Maintainer fallback-mnt-epel_7@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









There are 1001 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-epel_7@repology


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Metapackages (6574)

0ad, 0ad-data, 0install, 2048-cli, 2ping, 389-admin, 389-admin-console, 389-adminutil, 389-console, 389-ds, 389-ds-console, 389-dsgw, 3proxy, a52dec, aalib, abc, abcde, abduco, abi-compliance-checker, abi-dumper, abi-tracker, abook, abrt-addon-python3, abrt-server-info-page, ack, acme-tiny, activemq-cpp, adapta-backgrounds, adapta-gtk-theme, admesh, aesh, aespipe, afflib, afpfs-ng, afuse, agda, aggregate, airinv, airrac, airtsp, aisleriot, akmods, alembic, alex, alglib, alien, alignak, almas-mongolian-title-fonts, alpine, altermime, am-utils, amarok, amavisd-milter, amavisd-new, amqp, amtterm, android-tools, anet, anjuta, ann, ansible, ansible-inventory-grapher, ansible-lint, ansible-openstack-modules, ansible-review, ansifilter, anthy, anttweakbar, apache-commons-chain, apache-commons-csv, apache-commons-discovery, apache-commons-fileupload, apache-james-project, apache-mime4j, apachetop, apbs, apcupsd, apg, apiextractor, apigen, apiviz, apmod:auth-cas, apmod:auth-ntlm-winbind, apmod:auth-openid, apmod:authnz-external, apmod:evasive, apmod:flvx, apmod:form, apmod:geoip, apmod:gnutls, apmod:limitipconn, apmod:log-post, apmod:perl, apmod:qos, apmod:ruid2, apmod:xsendfile, apper, apt-cacher-ng, aqbanking, arc-gui-clients, arc-theme, archaius, archimedes, archmage, arduino, argbash, argon2, argtable, argus, ari-backup, aria2, arj, armadillo, arp-scan, arpack-ng, arprec, arts, ascii, ascii-design, asciinema, asdf, asio, aspell-en, aspell-sk, assertj-core, assimp, ast, astigmatic-grand-hotel-fonts, astronomy-menus, atari++, atasm, atomic-reactor, atomicapp, atool, atop, atoum, atril, attica, audacious, audacious-plugins, audacity, auter, autodownloader, autojump, autossh, autotest-framework, autotrash, autowrap, avl, avogadro2, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-libc, avrdude, awscli, awstats, axel, babeltrace, backintime, backup-manager, backupninja, backuppc, bakefile, baloo, bam, banner, bannergrab, banshee, barcode, barebonesbrowserlaunch, bash-argsparse, bash-completion-extras, bashmount, batctl, bats, bcrypt, bdii, beaker, beakerlib, bean-validation-api, beanstalkd, bedtools, beecrypt, beesu, beets, bgpq3, biblesync, bibtool, bibutils, bindfs, bionetgen, bip, bird, bitlbee, bitlbee-facebook, bitlbee-steam, bitmap, bitstream, bitten, bkhive, bleachbit, blender, blosc, blt, blueberry, bluefish, bluez-tools, bmon, bodhi, boinc, bonnie++, boost, borgbackup, botan, bouncycastle, bouncycastle-pkix, boxes, bpython, breeze-icon-theme, brightnessctl, bro, btest, bti, btkbdd, btrbk, bubblewrap, bucardo, bugwarrior, bugyou, bugyou-plugins, bullet, burp, bwa, bwm-ng, byobu, bzrtools, c3p0, cabal-dev, cabal-install, cabal-rpm, cabextract, cacti, cadaver, caddy, caja, caja-actions, caja-extensions, caja-terminal, cajun-jsonapi, calamaris, calc, calendar, calligra, calligra-l10n, cambozola, camotics, canl-c, canl-c++, canl-java, canna, capnproto, capstats, carbon-c-relay, carbonate, cargo, catch, catdoc, caudio, cbflib, cbootimage, ccache, cciss-vol-status, ccrypt, ccze, cd-discid, cdac-sakal-marathi-fonts, cdbs, cdk, cdlabelgen, cdpr, centerim, ceph-deploy, cereal, ceres-solver, certbot, certmaster, cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts, cfitsio, cfv, cgdb, cgit, cgnslib, cgsi-gsoap, charls, check-mk, checksec, chemtool, cherrytree, chicken, chm2pdf, chmlib, chromaprint, chromium, cinch, cinnamon, cinnamon-control-center, cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-menus, cinnamon-screensaver, cinnamon-session, cinnamon-settings-daemon, cinnamon-themes, cinnamon-translations, ciphertest, cjdns, cjs, ckeditor, ckermit, clamav, clamav-unofficial-sigs, clamsmtp, classmate, clatd, clearlooks-phenix, clearsilver, cli-parser, clide, clinfo, clipper, cln, cloc, clojure, cloud-utils, clucene, clustal-omega, clustershell, clusterssh, cmake, cmake-fedora, cmap-resources, cmark, cminpack, cmocka, cmockery2, cntlm, cobbler, codeblocks, codec2, coffee-script, coin-or-coinutils, coin-or-sample, coin2, coin3, collada-dom, collectd, collectl, colm, colordiff, colorize, colpack, common-lisp-controller, commoncpp2, compat-gtkhtml314, compat-guile18, compat-qpid-cpp, compat-tidy, compat-wxgtk3-gtk2, compface, composer, conakry-fonts, concurrencykit, condor, configsnap, conky, conky-manager, connect-proxy, connman, conserver, console-bridge, conspy, containernetworking-cni, copr-builder, copr-cli, copr-dist-git, corrida, courier-unicode, cowsay, cpanspec, cpdup, cppcheck, cpphs, cptutils, cpulimit, createrepo-c, cronolog, cross-binutils, cross-gcc, crudini, cryptacular, cryptlib, cryptopp, cscppc, csdiff, csmock, csnappy, csslint, csvcat, cswrap, ctpl, ctstream, cube, cunit, cups-bjnp, cups-pdf, cups-x2go, cutycapt, cvechecker, cvsgraph, cxxtest, cycle, czmq, d-din-fonts, d-feet, daala, daemonize, daq, dar, darcs, darkhttpd, darkstat, darktable, datagrepper, datanommer-commands, datefudge, davfs2, davix, dayjournal, db4, dbench, dbus-c++, dbus-sharp, dbus-sharp-glib, dbusmenu-qt5, dc3dd, dcap, dcfldd, dcw-gmt, dd-rescue, ddclient, ddd, ddpt, ddrescue, debbuild, debconf, debhelper, debian-keyring, debmirror, debootstrap, dehydrated, deja-dup, denyhosts, derrick, dev86, devilspie2, devio, devscripts, dex, dh-autoreconf, dh-make, dhcping, dia, dib-utils, dibbler, dictd, did, dieharder, diffmark, digikam, digitemp, dillo, dirac, discount, diskimage-builder, disktype, dislocker, disper, disruptor, dist-git, distcc, distgen, distribution-gpg-keys, divfix++, djvulibre, dkms, dl, dl-poly, dmenu, dmlite, dmlite-plugins-s3, dmtcp, …

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