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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.











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Metapackages (248)

0ad, 2048, 2h4u, 3dc, 3dpong, 4d maze game, 4d-tris, 54321, 8kingdoms, adonthell, aisleriot, allacrost, allure of the stars, ancient beast, andor's trail, angband, annex: conquer the world, armagetronad, asc, asylum, atanks, auralquiz, aussenposten, avanor, balazar3, battles of antargis, beat harvester, berusky, bitfighter, blades of exile, blasphemer, blobby, blockattack, bloodmasters, boohu, boson, boswars, brikx, bullet dodger, bweakfwu, bzflag, cameliagirls, canta, card stories, cataclysm: dark days ahead, cboard, chaos esque anthology, childish cannoneer, children of ur, chromium-bsu, chrzaszcz, colobot, comisat games collection, conquest, consomaton, craft: the vicious vikings, creep smash, critterding, crossfire, crosswords, crown and cutlass, curseofwar, cutemaze, dawn, dead justice, deer portal, defendguin, deliantra, dnt, domino on acid, donut quest, dqm, eat the whistle, edgar, egoboo, emilia-pinball, emptyclip, endless-sky, enigma, erebus, eskimo-run, falcons-eye, falling time, fillets-ng, flare, flatland, flightgear, flukz, fonts:hack, forest patrol, freeciv, freecol, freedink, freedoom, freedroidrpg, freeorion, freerct, fretsonfire, galaxymage, gcompris, gearhead, gearhead2, gilbert and the doors, gjid, globulation2, glparchis, gnu chess, goblin camp, gottet, guido van robot, harris, help-hannahs-horse, heroes-of-wesnoth, hetris, hex-a-hop, hexon, hnefatafl, holtz, hypercube, imperium: sticks, infon, intricacy, irrlamb, ivan, jamp, javelin, jskat, jsoko, jumpnbump, key runner, kingdoms, kmines, knightsgame, kobodeluxe, krank, ksnakeduel, ksudoku, kuklomenos, lambdahack, lbreakout2, lifeflow3d, lipsofsuna, liquidwar6, lordsawar, ltris, m.a.r.s., meandmyshadow, megaglest, micropolis, minetest, minilens, n2048, naev, necklace of the eye, nethack, netmaumau, neverball, not pacman, nova pinball, omega-rpg, oolite, open hexagon, open simulator, openclonk, opendungeons, openrts, openttd, pacewar, pachi-go, pacman, pentobi, performous, pingus, pink-pony, pioneer, pioneers, pokerth, powder-toy, powermanga, prboom, pychess, qonk, quatter, raincat, redeclipse, rescue! max, return of dr. destructo, retux, ri-li, rigsofrods, roguebox adventures, ryzom, scrabble3d, simple sokoban, simsu, singularity, slash'em, sleep is death, smc, snowballz, solarus, sopwith, spacezero, speed-dreams, spring, starfighter, stepmania, stone-soup, sudokuki, supertux2, supertuxkart, tanglet, tangomon, tanks-of-freedom, teeworlds, tenes empanadas graciela, terminal overload, tetzle, the secret chronicles of dr. m., tile-world, tmw, torcs, transcend, triplea, tuxmath, tuxpaint, uebergame, ularn, unknown-horizons, valyriatear, vegastrike, vertigo (game), vitetris, vms empire, vultures-eye, warzone 2100, wesnoth, widelands, windys, wrogue, wyrmsun, xonotic, xye, yofrankie, zatacka, zatacka x, zaz, zero-k

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