Maintainer fallback-mnt-opensuse_games_tumbleweed@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.










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There are 161 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-opensuse_games_tumbleweed@repology


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Metapackages (680)

0ad, 0ad-data, 0verkill, 2048-qt, 2h4u, 3guys, 3omns, 7kaa, 7kaa-music, abe, abuse, adime, affenspiel, alephone, alephone-eternalx, alienarena, alienarena-data, alienblaster, allegro4, allegro5, alure, amoebax, andy-super-great-park, angband, angelscript, angrydd, antares, aop, arcomage, ardentryst, ardentryst-data, argtable, armagetronad, artoolkit-gst, artoolkit-v4l, artoolkitplus, asc, asciiportal, assaultcube, assaultcube-reloaded, assimp, asteroid, asteroids3d, astromenace, asylum, atanks, atlas-c++, atomicworm, atomiks, attractmode, avp, ballerburg, ballz, barbie-seahorse-adventures, barrage, bastet, beneath-a-steel-sky, berusky, bitfighter, black-box, blackshades, blasphemer, blobandconquer, blobby, blobwars, blobwarsattrition, blockattack, blockout, bluemoon, bomberclone, bomns, boswars, box2d, brainparty, brikx, briquolo, bs, bsd-games, bubbros, bullet, bygfoot, bzflag, caelum, caesaria, cal3d, cannonball, caph, capicity, cdogs-sdl, ceferino, cegui, cervi, chapping, chessx, chickens, chocolate-doom, chroma, chromium-bsu, circuslinux, clanbomber, clanlib, clanlib-doc, colobot, colobot-data, colorcode, commandergenius, corsixth, crack-attack, crack-attack-sounds, crimson-fields, crossfire, crossfire-client, crossfire-maps, crrcsim, csmash, cubaletra, cube-escape, cubetest, cubosphere, cutemaze, cuyo, cwiid, d0-blind-id, d1x-rebirth, d2x-rebirth, d2x-xl, dangerdeep, dark-oberon, darkplaces, dave-gnukem, devil, dhewm3, digger, dolphin-island-2, domination, domination-data, doomretro, doomsday, double-cross, dragonmemory, dreamchess, dunedynasty, dunelegacy, dustrac, dynadungeons, eboard, edgar, eduke32, eduke32-hrp, egoboo, ember, ember-media, emilia, endless-sky, enemy-territory, enemy-territory-data, enigma, eris, eternal-lands, eternal-lands-data, etlegacy, etw, extremetuxracer, exult, fairymax, falcons-eye, fall-of-imiryn, fife, fifechan, fillets-ng, fillets-ng-data, flare, flight-of-the-amazon-queen, flightgear, flightgear-data, fofix, foobillard, formido, freeciv, freecol, freedink, freedink-data, freedink-dfarc, freedoom, freedroid, freedroidrpg, freegish, freeminer, freeminer-default, freeminer-pixture, freenukum, freeorion, freeserf, freesynd, fretscpp, fretsonfire, frisk, frogatto, frotz, fusionsound, fuzzylite, galaxis, galois, gemdropx, gemrb, gfpoken, ggz, gl-117, glfw, glfw2, glib12, gloox, glpng, glyph-keeper, gnome-mastermind, gnubg, gnubik, gnuchess, gnurobbo, gnushogi, goatattack, goollie, gpclient, gplanarity, grfcodec, griefly, gtetrinet, gtk1, gtk1-compat, guichan, gweled, gzdoom, hase, hawknl, hedgewars, herbi, hermes, heroes-tron, hex-a-hop, hexglass, hexoshi, hextris, hurrican, imlib, instead, instead-launcher, ioquake3, iortcw, irrlicht, ja2-stracciatella, jag, jam, jetpaca, jin, jools, jsoncpp, jumpnbump, jvgs, kbang, kcheckers, keeperrl, khunphan, kiki, knightsgame, kobodeluxe, koules, kqlives, krank, kwest, kye, kye-data, lacewing, lbreakout2, legesmotus, levelhead, levelhead-data, lgeneral, lgeneral-data-kukgen, lgeneral-data-pg, libalfont, libclaw, libfreenect, libglc, libgrapple, libhl2, librocket, libsoil, libtmcg, libtuxcap, libwfut, lightyears, lincity, lincity-ng, liquidwar, liquidwar6, lix, lmarbles, lostfeathers, love07, love09, love10, lpairs, ltris, lugaru, luola, m.a.r.s., madbomber, maelstrom, manaplus, marbles, mari0, maxr, meandmyshadow, megaglest, megaglest-data, megamario, mercator, meshmagick, methane, micropolis, minecraft, minetest, minetest-game, minetest-game-big-freaking-dig, minetest-game-carbone-ng, minetest-mod-farming-plus, minetest-mod-more-blocks, minetest-mod-quartz, minetest-mod-streets, minetest-modpack-dreambuilder, minetest-modpack-homedecor, minilens, mirrormagic, monster-rpg-2, monsterz, moon-lander, mouseboat, mrrescue, mures, mygui, naev, nethack, netpanzer, neverball, ninja-training, njam, nml, no-more-secrets, nodereviver, nogravity, nogravity-data, notpacman, nottetris2, nudoku, numptyphysics, nyancat, oaml, odamex, ode, ogre, ogre-paged, ois, openal-soft, openarena, openarena-data, openbor, opencity, openclonk, opendungeons, openfodder, opengl-games-utils, openjazz, openjk, openlierox, openmw, openrct2, openscenegraph, opensurge, opensurge-mods, openttd, openttd-openmsx, opentyrian, openxcom, opmon, opusfile, orbital, orderoftwilight, orthorobot, osgart, osgcal, osgg, overgod, pacewar, pachi, pacman-arena, pacman1.002, pacvim, paintown, panda3d, paragui, pathological, patterns-games, peg-e, penguin-command, pengupop, pentobi, perl:games-frozenbubble, pgn-extract, phalanx, phlipple, physfs, pinball, pingus, pink-pony, pioneer, pioneers, pipenightdreams, pipewalker, planet-rider, playonlinux, plee-the-bear, plib, pmars, poco, pokerclock, pokerth, polly-b-gone, pongix, powder-toy, powermanga, ppracer, prboom-plus, psychosynth, pushover, puzzletube, pydance, pysol, pysolfc, pysolfc-cardsets, pyspacewar, python:annchienta, python:enet, python:py2play, python:pyogg, python:pyopenal, python:pyvorbis, python:sdl2, qgo, qml-box2d, qnetwalk, qqwing, quadra, quakespasm, radegast, raidem, raidem-music, raincat, rawgl, reaction, reaction-data, redeclipse, reminiscence, rescue-max, residualvm, retux, rezerwar, ri-li, rigsofrods, rnd-jue, rnd-jue-data, roadfighter, rockdodger, rocksndiamonds, rocksndiamonds-data, rott, s25rttr, s25rttr-demoloader, sar2, sarndbox, sauerbraten, scalar, schwerkraft, scid, scorched3d, scummvm, sdl, sdl-ball, sdl-bomber, sdl-gfx, sdl-image, sdl-mixer, sdl-net, sdl-pango, sdl-sound, sdl-ttf, sdl2, sdl2-gfx, sdl2-image, sdl2-mixer, sdl2-net, …

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