, dhcp-server, diff-pdf, diffmerge, diffpdf, diffutils, digdag, direnv, dirhash, discord-canary, discord-ptb, discord-windows, dismplusplus, ditto, dmd, dnsjumper, dnspy, docfx, docker, docker-compose, docker-machine, docker-nightly, doctl, dont-sleep, dopamine, dos2unix, dosbox, dotnet, dotnet-sdk, dotpeek, doublecmd, doxygen, draft, drone, ds4windows, duplicacy, eagleget-portable, easy-rsa, easyserviceoptimizer, ec2-api-tools, echoargs, eclipse, eclipse-android, eclipse-automotive, eclipse-committers, eclipse-cpp, eclipse-dsl, eclipse-javascript, eclipse-jee, eclipse-mat, eclipse-modeling, eclipse-parallel, eclipse-php, eclipse-platform, eclipse-rcp, eclipse-reporting, eclipse-rust, eclipse-scout, eclipse-sdk, eclipse-testing, edex-ui, edgedriver, editorconfig, elasticsearch, elixir, elm-lang, emacs, enpass, enso, erlang, etcher, etcher-cli, ethereum-wallet, etlas, eventstore, everything, executor, exercism-cli, exiftool, exuberant-ctags, faas-cli, falcon-sql-client, far, fastcopy, fastglacier, fciv, fd, ffmpeg, ffmpeg-nightly, fiddler, figlet, file, filezilla, find-java, findutils, firefox, firefox-beta, firefox-nightly, firewallappblocker, flatc, flow, flutter, flux, flyway, fmedia, fnproject, fnr, fontforge, fonts:hack, foobar2000, foobar2000-encoders, force, forego, forge, format-factory, fossil, foxe, foxit-reader, franz, freac, freeclipboardviewer, freecommander, freemind, freeplane, fritzing, fscapture, fsviewer, fzf, gawk, gcc, gcc-arm-none-eabi, gcloud, gdb, gdrive, geany, geckodriver, geekuninstaller, ghc, ghostscript, ghostwriter, ghq, gibo, gifcam, gifsicle, gimp, git, git-annex, git-crypt, git-istage, git-lfs, git-sizer, git-town, git-up, git-with-openssh, git19, gitea, gitextensions, github, gitignore, gitkraken, gitlab-runner, gitversion, glogg, glslang, glslang-nightly, gnirehtet, gnucash, gnupg, gnupg1, go, go:glide, godot, gof, gogs, goldendict, google-java-format, gopass, gource, gow, gpg4win, gpodder, gpu-z, gradle, gradle-bin, grafana, grails, graphicsgale, graphicsmagick, graphviz, greenshot, grep, groovy, groovyserv, gtools, guetzli, gzip, hadolint, hadoop-winutils, hain, hammultiplayer, handbrake, harmony, hashcat, haskellx, haxe, heidisql, helmfile, heroku-cli, hexchat, highlight, honeyview, hosts-file-editor, hostsman, httrack, hub, hugo-extended, hugo-sitegen, hwinfo, hwmonitor, hxd, hygen, hyper, ibmcloud-cli, iconv, ida-free, idea-eap, idea-ultimate-eap, idris, ie11webdriver, ilspy, imageglass, imagemagick, imgburn, inadyn-mt, inboxer, influxdb, inkscape, innoextract, innounp, insect, insomnia, intellij-idea-community, intellij-idea-ultimate, invoke-build, iographica, ios-webkit-debug-proxy, iperf3, ipfilter-updater, ipfs, ipfs-desktop, ipscan, irfanview, istio, jameica, jd-cmd, jd-gui, jdownloader, jetbrains-toolbox, jfrog-cli, jhead, jigsaw, jira, jitsi-meet-electron, jkrypto, joe, joplin, jpegview, jq, jruby, julia, just, kakaotalk, kdenlive, kdiff3, keepass, keepassxc, keeweb, keypirinha, keystore-explorer, kibana, kicad, kid3, kindlegen, kitematic, kitty-putty, knime, kompose, kotlin, kotlin-native, krita, ktlint, kubefwd, kubernetes, kubernetes-helm, lame, lantern-client, latex, launchy, lazygit, lcow, ldap-admin, ldc, ldplayer, leet, leiningen, less, lessmsi, lf, libreoffice, libsndfile, libwebp, libxml2, licecap, lightbulb, lightshot, lighttable, lighttpd, lili, lilypond, linqpad, linqpadless, listenmoeclient, liteide, llvm, lmms, ln, lockhunter, logexpert, logstash, losslesscut, love11, lua-for-windows, lunacy, lxrunoffline, lynx, …

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