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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.

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Total Newest Outdated Problematic Potentially vulnerable Other lists
Ravenports 1224 996 971 97.5% 10 1.0% 1 0.1% 35 3.51% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Total 1224 996 971 97.5% 10 1.0% 1 0.1% 35 3.51% HCO LN U


This maintainer is active in the following package categories:


a52dec, aalib, adacurses, adayaml, adwaita-icon-theme, ansible, ansible-base, aom, apache, appres, appstream-glib, apr, apr-util, aqbanking, arandr, arc, argp-standalone, aria2, arj, asciidoc, asdf, aspell, aspell-af, aspell-am, aspell-ar, aspell-ast, aspell-az, aspell-be, aspell-bg, aspell-bn, aspell-br, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-csb, aspell-cy, aspell-da, aspell-de, aspell-de-alt, aspell-el, aspell-en, aspell-eo, aspell-es, aspell-et, aspell-fa, aspell-fi, aspell-fo, aspell-fr, aspell-fy, aspell-ga, aspell-gd, aspell-gl, aspell-grc, aspell-gu, aspell-gv, aspell-he, aspell-hi, aspell-hil, aspell-hr, aspell-hsb, aspell-hu, aspell-hus, aspell-hy, aspell-ia, aspell-id, aspell-is, aspell-it, aspell-kn, aspell-ku, aspell-ky, aspell-la, aspell-lt, aspell-lv, aspell-mg, aspell-mi, aspell-mk, aspell-ml, aspell-mn, aspell-mr, aspell-ms, aspell-mt, aspell-nb, aspell-nds, aspell-nl, aspell-nn, aspell-ny, aspell-or, aspell-pa, aspell-pl, aspell-pt-br, aspell-pt-pt, aspell-qu, aspell-ro, aspell-ru, aspell-rw, aspell-sc, aspell-sk, aspell-sl, aspell-sr, aspell-sv, aspell-sw, aspell-ta, aspell-te, aspell-tet, aspell-tk, aspell-tl, aspell-tn, aspell-tr, aspell-uk, aspell-uz, aspell-vi, aspell-wa, aspell-yi, aspell-zu, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atf, atk, atkmm, audiofile, augeas, autoconf, automake, autoselect-perl, autoselect-python, autoselect-ruby, autoselect-ssl, autotools, b3sum, babl, base64, bash, bc, bdftopcf, bezitopo, bind, binutils, bison, bitmap, bmake, boehm-gc, boost, box2d, brotli, byacc, bzip2, c-ares, cabextract, cairo, cairomm, cbindgen, ccache, cdrtools, cfitsio, cgal, cgit, check, chmlib, clamav, clipit, clucene, cmake, cmark, coinmp, corefonts, coreutils, cpio, cpp-hocon, cppcheck, cppunit, cross-binutils, crypto++, cscope, cups, curl, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, daemonize, dav1d, db, dbus, dbus-glib, deadbeef, dejagnu, desktop-file-utils, devcpu-data, dhcp, dht, diffutils, dmenu, docbook-dsssl, docbook-sgml, docbook-to-man, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, dos2unix, double-conversion, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, doxygen, dpkg, ed, eigen, elftoolchain, emacs, emacs:slime, enchant, erlang, evdev-proto, exiv2, expat, expect, faac, faad2, facter, farstream, feh, ffmpeg, fftw, file, findutils, firebird, firefox, fish, flac, flex, fluent-bit, fluxbox, fmt, font-util, fontconfig, fontforge, fonts:adobe-100dpi, fonts:adobe-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-100dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-type1, fonts:arabic-misc, fonts:bh-100dpi, fonts:bh-75dