Maintainer fallback-mnt-blackarch@repology


This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.









Metapackage lists

Metapackage filtering in Repology is very flexible, so you can combine all kinds of conditions. But here are some preset queries to start with:


This maintainer is active in the following repositories:


There are 611 known problems for packages maintained by fallback-mnt-blackarch@repology

Metapackages (2888)

0d1n, 0trace, 3proxy, 42zip, a2sv, abcd, acccheck, ace, ad-ldap-enum, adfind, admid-pack, adminpagefinder, admsnmp, aesfix, aeskeyfind, aespipe, aesshell, afflib, afl, afpfs-ng, agafi, against, aggroargs, aiengine, aimage, air, aircrack-ng, aircrack-ng-beta, airflood, airgeddon, airgraph-ng, airoscript, airpwn, ajpfuzzer, albatar, alfred, allthevhosts, altdns, amap, amass, amber, amoco, analyzepesig, androbugs, androguard, androick, android-apktool, android-ndk, android-sdk, android-sdk-build-tools, android-sdk-platform-tools, android-udev-rules, androidpincrack, androidsniffer, androwarn, angr, angr-management, angr-py2, angrop, anontwi, anti-xss, antiransom, apache-tika, apache-users, apacket, aphopper, api-dnsdumpster, apkid, apkstat, apkstudio, apnbf, appmon, apt2, aquatone, arachni, aranea, arduino, argon2, argus, armitage, armor, armscgen, arp-scan, arpalert, arpoison, arpon, arpstraw, arptools, arpwner, artillery, artlas, arybo, asleap, asp-audit, astra-pentest, atear, atftp, athena-ssl-scanner, atscan, atstaketools, auto-xor-decryptor, automake, automato, autonessus, autonse, autopsy, autopwn, autosint, autosploit, autovpn, avet, avr-libc-manpages, aws-inventory, awsbucketdump, azazel, aztarna, backcookie, backdoor-apk, backdoor-factory, backdoorme, backdoorppt, backfuzz, backhack, backorifice, backports-drivers-frag+ack, bactl, bad-pdf, badkarma, balbuzard, bamf-framework, bandicoot, barf, barmie, base64dump, basedomainname, bashfuscator, batctl, batman-adv, bbqsql, bbscan, bdfproxy, bdlogparser, bed-bruteforce-exploit-detector, beef-browser-exploitation, beeswarm, beholder, belati, beleth, bettercap, bfac, bfbtester, bfuzz, bgp-md5crack, bgrep, billcipher, binaryninja-demo, binaryninja-python, bind, bindead, bindiff, binex, binflow, bing-ip2hosts, bing-lfi-rfi, bingoo, binnavi, binproxy, binwalk, binwally, bios-memimage, birp, bisect, bitdump, bittwist, bkhive, blackarch-config-awesome, blackarch-config-bash, blackarch-config-fluxbox, blackarch-config-gtk, blackarch-config-i3, blackarch-config-lxdm, blackarch-config-openbox, blackarch-config-spectrwm, blackarch-config-vim, blackarch-config-wmii, blackarch-config-x11, blackarch-devtools, blackarch-installer, blackarch-keyring, blackarch-menus, blackarch-mirrorlist, blackarch-wallpaper, blackbox-scanner, blackhash, blackman, blackmate, blacknurse, bladerf, bleah, bletchley, blind-sql-bitshifting, blindelephant, blindsql, blindy, blisqy, bloodhound, bluebox-ng, bluebugger, bluediving, bluelog, bluepot, blueprint, blueranger, bluescan, bluesnarfer, bluphish, bluto, bmap-tools, bob-the-butcher, bof-detector, bokken, bonesi, boopsuite, bowcaster, box-js, braa, braces, brakeman, bro, bro-aux, brosec, browselist, browser-fuzzer, brut3k1t, brute12, bruteforce-wallet, brutespray, brutessh, brutex, brutexss, brutus, bsdiff, bsqlbf, bsqlinjector, bss, bt-audit, btcrack, btlejack, btproxy-mitm, btscanner, bulk-extractor, bully, bunny, burpsuite, buttinsky, bvi, byacc-noconflict, bypass-firewall-dns-history, bytecode-viewer, c5scan, cachedump, cadaver, cameradar, camlidl, camomile, camscan, canari, cangibrina, cansina, cantoolz, capfuzz, capstone, captipper, carwhisperer, casefile, catnthecanary, catphish, cdpsnarf, cecster, centry, certgraph, cewl, cflow, cfr, chameleonmini, changeme, chankro, chaosmap, chaosreader, chapcrack, check-weak-dh-ssh, checkiban, checkpwd, checksec, chiasm-shell, chipsec, chiron, chisel, chkrootkit, chntpw, chopshop, choronzon, chownat, chrome-decode, chromefreak, chromensics, chw00t, cidr2range, cintruder, cipherscan, ciphertest, ciphr, cirt-fuzzer, cisco-auditing-tool, cisco-global-exploiter, cisco-ocs, cisco-router-config, cisco-scanner, cisco-snmp-enumeration, cisco-snmp-slap, cisco-torch, cisco5crack, cisco7crack, ciscos, cjexploiter, clair, clamscanlogparser, climber, cloakify, cloudfail, cloudflare-enum, cloudget, cloudsploit, clusterd, cminer, cmospwd, cms-explorer, cms-few, cmseek, cmsfuzz, cmsmap, cnamulator, cntlm, codetective, comission, commix, complemento, configpush, conn, conpot, conscan, cookie-cadger, cookiecutter, cookiejar, corkscrew, corstest, cower, cowpatty, cpfinder, cppcheck, cppman, cpptest, cpyrit-cuda, cpyrit-opencl, cr3dov3r, crackhor, crackle, crackmapexec, crackq, crackserver, crawlic, creak, create-ap, creddump, credmap, creds, creepy, cribdrag, crlf-injector, crosstool-ng, crowbar, crozono, crunch, crypthook, cryptohazemultiforcer, cryptonark, csrftester, ct-exposer, ctunnel, cuckoo, cudahashcat, cupp, cutycapt, cvechecker, cybercrowl, cyberscan, cymothoa, d-tect, dagon, damm, daredevil, dark-dork-searcher, darkbing, darkd0rk3r, darkjumper, darkmysqli, darkspiritz, darkstat, dartspylru, datasploit, davoset, davscan, davtest, dawnscanner, dbd, dbpwaudit, dbusmap, dc3dd, dcfldd, dcrawl, ddrescue, deathstar, debinject, deblaze, decodify, deen, delldrac, delorean, depant, depdep, det, detect-it-easy, detect-sniffer, detectem, device-pharmer, dex2jar, dexpatcher, dff-scanner, dga-detection, dhcdrop, dhcpf, dhcpig, dhcpoptinj, didier-stevens-suite, dinouml, dirb, dirbuster, dirbuster-ng, directorytraversalscan, dirhunt, dirscanner, dirsearch, disitool, dislocker, dissector, distorm, dizzy-fuzzer, dkmc, dlib, dmitry, dnmap, dns-parallel-prober, dns-reverse-proxy, dns-spoof, dns2geoip, dns2tcp, dnsa, dnsbf, dnsbrute, dnschef, dnsdiag, dnsdrdos, dnsenum, dnsfilexfer, dnsgoblin, dnsmap, dnspredict, dnsrecon, dnssearch, dnsspider, dnsteal, dnstracer, dnstwist, dnswalk, dockerscan, domain-analyzer, domain-stats, domi-owned, doona, doork, doozer, dorkbot, dorkme, dorknet, dotdotpwn, dpeparser, dpkt-svn, dpscan, dr-checker, dr0p1t-framework, …

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