Maintainer fallback-mnt-nix_stable@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.








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There are 324 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-nix_stable@repology


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Metapackages (33269)

0ad, 2048-in-terminal, 3dpong, 915resolution, a52dec, aacskeys, aalib, abydos, accounts-qt, acl, acpi, acpid, actkbd, aegan, aewan, afio, afro-graphics, aften, agg, agrep, ahcpd, albatross-gtk-theme, alkimia, alloy, allureofthestars, alsa-firmware, alsa-lib, alsa-oss, alure, amsn, anjuta, antfs-cli, antigen, antlr2, antlr3, antlr4, apache-activemq, apache-felix-remoteshell-bundle, apitrace, apmod:python, apmod:wsgi, appimagekit, applewmproto, appres, appstream, appstream-qt, archimedes, archivemount, armagetronad, arp, asciinema, asio, aspectj, aspell, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-da, aspell-de, aspell-en, aspell-eo, aspell-es, aspell-fr, aspell-it, aspell-la, aspell-nb, aspell-nl, aspell-nn, aspell-pl, aspell-pt-br, aspell-pt-pt, aspell-ro, aspell-ru, aspell-sk, aspell-sv, aspell-tr, aspell-uk, astromenace, astyle, asynk, at, atkmm, atool, atril, atspkg, attr, aumix, autobuild, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, autocutsel, autodia, autofac, autofs, autogen, automake, autopano-sift-c, autoreiv, avfs, avogadro, avr8-burn-o-mat, aws, awstats, axis2, b43-fwcutter, backintime, ballandpaddle, bashburn, bashdb, batik, bc, bchunk, bdftopcf, bean-add, beancount, beecrypt, beep, belcard, belle-sip, belr, bench, ber-metaocaml, bigreqsproto, bin-replace-string, bins, bip, bison, bitlbee-facebook, bitlbee-steam, bitmap, bitsnbots, blas, bliss, blktrace, blocksruntime, bluez, bmrsa, bobcat, boehm-gc, bogofilter, boinc, bonnie++, bootchart, bootstrap, bossa, boxfs, bridge-utils, briss, bruteforce-luks, bs1770gain, bsd-finger, bsd-fingerd, bsdbuild, bsh, bugs-everywhere, buildtorrent, bustle, busybox, buttersink, bwidget, bwm-ng, byacc, byzanz, bzip2, bzr, bzrtools, bzrtp, c-ares, c-blosc, cachix, cairo, cairomm, calcurse, camlp4, carddav, castxml, cataract, caudec, ccache, ccnet, cdparanoia, cdrdao, cdrkit, cdrtools, cegui, centerim5, cfitsio, cfr, check-ssl-cert, checkbashisms, chessdb, chipmunk, chkrootkit, chmlib, chrome-token-signing, chunkfs, chunksync, cifs-utils, ciopfs, cksfv, cla, clang, clang-manpages, clang-wrapper, clang-wrapper-with-reexport-hack, classads, clearsilver, clex, cli-visualizer, clipgrab, clipit, cln, cloog, cloog-ppl, clooj, closure-compiler, cloud-utils, clucene, cmake, cmdstan, cminpack, coan, coinmp, col, colord-gtk, colordiff, colormake, commons-bsf, commons-logging, compiler-rt, complexity, compositeproto, conan, conda, construo, convertlit, convmv, corkscrew, cpio, cpp-ipfs-api, cpp-netlib, cppi, cppunit, cproto, cpufrequtils, cpupower, crackxls, cramfsswap, crda, cre2, cron, crypto++, cryptodev-linux, cryptol, ctemplate, ctodo, cucumber, cunit, cups-bjnp, cups-filters, cups-gutenprint-binary, cuyo, cvs, cvsps, cwm, cwrap, cxx-prettyprint, cyrus-sasl, daemonize, damageproto, dar, darcs, darcs-to, darkstat, darling-dmg, dart, dash, db4, db5, db6, dblatex, dblatex-full, dbus, dbus-glib, dbus-sharp, dbus-sharp-glib, dclib, dcraw, ddar, ddd, deadbeef, debianutils, deedle, deepin-terminal, dell, desktop-file-utils, dev86, dex-autostart, dfasma, dfilemanager, dfu-util, dhall, dhall-bash, dhall-json, dhall-nix, dhall-text, dhcpdump, dhcping, dict-db-wiktionary, dict-db-wordnet, dictd, diction, diffutils, dirmngr, disk-indicator, disper, distcc-masq-gcc, djview, djvu2pdf, djvulibre, dlx, dmg2img, dmidecode, dmtcp, dmxproto, dnstop, docbook-sgml, docbook-xml, docbook-xml-ebnf, docbook2x, doclifter, dok, dosage, dosemu-fonts, dosfstools, dotfiles, doxygen, dpkg, drbd, drgeo, dri2proto, dri3proto, duff, dust, dvd+rw-tools, dvdauthor, dvgrab, dwarf-fortress, dwarf-therapist, dwarfdump, dzen, e1000e, earlyoom, eboard, ebook-tools, ebtables, ecasound, eclipse-cpp, eclipse-modeling, eclipse-platform, eclipse-scala-sdk, eclipse-sdk, ed, editres, edk2, efibootmgr, efivar, eggdbus, eggdrop, egoboo, eiskaltdcpp, eject, ekho, elasticmq, elinks, elm-format, elm-lang, elm2nix, elvis, emacs:auctex, email, emboss, emma-coverage, emscriptenfastcomp, emv, enblend-enfuse, enca, enchant, encodings, enscript, ent, envypn-font, ephemeralpg, erlang:cl, erlang:esdl, espeak, espeakedit, evdi, eventlog, exempi, exhibitor, exif, exiv2, exo, exosip, expat, exuberant-ctags, fake, fakeroute, fantomas, farstream, fasd, fastjar, fatrace, fatresize, faustlive, fava, fceux, fcitx-cloudpinyin, fcron, fdisk, ffcall, fig2dev, figlet, file, fileschanged, filesystem, findutils, fio, fityk, fixesproto, flac, flac123, flamegraph, flex, flexc++, flexget, flite, fltk, fmit, fondu, font-alias, font-cursor-misc, font-daewoo-misc, font-dec-misc, font-jis-misc, font-misc-ethiopic, font-misc-meltho, font-misc-misc, font-schumacher-misc, font-sony-misc, font-sun-misc, font-util, fontconfig-ultimate, fontforge, fontmatrix, fonts:adobe-100dpi, fonts:adobe-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-100dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-type1, fonts:arabic-misc, fonts:arkpandora, fonts:baekmuk, fonts:bh-100dpi, fonts:bh-75dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, fonts:bh-type1, fonts:bitstream-100dpi, fonts:bitstream-75dpi, fonts:bitstream-type1, fonts:bitstream-vera, fonts:cronyx-cyrillic, fonts:culmus, fonts:dejavu, fonts:droid, fonts:fira-sans, fonts:gdouros-aegyptus, fonts:gdouros-akkadian, fonts:gdouros-analecta, fonts:gdouros-anatolian, fonts:gdouros-musica, fonts:gdouros-symbola, fonts:gentium-basic, fonts:gnu-freefont, fonts:ibm-type1, fonts:isas-misc, fonts:junicode, fonts:kawbab-mono, fonts:micro-misc, fonts:misc-cyrillic, fonts:mutt-misc, fonts:opensans, fonts:screen-cyrillic, fonts:winitzki-cyrillic, fonts:xfree86-type1, fontsproto, foremost, fortune-mod, …

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