Maintainer fallback-mnt-gnuguix@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









There are 248 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-gnuguix@repology


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:

Metapackages (6075)

0ad, 0ad-data, 0xffff, 4store, 4ti2, a2ps, a52dec, aalib, abbaye-des-morts, abc, abcde, abduco, abiword, abootimg, accountsservice, acct, acl, acme-client, acpi, acpica, acpid, adb, adms, adns, adwaita-icon-theme, aegis, aegisub, afew, afl, agg, aide, aircrack-ng, aisleriot, aj-snapshot, alive, allegro4, allegro5, alot, alpine, alsa-lib, alsa-modular-synth, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, amb-plugins, ams-lv2, amsynth, android-udev-rules, angband, ansible, ant, ant-apache-bcel, ant-junit, anthy, antiword, antlr2, antlr3, ao, ao-cad, apache, apl, appstream-glib, apr, apr-util, aqbanking, arachne-pnr, aragorn, arandr, arb, arc-icon-theme, arc-theme, archivemount, ardour, argon2, argtable, aria-maestosa, aria2, aris, arm-none-eabi-nano-toolchain, arm-none-eabi-toolchain, armadillo, armagetronad, arpack-ng, artanis, asciidoc, asciinema, asco, aseprite, asn1c, aspell, aspell-ca, aspell-de, aspell-el, aspell-en, aspell-eo, aspell-es, aspell-fr, aspell-grc, aspell-he, aspell-it, aspell-nl, aspell-pt-br, aspell-ru, aspell-sv, assimp, assword, astyle, asunder, asymptote, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, ath9k-htc-firmware, atk, atkmm, atlas, atool, atril, attic, attica, attr, aubio, audacity, audit, augeas, aumix, autobuild, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, autogen, autojump, automake, autopep8, autossh, avahi, avidemux, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-toolchain, avrdude, awesome, awscli, axoloti-patcher, axoloti-runtime, azr3, b43-tools, babl, baloo, balsa, bam, bambam, bamm, bamtools, baobab, bap, barcode, bash, bash-completion, bash-minimal, bash-static, bash-tap, bbdb, bc, bcftools, bctoolbox, bdb, bdftopcf, beast, bedops, bedtools, beep, beets, behave, biber, bigloo, bigreqsproto, bind, binutils, binutils-bootstrap, binutils-static-stripped-tarball, binutils-vc4, bio-blastxmlparser, bio-locus, bioawk, bioperl-minimal, bioruby, bismark, bison, bitcoin-core, bitlbee, bits, bitshuffle, blast+, blender, bless, blind, blis, blis-haswell, blis-knl, blis-sandybridge, blists, bluefish, bluez, bluez-alsa, bluez-qt, bmon, boehm-gc, bogofilter, bool, boost, bootstrap-binaries, bootstrap-tarballs, borgbackup, bowtie2, bpp-core, bpp-phyl, bpp-popgen, bpp-seq, bppsuite, brasero, brdf-explorer, breeze-icons, bridge-utils, bristol, brotli, bs1770gain, bspwm, btar, btrfs-progs, btrfs-progs-static, bullet, busybox, bwa, bwa-pssm, bwm-ng, byobu, byzanz, bzip2, bzr, c-ares, c-graph, c-toxcore, cabal-install, cabextract, cadaver, cairo, cairomm, caja, caja-extensions, calcurse, calf, calibre, camlp4, camlp5, camlzip, capnproto, capstone, cargo, caribou, cataclysm-dda, catch, catcodec, catdoc, catimg, cava, cbatticon, ccache, ccd2cue, ccid, ccl, ccrtp, cd-discid, cd-hit, cddlib, cdogs-sdl, cdparanoia, cdrtools, ceph, cereal, ceres-solver, certbot, cfitsio, cflow, cgal, cgit, check, checkpolicy, cheese, chez-fmt, chez-irregex, chez-matchable, chez-mit, chez-scheme, chez-scmutils, chez-sockets, chez-srfi, chez-web, chibi-scheme, chicken, chmlib, chromaprint, chromium-bsu, cifs-utils, cinnamon-desktop, cityhash, cl-alexandria, cl-bordeaux-threads, cl-clx, cl-fiveam, cl-flexi-streams, cl-ppcre, cl-slynk, cl-stumpwm, cl-trivial-gray-streams, cl-unicode, cl-yale-haskell, clalsadrv, clang, clang-runtime, classpath, claws-mail, clementine-player, cli-visualizer, clipit, clipper, clisp, cloc, clojure, cloog, clucene, clustal-omega, clusterssh, clutter, clutter-gst, clutter-gtk, clzip, cm, cmake, cmark, cmatrix, cmdtest, cmocka, cmst, cmus, coda, codingquarry, cogl, colord, colord-gtk, colordiff, colors, commoncpp2, compface, complexity, compositeproto, compton, conda, conkeror, conky, connman, cook, cool-retro-term, coq, coq-bignums, coq-coquelicot, coq-flocq, coq-gappa, coq-interval, coq-mathcomp, coreutils, coreutils-minimal, corkscrew, corrode, couger, cowsay, cpio, cppcheck, cpphs, cppi, cppunit, cpputest, cpufrequtils, cpuid, cpulimit, cpupower, cracklib, crawl, crawl-tiles, crda, creduce, criu, crossguid, crossmap, crypto++, cryptsetup, cryptsetup-static, csound6, cssc, ctl, cube, cubicle, cuetools, cuirass, cunit, cups, cups-filters, cups-minimal, curl, cursynth, cutadapt, cvs, cvs-fast-export, cyrus-sasl, d-feet, damageproto, darcs, darkhttpd, darkstat, darktable, dash, datamash, dbacl, dblatex, dbus, dbus-c++, dbus-glib, dcadec, dcmtk, dconf, dconf-editor, ddate, ddrescue, deal.ii, deeptools, deja-dup, dejagnu, delta, denemo, desktop-file-utils, desmume, detox, deutex, devhelp, devil, dfc, dfu-programmer, dfu-util, dhcp, di, dia, dialog, diamond, dico, diction, diffoscope, diffstat, diffutils, dillo, ding, ding-libs, dino-im, dionysus, direnv, direvent, dirvish, discount, discrover, disorderfs, djvulibre, dlib, dmenu, dmidecode, dmxproto, dnscrypt-proxy, dnscrypt-wrapper, dnsmasq, doc++, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, docker-compose, domainfinder, dos2unix, dosbox, dosfstools, dotconf, dotherside, double-conversion, dovecot, dovecot-libsodium-plugin, dovecot-trees, doxygen, dri2proto, dri3proto, dropbear, drumkv1, drumstick, dssi, dstat, dtach, dtc, dub, …

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