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, fonts:bh-type1, fonts:bitstream-100dpi, fonts:bitstream-75dpi, fonts:bitstream-type1, fonts:cantarell, fonts:cronyx-cyrillic, fonts:crosextra-caladea, fonts:crosextra-carlito, fonts:dejavu, fonts:gentium-basic, fonts:gnu-freefont, fonts:ibm-type1, fonts:isas-misc, fonts:liberation, fonts:linuxlibertine, fonts:micro-misc, fonts:misc-cyrillic, fonts:misc-ethiopic, fonts:mutt-misc, fonts:screen-cyrillic, fonts:terminus, fonts:terminus-ttf, fonts:twemoji-color, fonts:unifont, fonts:winitzki-cyrillic, fonts:xfree86-type1, freeglut, freepats, freetds, freetype, frei0r, fribidi, fuse, gawk, gcab, gccmakedep, gconf, gd, gdal, gdb, gdbm, gdk-pixbuf, gdl-gnome-docking-library, geany, gegl, gengetopt, geoip, geos, getopt, gettext, gexiv2, ghostscript, giflib, gimp, git, gitolite, glew, glib, glibmm, glm, gmp, gmrun, gn, gnucash, gnumpc, gnupg, gnuplot, gnutls, go, gobject-introspection, gperf, gpgme, graphene, graphicsmagick, graphite2, graphviz, grep, groff, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gsfonts, gsl, gstreamer:a52dec, gstreamer:aalib, gstreamer:bad, gstreamer:base, gstreamer:cairo, gstreamer:core, gstreamer:curl, gstreamer:dvdread, gstreamer:faac, gstreamer:faad, gstreamer:flac, gstreamer:gdkpixbuf, gstreamer:good, gstreamer:jpeg, gstreamer:libav, gstreamer:libpng, gstreamer:ogg, gstreamer:pango, gstreamer:resindvd, gstreamer:soup, gstreamer:speex, gstreamer:taglib, gstreamer:theora, gstreamer:ugly, gstreamer:v4l2, gstreamer:vorbis, gstreamer:vpx, gstreamer:wavpack, gstreamer:webp, gstreamer:x, gstreamer:x264, gstreamer:x265, gstreamer:xshm, gstreamer:xvideo, gtk, gtk-doc, gtk-update-icon-cache, gtkmm, gtksourceview, gtkspell2, gts-triangulated-surface, guile, gumbo, gwenhywfar, gzip, hardlink-osx, harfbuzz, hdf5, help2man, heme, hexcompare, hexcurse, hexd-fireyfly, hexedit, hicolor-icon-theme, html2text, htop, hunspell, hunspell-de, hunspell-en, hunspell-es, hunspell-fr, hunspell-he, hunspell-hu, hunspell-it, hunspell-nl, hunspell-pl, hunspell-pt, hunspell-pt-br, hunspell-ru, i3, i3lock, i3status, iceauth, icu, id3lib, idnkit, ilmbase, imagemagick, imake, imlib2, indexinfo, inkscape, intltool, iocell, iperf, irssi, iso8879, itstool, ixion, jade, jansson, jasper, jbig2dec, jbigkit, joe, jq, json-c, jsoncpp, judy, krb5, ktoblzcheck, kyua, l-smash, lapack, lcms, ldns, leatherman, leptonica, less, lftp, libabw, libarchive, libasr, libass, libassuan, libatomic-ops, libav, libb2, libb64, libbsd, libcddb, libcdr, libclc, libcmis, libconfig, libconfuse, libcroco, libdbi, libdbi-drivers, libdbusmenu, libde265, libdmx, libdrm, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread, libe-book, libebml, libedit, libelf, libepoxy, libepubgen, libetonyek, libev, libevent, libexecinfo, libexif, libexttextcat, libffi, libfm, libfm-qt, libfontenc, libfreehand, libgcrypt, libgee, libgeotiff, libgltf, libglu, libgpg-error, libgsf, libgudev, libheif, libical, libice, libiconv, libid3tag, libidn, libidn2, libjpeg-turbo, libksba, liblangtag, liblqr, libltdl, libluv, libmad, libmatroska, libmaxminddb, …

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