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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









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Metapackages (5877)

2048-cli, 2ping, 389-admin, 389-admin-console, 389-adminutil, 389-console, 389-ds, 389-ds-console, 389-dsgw, 3proxy, 4ti2, 64tass, a2ps, aalib, abcde, abduco, abi-compliance-checker, abi-dumper, abi-tracker, abook, accrete, ack, acme-tiny, activemq-cpp, admesh, aespipe, afpfs-ng, agedu, agg, aggregate, agreader, aiccu, airinv, airrac, airtsp, akmods, alevt, alex, alglib, almas-mongolian-title-fonts, alpine, alsamixergui, altermime, am-utils, amanith, amavisd-milter, amavisd-new, amqp, amtterm, android-tools, ann, ansible, ansible-inventory-grapher, ansible-lint, ansifilter, ant-antunit, antiword, anttweakbar, aoetools, apache-ivy, apachetop, apbs, apg, apiextractor, apmod:auth-cas, apmod:auth-ntlm-winbind, apmod:auth-openid, apmod:auth-shadow, apmod:auth-token, apmod:auth-xradius, apmod:authnz-external, apmod:bw, apmod:cluster, apmod:evasive, apmod:extract-forwarded, apmod:fcgid, apmod:flvx, apmod:form, apmod:geoip, apmod:limitipconn, apmod:log-post, apmod:proxy-fcgi, apmod:proxy-html, apmod:python, apmod:qos, apmod:ruid2, apmod:security, apmod:security-crs, apmod:xsendfile, apt-mirror, aqbanking, aqsis, arc, archivemail, archivemount, arduino, argtable, arj, armadillo, arp-scan, arpack-ng, arprec, asciinema, asdf, asio, askbot, asl, asm2, aspell-en, aspell-sk, assimp, ast, asterisk, asterisk-gui, asterisk-sounds-core, astronomy-bookmarks, astronomy-menus, atari++, atasm, aterm, ath-info, atool, atop, atpy, audacity, audio-entropyd, auter, autoconf, autodownloader, autojump, autossh, autotest-framework, avarice, avl, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-gdb, avr-libc, avrdude, awstats, babeltrace, backup-manager, backupninja, backuppc, bakefile, balance, bam, banner, bannergrab, barcode, barebonesbrowserlaunch, barman, bash-argsparse, bash-completion, bats, bdii, beakerlib, beanstalkd, bedtools, beesu, bfast, bgpq3, biblesync, bibutils, bigloo, bind-to-tinydns, bindfs, bio2jack, bios-extract, bip, bird, bitchx, bitlbee, bitlbee-facebook, bitmap, bitstream, bitten, bkhive, blitz++, blt, bluebird, bluefish, bodhi, bogofilter, boinc, bonnie++, boost, botan, bouncycastle, bowtie, boxes, bpython, bsd-mailx, bsdiff, bti, btkbdd, bucardo, bugzilla, bullet, burp, bvi, bwa, bwbar, bwm-ng, byobu, bzr-fastimport, bzrtools, cabal-dev, cabal-install, cabal-rpm, cabextract, cacti, cadaver, cajun-jsonapi, calamaris, calcurse, calendar, cambozola, camorama, campivisivi-titillium-fonts, canl-c, canl-c++, canna, carbon-c-relay, carbonate, catdoc, catkin, cbflib, cbootimage, ccache, cciss-vol-status, ccrtp, ccze, cd-discid, cdac-sakal-marathi-fonts, cddlib, cdk, cdlabelgen, cdpr, cdw, celestia, cellwriter, celt, centerim, ceres-solver, cernlib, cernlib-g77, certmaster, cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts, cfengine, cfitsio, cfv, cgdb, cgit, cgnslib, cgsi-gsoap, charls, check-mk, check-postgres, checksec, chemtool, cherokee, chicken, chkrootkit, chm2pdf, chmlib, chromaprint, ciphertest, cjdns, ckeditor, ckermit, cksfv, clac, clamav, clamav-unofficial-sigs, clamsmtp, clamz, classads, clatd, claws-mail, claws-mail-plugins, clean, clean-extra-utils, clearsilver, clide, clipper, clips, clipsmm, cloc, clojure, clojure-compat, cloud-init, cloud-initramfs-tools, cloud-utils, cloudy, clpbar, clustershell, clusterssh, cmake, cmake-fedora, cmark, cmdtest, cminpack, cmocka, cmockery2, cmucl, cobbler, codeblocks, codec2, codehaus-parent, codemod, coffee-script, coin-or-coinutils, coin-or-sample, coin2, collada-dom, collectd, collectl, colordiff, colorize, colpack, common-lisp-controller, commoncpp2, compface, concurrencykit, condor, configsnap, conky, conmux, conntrack-tools, console-bridge, conspy, consul, copr-cli, corrida, cowsay, cp2k, cpanspec, cpdup, cpl, cpmtools, cppad, cppcheck, cpphs, cpqarrayd, cpulimit, cqrlib, crack, createrepo-c, crlibm, crm114, cronolog, cross-binutils, cross-gcc, crudini, crudminer, cryptopp, cscppc, csdiff, csmock, csnappy, csslint, csvcat, cswrap, csync2, ctorrent, ctpl, cube, cunit, cups-bjnp, cups-pdf, cups-x2go, curlpp, cutycapt, cvector, cvsgraph, cxxtest, cython, czmq, d52, daemonize, dahdi-tools, daq, darcs, darkserver, datagrepper, datalog, datanommer-commands, dateformat, datefudge, davfs2, davix, dbench, dbus-sharp, dbus-sharp-glib, dcap, dcfldd, dd-rescue, ddclient, ddd, ddpt, ddrescue, debbuild, debmirror, debootstrap, dehydrated, denyhosts, derrick, detox, devio, dfu-programmer, dfu-util, dgc, dhcping, dia, dia-cmos, dia-digital, dia-electric2, dia-electronic, dia-optics, dibbler, dictd, did, dieharder, dietlibc, diffmark, diffuse, digikam, digitemp, dirac, diskimage-builder, disktype, dislocker, disper, dissy, distcc, distribution-gpg-keys, djvulibre, dkms, dl, dl-poly, dmenu, dmg2img, dmlite, dmlite-plugins-s3, dmtcp, dnsenum, dnsmap, dnsperf, dnssec-system-tray, dnssec-tools, dnssec-trigger, dnstop, dnstracer, dnsyo, docbook2x, docco, docker, docker-tray, dogtail, dojo, dokuwiki, dolphin-connector, dosbox, dpkg, dpm-contrib-admintools, dpm-dsi, dpm-xrootd, dpsearch, drawtiming, drbdlinks, dropbear, drraw, drupal6, drupal6-addthis, drupal6-admin-menu, drupal6-advanced-help, drupal6-authfas, drupal6-auto-nodetitle, drupal6-backup-migrate, drupal6-better-formats, drupal6-block-class, drupal6-calendar, drupal6-cck, drupal6-comment-bonus-api, drupal6-context, drupal6-ctools, drupal6-custom-breadcrumbs, drupal6-date, drupal6-devel, drupal6-diff, drupal6-drush, drupal6-eazylaunch, drupal6-emfield, drupal6-features, drupal6-features-extra, drupal6-feeds, drupal6-filefield, drupal6-fivestar, drupal6-flag, …

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