Maintainer fallback-mnt-distrowatch@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.











There are 14 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-distrowatch@repology


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:

Metapackages (226)

abiword, afterstep, alpine, alsa-lib, amarok, apache, apache-tomcat, apmod:perl, apt, ati-driver, audacity, autoconf, automake, avidemux, awesome, banshee, bash, bind, binutils, bison, bitcoin, blender, budgie-desktop, busybox, bzip2, cacti, calibre, calligra, cdrkit, chromium, cinelerra, cinnamon, clementine-player, cmake, compiz, coreutils, cups, curl, cvs, db6, deluge, devede, dhcp, diffutils, digikam, dillo, dnf, dosbox, dovecot, doxygen, e2fsprogs, eclipse, efibootmgr, emacs, enlightenment, evolution, exim, ffmpeg, file, findutils, firebird, firefox, firejail, flex, fluxbox, freecad, freetype, gawk, gcc, gettext, gftp, ghostscript, gimp, git, glade, glibc, gnome-shell, gnucash, gnumeric, gnupg, gparted, grep, groff, grub, gstreamer1, gtk3, gzip, hexchat, ibus, icewm, imagemagick, inkscape, iptables, k3b, kdelibs4, kdevelop, kmod, kmymoney, kodi, krusader, ktorrent, less, lftp, libgnome, libreoffice, libressl, libselinux, libtool, libvirt, libvorbis, lighttpd, lilo, links, linux, llvm, lumina, lvm, lxde-common, lxqt-common, lynx, lyx, m4, make, man, manpages, mariadb, mate-desktop, mc, mesa, midori, miro, mplayer, mutt, mysql, mythtv, nano, nautilus, ncftp, ncurses, netbeans, networkmanager, nginx, nmap, ntfs-3g, nvidia, octave, openbox, openjdk8, openldap, openshot, openssh, openssl, opera, parted, pcmanfm, perl, php, phpmyadmin, pidgin, pitivi, plasma-desktop, postfix, postgresql, ppp, privoxy, proftpd, pulseaudio, python3, qemu, qpopper, qt5, qtcreator, razorqt, reiserfsprogs, rp-pppoe, rpm, rsync, ruby, samba, sane-backends, screen, scribus, seamonkey, sed, sendmail, shim, shotwell, snort, spamassassin, sqlite3, squid, subversion, sylpheed, synaptic, systemd, sysvinit, tar, tcl, tcpdump, texinfo, texlive, thunderbird, tigervnc, tmux, tor, transmission, util-linux, vim, virtualbox, vlc, vsftpd, wayland, webmin, wget, wicd, windowmaker, wine, wireshark, wordpress, xfdesktop, xfsprogs, xine-lib, xorg-server, xz, zfs, zlib

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