Maintainer fallback-mnt-openindiana@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.










There are 300 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-openindiana@repology


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Metapackages (1387)

a2ps, a52dec, aalib, abook, accessx, aget, alacarte, amp, ant, antlr2, apache, apg, apmod:dtrace, apmod:fcgid, apmod:jk, apmod:perl, apmod:security, apmod:wsgi, appres, apr, apr-util, aria2, arj, arm, arpack-ng, arpsend, as, asciidoc, aspell, aspell-en, aspell-ru, asterisk, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atk, atkmm, atril, audacity, audiofile, augeas, autoconf, autoconf213, autogen, automake, autossh, avahi, avant-window-navigator, awesome, awstats, babeltrace, babl, bacula, barman, bash, bash-completion, bcc-bruceevans, bdftopcf, beanshell, bh-luxi-ttf, bigreqsproto, bind, binutils, bison, bitmap, bluefish, blueprint, bnx, boehm-gc, bonnie++, boost, borgbackup, botan, brasero, bridge, brltty, brotli, bug-buddy, build-essential, bullet, bvi, bzip2, ca-certificates, cabextract, cairo, cairomm, caja, caja-extensions, ccache, ccsm, cdrtools, check, cheese, chmlib, chunga, cl-base64, cl-json, cl-ppcre, cl-qprint, clamav, clang, claws-mail, clisp, cluster-glue, clutter, clutter-gst, clutter-gtk, cmake, cmap-alloc, cmap-compact, cmdassist, colormap-utilities, commons-logging, compat-links, compiz-bcop, compiz-plugins-extra, compiz-plugins-main, compiz08, compizconfig-backend-gconf, compositeproto, concurrencykit, conflict, consolekit, constype, contact-lookup-applet, convmv, coreutils, corosync, couchdb, cppunit, cracklib, crmsh, cscope, cunit, cups, cups-filters, curl, cvs, cxxtools, cython, czmq, damageproto, daq, dash, datamash, dbus, dbus-glib, dconf, dconf-editor, dcraw, ddu, dejagnu, deskbar-applet, desktop-cache, desktop-file-utils, desktop-startup, developer-gnu, developer-opensolaris-x, developer-xopen-xcu4, devhelp, dhcp, dia, dialog, diffstat, diffutils, dispswitch, diveintopython, djvulibre, dmenu, dmxproto, dmz-cursor-theme, dnscrypt-proxy, dnsmasq, docbook, docbook-dsssl, docbook-dtds, docbook-xsl, dosbox, dotconf, doxygen, drakma, dri2proto, dri3proto, drivel, dtracetoolkit, dvd+rw-tools, easy-rsa, editres, efl, eigen3, ejabberd, ekiga, elinks, emacs, enchant, encodings, engrampa, enlightenment, entire, environment-modules, eog, eog-plugins, eom, ephoto, erlang, espeak, evieext, evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-webcal, exiv2, expect, expedite, exuberant-ctags, faac, faad2, facter, fastcgi, fbconsole, fbreader, fetchmail, ffmpeg, fftw, fftw2, file, file-roller, filebench, findutils, fio, firefox, fish, fixesproto, flac, flex, flexi-streams, fltk, font-util, fontcacheproto, fontconfig, fonts:baekmuk, fonts:bitstream-vera, fonts:dejavu, fonts:gnu-freefont, fonts:hack, fonts:liberation2, fonts:wqy-zenhei, fontsproto, foomatic-db, foomatic-db-engine, foomatic-filters, foomatic-filters-ppds, fping, freeglut, freeipmi, freetds, freetts, freetype, fribidi, fsexam, fslsfonts, fstobdf, fsvs, fuse, gaa, gamin, gammu, gawk, gcalctool, gcc, gconf, gconf-editor, gcr, gd2, gdb, gdbm, gdesklets, gdk-pixbuf, gdl, gdm, geany, geany-plugins, gedit, geeqie, gegl, geoip, geoip-database, getopt, gettext, gexif, gftp, ghostscript, giflib, gimp, git, gkrellm, gksu, glade, glew, glib, glib-networking, glibmm, global, glproto, glu, gmime2, gmp, gmtp, gnome-applets, gnome-backgrounds, gnome-commander, gnome-common, gnome-component, gnome-connection-manager, gnome-control-center, gnome-desktop2, gnome-devel-docs, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-fonts, gnome-games, gnome-gettext, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic, gnome-keyring, gnome-libs, gnome-media, gnome-media-player, gnome-menus, gnome-mime-data, gnome-mount, gnome-netstatus, gnome-nettool, gnome-panel, gnome-power-manager, gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-speech, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-system-tools, gnome-terminal, gnome-themes, gnome-user-docs, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs, gnonlin, gnu-cobol, gnu-common, gnu-gs-fonts-other, gnu-gs-fonts-std, gnugo, gnumeric, gnumpc, gnupg, gnuplot, gnutls, go, goaccess, gobby, gobject-introspection, gocr, goffice, gparted, gperf, gpgme, gphoto2, gptfdisk, grails, graphicsmagick, graphite2, graphviz, grep, groff, groovy, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gsl, gsm, gstreamer0, gstreamer0plugins:bad, gstreamer0plugins:base, gstreamer0plugins:ffmpeg, gstreamer0plugins:good, gstreamer0plugins:ugly, gstreamer1, gstreamer1plugins:bad, gstreamer1plugins:base, gstreamer1plugins:good, gstreamer1plugins:libav, gstreamer1plugins:ugly, gthumb, gtk-doc, gtk-engines, gtk-vnc, gtk2, gtk3, gtk3-nocsd, gtkam, gtkhtml, gtkimageview, gtkmm2, gtkmm3, gtkperf, gtksourceview2, gtksourceview3, gtkspell2, gts, gucharmap, guile, guilt, gupc-5, gutenprint, gvfs, gwsocket, gzip, hacluster, hacluster-common, hacluster-remote, hal-cups-utils, hamster-applet, haproxy, harfbuzz, hdf5, help2man, hercules, hexchat, hexedit, hicolor-icon-theme, hiera, hplip, hsts-incorporation, http-parser, httping, hunspell, hunspell-cs, hunspell-de, hunspell-en, hunspell-es, hunspell-fr, hunspell-hu, hunspell-it, hunspell-pl, hunspell-pt-br, hunspell-ru, hunspell-sv, hwloc, ibus, ibus-anthy, iceauth, icedtea-web, ico, icon-naming-utils, icu, id3lib, idn, idzebra, iftop, iiim, illumos-closed, illumos-fusefs, illumos-gcc, illumos-kvm, illumos-kvm-cmd, ilmbase, imagemagick, imake, imap, imf-selector, import-profiler, indent, indri, inkscape, inputproto, install-types, installalias, intel-gpu-tools, intltool, ipcalc, iperf, iperf3, ipmitool, ipython, ircii, ironclad, irssi, iso-codes, itstool, jansson, jasper, java-commons-bsf, javahelp, jaxb-ri, jenkins, joe, jpeg, jq, jruby, jsl, json-c, json-glib, jss, junit, kbd-mode, kbproto, …

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