Maintainer fallback-mnt-linuxbrew@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









There are 89 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-linuxbrew@repology


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:

Metapackages (4271)

2048.c, 2ping, 4store, a-a-p, a2ps, a52dec, aacgain, aalib, aamath, aardvark-shell-utils, abcde, abcl, abcm2ps, abcmidi, abduco, abnfgen, abook, abuse, abyss, ace, aces-container, ack, acme, acmetool, acpica, activemq, activemq-cpp, admesh, adns, adplug, adr-tools, advancecomp, advancemame, advancemenu, advancescan, adwaita-icon-theme, aescrypt, aespipe, afflib, afio, afl, afsctool, aften, afuse, agda, agedu, agg, aggregate, aha, ahcpd, aiccu, aide, aircrack-ng, airspy, akamai, akka, alac, aldo, alexjs, algernon, algol68g, align, allegro5, allure, alot, alpine, alsa-lib, alure, amap, amazon-ecs-cli, amdatu-bootstrap, ammonite-repl, ampl-mp, amqp-cpp, amtterm, analog, android-ndk, android-platform-tools, android-sdk, angband, angolmois, angular-cli, anjuta, ansible, ansible-cmdb, ansible-lint, ansifilter, ansiweather, ant, ant-contrib, antigen, antiword, antlr2, antlr3, antlr4, antlr4-cpp-runtime, anttweakbar, aoeui, apache-brooklyn-cli, apache-ctakes, apache-drill, apache-flink, apache-forrest, apache-geode, apache-opennlp, apache-spark, apache-zeppelin, apachetop, apcupsd, ape, apel, apgdiff, apib, apibuilder-cli, apktool, apm-bash-completion, apng2gif, apngasm, apollo, app-engine-go-32, app-engine-go-64, app-engine-java, app-engine-python, apparix, apple-gcc42, appledoc, appscale-tools, apr, apr-util, apt-dater, aptly, aptly-completion, aqbanking, arabica, arangodb, archey, archiva, archivemail, archivemount, argon2, argp-standalone, argtable, argus, argus-clients, argyllcms, aria2, arm, armadillo, armor, arp-scan, arp-sk, arpack-ng, arping, arpoison, arrow, arss, artifactory, artifactory-cli-go, arx-libertatis, ascii, asciidoc, asciidoctorj, asciinema, asciinema2gif, asciiquarium, asciitex, asdf, asf, asio, asn1c, aspcud, aspectj, aspell, assh, assimp, astyle, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atari800, atdtool, aterm, atf, atk, atkmm, atlassian-cli, atomicparsley, atool, ats-postiats, attr, aubio, audacious, audiofile, augeas, aurora, aurora-cli, auto-scaling, autobench, autocode, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, autoenv, autogen, autojump, automake, automysqlbackup, autopano-sift-c, autopsy, autorest, autossh, avanor, avce00, avfs, avian, aview, avra, avrdude, avro-c, avro-c++, avro-tools, awf, aws-apigateway-importer, aws-cfn-tools, aws-cloudsearch, aws-cw-tools, aws-elasticache, aws-elasticbeanstalk, aws-keychain, aws-sdk-cpp, aws-shell, aws-sns-cli, awscli, awslogs, axel, azure-cli, b2sum, b43-fwcutter, babel, babeld, babl, backblaze-b2, backupninja, bacula-fd, bagit, balance, ballerburg, bam, bandcamp-dl, baobab, bar, barcode, baresip, bartycrouch, base64, basex, bash, bash-completion, bash-git-prompt, bash-preexec, bash-snippets, bashdb, bashish, bastet, batik, bats, bazel, bbcolors, bbe, bbftp-client, bc, bchunk, bcpp, bcrypt, bde, bdsup2sub, beansdb, beanstalkd, bear, beast-mcmc, bee, beecrypt, befunge93, bench, bento4, bettercap, betty, bfg, bgpdump, bgpq3, bgpstream, bgrep, bibclean, bibtex2html, bibtexconv, bibtool, bibutils, bigloo, binaryen, bind911, bindfs, binkd, binutils, binwalk, biogeme, bison, bit, bitchx, bitcoin, bitlbee, bitrise, bittwist, blackbox, blahtexml, blastem, blazeblogger, blazegraph, blink1, blitz, blitzwave, blockhash, bltool, bluepill, blueutil, bmake, bmon, bnd, bochs, boehm-gc, bogofilter, bokken, bonnie++, bookloupe, boom-completion, boost, boost-build, boot-clj, boot2docker, boot2docker-completion, borg, bork, botan, bower, bowtie2, boxes, bpm-tools, brag, braid, brainfuck, brew-cask-completion, brew-gem, brew-pip, brightness, briss, bro, brogue, brotli, browser, bsdconv, bsdiff, bsdmainutils, bsdmake, bsdsfv, bsponmpi, btfs, btparse, btpd, bubbros, buildapp, buildifier, buku, bulk-extractor, bullet, bundler-completion, bup, burl, burp, bvi, bwctl, bwfmetaedit, bwm-ng, byacc, byobu, byteman, bzip2, bzr, bzr-builder, bzr-colo, bzr-externals, bzr-extmerge, bzr-fastimport, bzr-rewrite, bzr-upload, bzr-xmloutput, bzrtools, bzt, c-ares, c10t, c14-cli, cabal-install, cabextract, cabocha, cadaver, caddy, cadubi, caf, cairo, cairomm, cake, calabash, calc, calcurse, camellia, camlistore, camlp4, camlp5, cap-completion, capnproto, capstone, cargo-completion, carina, carrot2, carthage, cask, casperjs, cassandra, cassandra2, castxml, cataclysm, catimg, cattle, cayley, cbmbasic, cc65, ccache, ccal, ccat, ccd2iso, ccextractor, ccl, cclive, ccm, cconv, ccrypt, cctools, cctools-headers, ccze, cd-discid, cdargs, cdb, cdecl, cdiff, cdk, cdlabelgen, cdogs-sdl, cdparanoia, cdpr, cdrdao, cdrtools, centerim, cereal, ceres-solver, cern-ndiff, certbot, certigo, certstrap, ceylon, cf, cf4ocl, cfengine, cfitsio, cflow, cfr, cfssl, cfv, cgal, cgdb, cgoban, cgrep, cgvg, chadwick, chaiscript, chakracore, chapel, charm, charm-tools, chcase, cheapglk, cheat, check, check-postgres, checkbashisms, checkstyle, cheops, cherokee, chezscheme, chgems, chibi-scheme, chicken, chinadns-c, chipmunk, …

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