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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.








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There are 903 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-centos_6@repology


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Metapackages (2157)

389-ds-base, a2ps, abrt, acl, acpid, adaptx, adcli, aic94xx-firmware, aide, akonadi, alacarte, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-utils, amanda, amtu, anaconda, anaconda-yum-plugins, ant, ant-contrib, anthy, antlr2, apache, apache-jasper, apache-tomcat-apis, apmod:auth-kerb, apmod:auth-mellon, apmod:auth-mysql, apmod:auth-pgsql, apmod:authnz-pam, apmod:authz-ldap, apmod:dnssd, apmod:intercept-form-submit, apmod:lookup-identity, apmod:nss, apmod:perl, apmod:revocator, apmod:wsgi, apr, apr-util, arptables-jf, arpwatch, arts, asciidoc, aspell, at, at-spi, atk, atlas, atmel-firmware, attr, audiofile, audit, audit-viewer, augeas, authconfig, authd, autoconf, autoconf213, autofs, automake, automoc, autotrace, avahi, avalon-framework, avalon-logkit, axis, b43-fwcutter, b43-openfwwf, b43-tools, babel, babl, bacula, basesystem, bash, batik, bc, bcel, bea-stax, bfa-firmware, bind-dyndb-ldap, bind99, binutils, biosdevname, bison, bitmap-fonts, blktrace, bltk, bluez, boehm-gc, boost, bpg-fonts, brasero, bridge-utils, brltty, bsf, bsh, btparser, btrfs-progs, busybox, bwidget, byacc, byaccj, byzanz, bzip2, bzr, c-ares, c2050, c2070, ca-certificates, cachefilesd, cairo, cairomm, cas, castor, ccid, cdparanoia, cdrdao, cdrkit, celt, centos-indexhtml, centos-release, certmonger, cgdcbxd, check, checkpolicy, cheese, chkconfig, chrony, chrpath, cifs-utils, cim-schema, cjet, classpathx-jaf, classpathx-mail, cloog, cloud-init, clucene, clufter, cluster, cluster-glue, clustermon, clutter, clutter-gtk, cmake, compat-db, compat-glibc, compat-libgfortran-41, compat-openmpi, compiz08, comps-extras, conman, consolekit, convmv, coolkey, copy-jdk-configs, coreutils, corosync, cpio, cppunit, cpufrequtils, cpuid, cpupowerutils, cpuspeed, cracklib, crash, crash-gcore-command, crash-trace-command, crda, createrepo, cronie, crontabs, crypto-utils, cryptsetup-luks, cryptsetup-reencrypt, cscope, ctan-cm-lgc-fonts, ctan-kerkis-fonts, ctapi-common, ctdb, cups, cups-pk-helper, curl, cvs, cvsps, cyrus-imapd2, cyrus-sasl, dapl, dash, db4, dbus, dbus-c++, dbus-glib, dbus-qt, dcraw, dejagnu, deltarpm, desktop-effects, desktop-file-utils, dev86, devhelp, device-mapper-multipath, device-mapper-persistent-data, devicekit-power, dhcp, dialog, diffstat, diffutils, ding-libs, dirmngr, dmidecode, dmraid, dmz-cursor-themes, dnsmasq, docbook-dsssl, docbook-dtds, docbook-simple, docbook-slides, docbook-utils, docbook-xsl, docbook5-schemas, docbook5-style-xsl, dos2unix, dosfstools, dovecot, doxygen, dracut, dropwatch, dstat, dtach, dump, dumpet, dvd+rw-tools, dvgrab, dvipdfm, dvipdfmx, dvipng, e2fsprogs, ebtables, ecj, eclipse, eclipse-birt, eclipse-callgraph, eclipse-cdt, eclipse-changelog, eclipse-dtp, eclipse-emf, eclipse-gef, eclipse-linuxprofilingframework, eclipse-mylyn, eclipse-nls, eclipse-oprofile, eclipse-rpm-editor, eclipse-rse, eclipse-subclipse, eclipse-valgrind, ecryptfs-utils, ed, edac-utils, efax, efibootmgr, eggdbus, eject, ekiga, electricfence, elfutils, elinks, emacs, emacs:auctex, enchant, enscript, environment-modules, eog, epydoc, esc, esound, espeak, ethtool, evince, evolution, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange, evolution-mapi, exempi, exiv2, expat, expect, exuberant-ctags, fakechroot, fakeroot, farsight2, fcoe-target-utils, fcoe-utils, febootstrap, fence-agents, fence-virt, festival, fetchmail, fftw, file, file-roller, filesystem, findutils, finger, fipscheck, firefox, firstaidkit, firstboot, flac, flex, flightrecorder, flute, foghorn, fontconfig, fontforge, fontpackages, fonts:baekmuk, fonts:cjkuni, fonts:crosextra-caladea, fonts:crosextra-carlito, fonts:culmus, fonts:dejavu, fonts:ipa, fonts:jomolhari, fonts:kacst, fonts:liberation, fonts:lklug, fonts:lohit-assamese, fonts:lohit-bengali, fonts:lohit-devanagari, fonts:lohit-gujarati, fonts:lohit-kannada, fonts:lohit-malayalam, fonts:lohit-oriya, fonts:lohit-punjabi, fonts:lohit-tamil, fonts:lohit-telugu, fonts:pothana2000, fonts:samyak, fonts:sil-abyssinica, fonts:sil-padauk, fonts:stix, fonts:terminus, fonts:vemana2000, fonts:vlgothic, fonts:wqy-zenhei, foomatic, foomatic-db, fop, fprintd, freeglut, freeipmi, freeradius, freerdp1, freetype, ftp, fuse, gamin, gawk, gcalctool, gcc, gcc-libraries, gconf, gconf-editor, gconfmm, gd, gdb, gdbm, gdisk, gdk-pixbuf, gdm, gedit, gedit-plugins, gegl, geoclue, geronimo-specs, gettext, ggz-base-libs, ghostscript, ghostscript-fonts, giflib, gimp, gimp-data-extras, gimp-help, git, glade, glib, glib-networking, glibc, glibmm, glpk, glusterfs, gmp, gnome-applets, gnome-backgrounds, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-common, gnome-control-center, gnome-desktop2, gnome-devel-docs, gnome-disk-utility, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-games, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-keyring, gnome-mag, gnome-media, gnome-menus, gnome-packagekit, gnome-panel, gnome-pilot, gnome-pilot-conduits, gnome-power-manager, gnome-python2, gnome-python2-desktop, gnome-python2-extras, gnome-screensaver, gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-speech, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-terminal, gnome-themes, gnome-user-docs, gnome-user-share, gnome-utils, gnome-vfs2, gnome-vfsmm26, gnote, gnu-efi, gnuchess, gnupg, gnuplot, gnutls, gob2, gok, gperf, gpgme, gpm, gprolog, gpxe, graphviz, grep, groff, grub, grubby, gsl, gsm, gssdp, gst-python0, gstreamer0, gstreamer0plugins:bad-free, gstreamer0plugins:base, gstreamer0plugins:good, gthumb, gtk+extra, gtk-doc, gtk-engines, gtk-vnc, gtk2, gtkglext, gtkhtml2, gtkhtml3, gtkmm2, gtksourceview1, gtksourceview2, gtkspell2, gucharmap, guile, gupnp, gupnp-igd, gutenprint, gvfs, gypsy, gzip, hal, hal-info, hamcrest, haproxy, hardlink, hdparm, heirloom-mailx, help2man, hesinfo, hesiod, hicolor-icon-theme, hivex, hmaccalc, hplip, hspell, hsqldb, ht2html, htdig, html2ps, hunspell, hunspell-af, hunspell-ar, hunspell-as, hunspell-az, hunspell-be, …

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