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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









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There are 374 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-funtoo@repology


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There are 2797 total package(s) for 1989 distinct project(s) known.

389-adminutil, 3dfb, 3dfm, 6tunnel, 9libs, abiword, abraca, acdctl, acpi, acpitool, actkbd, actor-framework, adns, adobeps, adtool, adzapper, aewm++, afflib, afio, afterstep, ahem, aiksaurus, air, airsnort, aisleriot, alac-decoder, aldo, alevt, allin1, alock, amazon-ec2-init, amiwm, amphetadesk, analog, anigif, anope, antlr-c, anyremote, ape-plasmid-editor, apmd, apmod:access-dnsbl, apmod:auth-kerb, apmod:auth-tkt, apmod:authn-sasl, apmod:authnz-external, apmod:backtrace, apmod:bw, apmod:common-redirect, apmod:depends, apmod:diagnostics, apmod:dnsbl-lookup, apmod:dnssd, apmod:evasive, apmod:extract-forwarded, apmod:fastcgi-handler, apmod:fcgid, apmod:flvx, apmod:geoip, apmod:h2, apmod:ldap-userdir, apmod:limitipconn, apmod:log-rotate, apmod:log-sql, apmod:macro, apmod:musicindex, apmod:nss, apmod:pcgi2, apmod:qos, apmod:rpaf, apmod:scgi, apmod:tidy, apmod:umask, apmod:vdbh, apmod:vhost-ldap, apmod:whatkilledus, applewmproto, apvlv, arc, arduino, argtable, ario, arj, arpon, arss, asa, asapm, asclock, ascpu, asmem, asmon, aspell, aspell-af, aspell-be, aspell-bg, aspell-br, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-cy, aspell-da, aspell-de, aspell-el, aspell-en, aspell-eo, aspell-et, aspell-fi, aspell-fo, aspell-fr, aspell-ga, aspell-gl, aspell-he, aspell-hr, aspell-hu, aspell-hy, aspell-is, aspell-it, aspell-la, aspell-lt, aspell-nl, aspell-no, aspell-pl, aspell-pt, aspell-pt-br, aspell-ro, aspell-ru, aspell-sk, aspell-sl, aspell-sr, aspell-sv, aspell-uk, aspell-vi, astime, astrolog, aterm, atmel-firmware, audicle, audio-entropyd, authforce, autodia, aview, avra, away, aws-elb-tools, axyftp, ayttm, b5i2iso, backupninja, backuppc, bact, bam, barry, bas, baselayout-gentoo, bash, bashburn, bashmark, bashmount, bbcd, bbdate, bbdock, bbkeys, bblaunch, bbmail, bbpager, bbppp, bbrun, bbtime, bbweather, bchunk, bcpp, beancounter, beecrypt, bfilter, bgrep, bigreqsproto, bin-replace-string, bin2iso, bind-dns-keygen, bino, bioapi, bip, bitlbee-steam, blackbox, blahtexml, blink1, blinkperl, bliss-initramfs, bloaty, blockdpy, bluefish, bluez-firmware, bnc, boilerpipe, bolt, bonnie, bookmarksync, boomaga, boost-m4, bootsplash-themes, bopm, bottlerocket, bozohttpd, brag, bro, broadcom-netxtreme2, brother-dcp-7065dn-drivers, brother-dcp-8250dn-drivers, browser-config, brscan4, bsdiff, bsdsfv, btail, bugwarrior, build-docbook-catalog, buildbot-slave, bumpversion, burncdda, busybox, bzr, bzr-rewrite, bzr-xmloutput, bzrtools, c-icap, c-icap-modules, caddy, cadubi, calico-cni-plugin, calicoctl, camotics, canlock, capi4hylafax, casync, cbang, cbqinit, cbugzilla, cbview, ccd2iso, ccrtp, ccs-tools, ccze, cdb, cdbackup, cdbkup, cdcat, cdck, cdcover, cdctl, cddetect, cdiff, cdircmp, cdk, cdlabelgen, cdrdao, cdspeed, cdw, cec, certmgr, cfv, cgterm, cgvg, chakracore, chaosreader, charm, check, checkservice, cherrytree, chkrootkit, chm2pdf, chmlib, chname, chrome-remote-desktop, chroot-safe, cinit, cistronradius, ck4up, ckbcomp, ckpass, cksfv, clamfs, clara, clearlooks-phenix, climm, cll1h, clockspeed, clockspeed-conf, clojure, closure-compiler, clucene, clustershell, cmdftp, cmospwd, cmt-configuration-management, cntlm, cobalt-panel-utils, cobex, coccinella, code2html, colobot, colobot-data, colorsvn, commonbox-styles, commonbox-styles-extra, compiz, compositeproto, compsize, congen, conmux, connect, connman-ui, conspy, constantine-backgrounds, contest, convertlit, cook, copyfs, coredns, corenetwork, couchdb, courier-imap, cpl-stratego, cpop, cppdb, cppman, cproto, crackpkcs12, createtorrent, cromwell, cronolog, crossguid, crwinfo, cstools, cstream, ctcs, cthumb, ctop, ctorrent, ctwm, cue2toc, cuecue, cuegen, cuetools, cuneiform, cunit, curses-hexedit, cursors:comix, cursors:vanilla-dmz, cursors:vanilla-dmz-aa, cutils, cvmfs, cvs, cvs2cl, cvsd, cvsgraph, cvsq, cvsspam, cvsutils, cvsync, daa2iso, dailystrips, damageproto, daq, datapipe, datefudge, dav, davl, dbhub, dbmeasure, dbus-c++, dbview, dccserver, dcfldd, dchroot, ddccontrol, ddccontrol-db, ddir, debian-sources-lts, declick, dellmgr, dev86, dhcpcd-ui, dhex, diakonos, dial, diald, dianara, dictd, dictd-devils, dictd-dicts, dictd-elements, dictd-foldoc, dictd-gazetteer, dictd-jargon, dictd-misc, dictd-vera, dictd-web1913, dictd-wn, dietlibc, digitemp, dinero, dircproxy, dirdiff, dirvish, disc-cover, discount, disktype, djvusmooth, dlx, dmxproto, dnd, dnscap, dnshijacker, dnsproxy, dnswalk, docbook-dsssl, docbook-sgml, docbook-sgml-utils, docbook-xml-dtd, docbook-xml-simple-dtd, docbook-xsl, docbook2x, docker-compose, docker-distribution-pruner, docker-gc, docker-ls, doge, doit, dooble, dri2proto, dri3proto, drush, dshieldpy, dslib, duali, duali-data, dummy-sources, durep, dvbsnoop, dvbstream, dvbtune, dvd+rw-tools, dvdshrink, dvorak7min, dvorakng, dwun, dymo-cups-drivers, dynamite, e-uae, eb, eblook, ec2-ami-tools, echinus, eclipse-sdk, ed2k-hash, edictionary, efax, efte, egypt, eigen3, eiskaltdcpp, eiwic, elfio, emerald, emerald-themes, entropy, entropy-server, epic4, epic5, epkg, epson-inkjet-printer-escpr, epstool, erlang, esci-interpreter-gt-s80, esekeyd, eselect-audicle, eselect-chuck, eselect-gnat, eselect-gradle, eselect-jython, eselect-miniaudicle, eselect-ruby, eselect-sndpeek, esh, eterm, eventlog, evieproto, evolution-ews, examiner, exosip, expander, extract-xiso, ez-ipupdate, fakeidentd, fbcondecor-funtoo-logo, fbdesk, fbgetty, fblogo, fbpager, fcgiwrap, fdutils, felix, ferite, …

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