Maintainer fallback-mnt-crux_34@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:


There are 255 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-crux_34@repology

Metapackages (1295)

a2ps, a52dec, abcde, ack, acl, acpid, adobe-flash, adwaita-icon-theme, afl, airmix, allegro4, allegro5, alsa-lib, alsa-oss, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, amrnb, amrwb, amule, ant, apache, apmod:php7, apmod:wsgi, apr, aria2, arpon, arpwatch, asciidoc, aspell, aspell-en, aspell-es, asterisk, asterisk-core-sounds-en-alaw, asterisk-core-sounds-en-ulaw, asterisk-espeak, asterisk-extra-sounds-en-alaw, asterisk-extra-sounds-en-ulaw, asterisk-moh-opsound-alaw, asterisk-moh-opsound-ulaw, at, at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, atanks, aterm, atk, atkmm, attr, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf213, automake, babl, basez, bash, bash-completion, bbswitch, bc, bdftopcf, bftpd, bin86, bind, binutils, bison, bitlbee, bluez, bmon, boehm-gc, bomberclone, boost, boxes, bridge-utils, brotli, bspwm, btrfs-progs, bumblebee, bzip2, bzr, c-ares, ca-certificates, cabextract, cacti, cairo, cairomm, camlp, cbindgen, ccache, ccrypt, ccze, cd-discid, cdparanoia, cdrkit, celt, cgit, cgroupfs-mount, chatty, check, chntpw, chromaprint, chromium, chromium-pepperflash, chrony, cifs-utils, ck4up, clamav, clang, clang-ccache-bindings, clementine-player, clex, clink, clisp, cmake, cmatrix, cmocka, cmus, colordiff, conky, conntrack-tools, consolekit, containerd, coreutils, courier-unicode, cpan2crux, cpio, cppcheck, cppunit, cpufrequtils, cpuid, crux-bashcompletion, crypto++, cryptsetup, csfml, cups, cups-filters, curl, curseofwar, cutemaze, cvs, cvsps, cyrus-sasl, dahdi, dahdi-tools, dar, dash, db5, dbus, dbus-glib, dcron, ddclient, ddgr, ddrescue, deluge, denyhost, desktop-file-utils, dev86, dhcp, dhcpcd, dia, dialog, dietlibc, diffutils, distcc, dmenu, dmidecode, dnsmasq, dnspython, dnstop, dnstracer, docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, docker, docutils, dokuwiki, dos2unix, dosbox, dosfstools, dotconf, dovecot, doxygen, dreamchess, dropbear, dsh, dsniff, dstat, dvd+rw-tools, dvdauthor, dvtm, dwm, e2fsprogs, ebook-tools, ebtables, ed, efibootmgr, efivar, elfutils, elilo, elinks, enchant, enscript, esmtp, ethtool, eudev, evilwm, exfat-utils, exif, exim, exiv2, expat, extremetuxracer, exuberant-ctags, f.lux, faac, faad2, fakeroot, farstream, fbreader, fbshot, fcron, fdk-aac, fdm, feedparser, feh, fetchmail, ffmpeg, fftw, fgetty, figlet, file, filesystem, filezilla, findutils, firefox, firefox-bin, flac, flex, fltk, fluidsynth, fluxbox, font-util, fontconfig, fontforge, fonts:adobe-100dpi, fonts:adobe-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-100dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-75dpi, fonts:adobe-utopia-type1, fonts:arabic-misc, fonts:bh-100dpi, fonts:bh-75dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi, fonts:bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi, fonts:bh-type1, fonts:bitstream-100dpi, fonts:bitstream-75dpi, fonts:bitstream-speedo, fonts:bitstream-type1, fonts:bitstream-vera, fonts:cronyx-cyrillic, fonts:dejavu, fonts:ibm-type1, fonts:isas-misc, fonts:micro-misc, fonts:misc-cyrillic, fonts:mutt-misc, fonts:screen-cyrillic, fonts:terminus, fonts:winitzki-cyrillic, fonts:xfree86-type1, foobillard, fortune-ibiblio, fossil, fpc, freealut, freeciv, freeglut, freerdp, freerdp1, freetype, fribidi, frozen-bubble, fuse, gawk, gcc, gcc-fortran-ccache-bindings, gcc-fortran-distcc-bindings, gccmakedep, gcr, gd, gdb, gdbm, gdk-pixbuf, geany, geeqie, gegl, genmenu, genshi, geoip, getmail, gettext, gexiv2, gforth, gftp, ghc, ghostscript, giblib, giflib, gimp, git, gitolite, gl-select, glade, glew, glib, glib-networking, glibc, glibmm, glslang, glu, gmpc, gmpc-lastfm, gmpc-lyrics, gmpc-mdcover, gmusicbrowser, gnu-efi, gnu-netcat, gnumpc, gnupg, gnuplot, gnutls, go, gob, gobject-introspection, gparted, gperf, gpgme, gphoto2, gphotofs, gpm, gpp, gradm, grep, grml-crypt, grml-shlib, groff, grub, grub2-efi, gsasl, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gsl, gsm, gsmartcontrol, gst-python, gstreamer1, gstreamer1plugins:bad, gstreamer1plugins:base, gstreamer1plugins:good, gstreamer1plugins:libav, gstreamer1plugins:ugly, gstreamer1plugins:vaapi, gtk-doc, gtk-engine-murrine, gtk-engines, gtk-theme-adwaita, gtk2, gtk3, gtkglext, gtkglextmm, gtkmm2, gtkmm3, gtksourceview3, gtkspell2, gutenprint, gutenprint-gimp, gv, gzip, harfbuzz, harfbuzz-icu, hdparm, hedgewars, hefur, help2man, hexchat, hicolor-icon-theme, hiredis, hplip, html-xml-utils, htmldoc, htop, httpup, hunspell, hunspell-en, hunspell-es, hydra, hyphen, i2c-tools, i3, iana-etc, iasl, iceauth, icu, id3lib, iftop, ilmbase, imagemagick, imagemagick-compat, imake, imlib2, inetutils, iniparser, inkscape, inotify-tools, intel-ucode, intel-vaapi-driver, intltool, iotop, iperf, iperf3, iproute2, ipset, iptables, iptstate, iputils, irssi, iso-codes, itstool, iucode-tool, iw, jack1, jack2, jamvm, jansson, jasper, jdk, jfsutils, john, jq, jre, json-c, json-glib, kbd, keepassx0, keepassx2, kexec-tools, keychain, keyutils, kmod, krb5, ladspa, lame, lcms2, ldb, leafpad, less, lesstif, lftp, libaio, libao, libarchive, libart-lgpl, libass, libassuan, libbluray, libbsd, libburn, libcanberra, libcap, libcddb, libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libcgi, libcgroup, libconfig, libconfuse, libcroco, libdca, libdevmapper, libdmx, libdnet, libdrm, libdshconfig, libdv, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread, libebml, libechonest, libedit, libepoxy, libesmtp, libestr, libev, libevdev, libevent, libexif, libfaketime, libfastjson, libffi, libfilezilla, libfm, libfontenc, libfs, …

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