Maintainer fallback-mnt-parabola@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.








Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:


There are 1632 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-parabola@repology

Metapackages (8622)

0ad, 0ad-data, 3proxy, 4ti2, 6tunnel, 9base, 9mount, a2jmidid, a2ps, a52dec, aalib, aarch64-linux-gnu-binutils, aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc, aarch64-linux-gnu-gdb, aarch64-linux-gnu-glibc, aarch64-linux-gnu-linux-libre-api-headers, abcde, abduco, abiword, abook, abuse, accerciser, accounts-qml-module, accountsservice, accountsservice-elogind, accuraterip-checksum, ack, acl, acme-tiny,, acmetool, acorn, acpi, acpi-call, acpica, acpid, acpilight, acsccid, activity-log-manager, adapta-gtk-theme, adapta-kde, addinclude, adns, adobe-source-han-serif-fonts, adplug, adriconf, advancecomp, adwaita-icon-theme, aegisub, aeolus, afew, afl, afl-utils, afpfs-ng, agave, agda, agda-stdlib, agent-transfer, agg, ahcpd, aide, aiksaurus, aircrack-ng, airspy, aisleriot, aj-snapshot, akonadi, akonadi-calendar, akonadi-calendar-tools, akonadi-contacts, akonadi-import-wizard, akonadi-mime, akonadi-notes, akonadi-search, akonadiconsole, akregator, alacarte, alacritty, alarm-clock-applet, alembic, alertmanager, alex, algol68g, aliki, alkimia, allegro4, allegro5, alleyoop, alltray, almanah, alot, alpm-octopi-utils, alsa-lib, alsa-oss, alsa-plugins, alsa-tools, alsa-utils, alsamodularsynth, alsaplayer, alure, amavisd-milter, amavisd-new, amb-plugins, ambiance-radiance-colors-suite, ams-lv2, amsynth, amtk, amule, analitza, android-file-transfer, android-tools, android-udev, angband, angrysearch, anjuta, anjuta-extras, anki, ansible, ansible-lint, ant, anthy, antimicro, antiword, antlr2, antlr4, antlr4-runtime, anubis, anyremote, aom, apache, apache-ant-contrib, apache-libcloud, apache-users, apcupsd, apenwarr-redo, apertium, apertium-eng-spa-git, apertium-lex-tools, apertium-viewer, apitrace, apm, apmod:dnssd, apmod:fcgid, apmod:wsgi, apparmor, apper, appmenu-gtk-module, appmenu-qt4, appres, appstream, appstream-generator, appstream-glib, apr, apr-util, apricots, aqbanking, arandr, arb-fp, arc-gtk-theme, arc-icon-theme, arc-kde, arch, arch-audit, arch-install-scripts, archivetools, archlinux-keyring, archlinux32-keyring, archlinuxarm-keyring, ardour, arduino, arduino-avr-core, arduino-builder, arduino-cli, arduino-ctags, arduino-docs, argbash, argon2, argtable, argyllcms, aria2, aribb24, ario, arj, ark, arm-linux-gnueabi-binutils, arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc, arm-none-eabi-binutils, arm-none-eabi-gcc, arm-none-eabi-gdb, arm-none-eabi-newlib, armagetronad, arno-iptables-firewall, arora, arp-scan, arpack-ng, arptables, arpwatch, arrayfire, arss, art, artikulate, artyfx, arxiv2bib, asar, ascii, asciidoc, asciidoctor, asciinema, asciiportal, asciiquarium, asio, asp, aspcud, aspell, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-de, aspell-el, aspell-en, aspell-es, aspell-fr, aspell-hu, aspell-it, aspell-nl, aspell-pl, aspell-pt, aspell-ru, aspell-sv, asplib, assh, assimp, asterisk, astromenace, astyle, asunder, asymptote, at, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atftp, atk, atkmm, atomicparsley, atomix, atool, atop, atril, attica, attr, aubio, audacious, audacious-plugins, audacity, audaspace, audex, audio-convert, audiocd-kio, audiofile, audit, augeas, aurphan, aurpublish, aurvote, auto-multiple-choice, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, autoconvert, autocutsel, autofs, autogen, autojump, automake, autopep8, autorandr, autossh, avahi, avfs, avidemux, avideo, avldrums.lv2, avogadrolibs, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-gdb, avr-libc, avrdude, awesome, awesome-terminal-fonts, awf, awscli, awstats, axel, b43-tools, babe, babel-cli, babeld, babeltrace, babl, backdoor-factory, backuppc, badtouch, badvpn, baka-mplayer, baloo, baloo-widgets, balsa, bam, bamf, bamf2, bandit, banner, baobab, bar, barcode, barnyard2, barrage, base-meta, base91, bash, bash-bats-assert, bash-bats-support, bash-completion, bash-language-server, bashburn, bashmount, bashrun, basket, bat, batctl, batik, bats, bbb-gadgets, bbe, bbpager, bbqsql, bbswitch, bc, bcg729, bchunk, bctoolbox, bcunit, bdf-unifont, bdftopcf, beanshell, beast2, beats, beatslash-lv2, beaver, beecrypt, beep, beets, beignet, belle-sip, beneath-a-steel-sky, benzene, bettercap, bfgminer, bftpd, biber, biblesync, bibletime, bigloo, bijiben, billreminder, bin2iso, bin86, bind, binutils, binwalk, bird, bison, bison++, bitcoin, bitlbee, bitlbee-libpurple, blackbox, bladerf, bleachbit, blender, blender26-ogre-exporter, bless, blinken, blinksocks, bliss, blobby, blobwars, blockdiag, blop, blop-lv2, blosc, blueberry, bluedevil, bluefish, bluegriffon, blueman, bluez, bluez-qt, bluez-tools, blur-effect, bmake, bmon, bochs, boehm-gc, bogofilter, boinctui, bolt, bomber, bomberclone, bonnie++, bookworm, boost, bootchart, borgbackup, boswars, botan, bouncycastle, bovo, bower, box2d, bpython, braincurses, brasero, breeze, breeze-grub, breeze-gtk, breeze-icons, breeze-plymouth, brial, bridge-utils, brise, bristol, brltty, brook, brotli, browserify, brutalchess, bs1770gain, bsd-games, bsdiff, bspwm, bt747, btfs, bti, btrfs-progs, bubblewrap, bucklespring, buckygen, buddy, budgie-desktop, budgie-extras, buildah, buildbot, buildbot-worker, buildbot-www, bullet, bully, bumprace, buoh, bup, busybox, bwm-ng, byacc, byaccj, byzanz, bzflag, bzip2, bzr, bzr-fastimport, bzrtp, c-algorithms, c-ares, c-icap, c-xsc, c2hs, ca-certificates, cabal-install, cabextract, cacti, cadabra, cadaver, cadence, cairo, cairo-compmgr, cairo-dock, cairo-dock-plugins, cairo-perl, cairomm, caja, caja-extensions, calc, calcurse, calendarsupport, calf, calibre, california, calligra, calligra-plan, camlp4, camlp5, …

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